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I Don't Want To Lose Him

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    I'm going through a situation where my husband is now seeing and living with a so called friend, well she is not a friend anymore. My husband said that he was not getting treated right so he was looking for the attention and respect that he deserves. The only thing is I'm a mother of four and all but one lives with me, all are almost grown and have been through so much. My husband and I have been married for 6 years and 3 out of the 6 he has spent inprison. I was there as much as I could but was 100% faithful and had tostrugglewhile he was away as I was living in the mist of gangs and violence daily. When he return home I wasrelievedand happy to finally have him back. The demands ofrunninga family financial was and still is rough as I'am on county aid. My husband has been out for a little over a year and has not tried to get a job and I even had him enrolled in school online as I have been going to school for the last two years for mybachelorsin criminal science. My husband dropped out shortly after he enrolled and says that I'm one to talk as I don't work either. He tells me that he wants to come back home but the girlthathe is living with ispsychoand he wants me to bepatientand is going to leave her but is trying to do it without her blowing it and going crazy. He has been seeing her for the last month, and I love him with all my hart what do I do to keep him and make it work ?.

    Maile Leyva

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