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  • McCullough is CRAZY Jealous

    Sistah if you have to act like a fool and fight and be all rough and crazy jealous you dont need a man.

    If you cant trust the man, let him go. Quit acting like a ghetto fool with no control at all. I surely hope you get this today before leaving the show. You are an embarrassment to your 4 kids and everybody else. If that man's gotta run, he needs to run out of your life. If he's cheating leave him and quit acting a plum fool.
  • Feminist Judge On Rampage

    This show should be called Woman's Court because men do not stand a chance. Judge Toler's uneven distribution of so-called fairness and justice is an obvious abuse of feminist authority. This show is a joke. I am sick of seeing her lashing out at the men and coddling the woman. Especially, when she feels the need to take the woman into her chambers and speak ill of the man away from his ability to defend himself. I have yet to see her take a man into her chambers and do the same for him. This show is a joke and a traversty.

  • You'll definitely learn about love and hate

    on this show! Like the stories on this show are appalling sometimes. It's a shame to see how many Americans divorce, but this show will definitely teach you how to overcome your bad experience in finances and love mishap. Some people really don't love each other to begin with. America is so odd for this... and this show makes me laugh at stories like that, but it also makes me cry. Emotional and empowering in an odd way!
  • I was shocked and disgusted in yesterdays broadcast of divorce court on april 30,2007. when the judge made racial comments. thats terrible when will we all grow up . ecpecially know we have judges makeing racial commetnts

    I was shocked and disgusted in yesterdays broadcast of divorce court on april 30,2007. when the judge made racial comments it was gross and uncalled for . i will never watch this show again. She should be impeached off the bench. when she said us sister dont like it when our brother date white woman. that is so racial . its disgusting. does she even realize what she said. if tables were turned it would of been an all out war. who cares about what race any one is. i could care less. i have many friends and family of all different races and i find it affensive that a judge would put races in group this is one of many reasons why there is racism in america. That judge should be off the bench. thanks you
  • Male Bashers

    The score should go to negative infinity because that is where shows like this belong.

    Why is it that they rule against a male in a male vs. female case most of the time. Is it because 1 - you do not beleive that a male can tellthe truth Nno mater what they state, 2 - iT would hurt your ratings, 3 - You have a cokplex against males, or 4 - You are purely and simply just a male basher. They need to realize that if there were no males on this planet, then the blanks and the blank wanna-bes, like them would die off and that would be a blessing to this civilzation.
  • This show has improved so much since Judge Lynn Toler joined the cast. She is an extremely intelligent woman, who keeps to her roots without compromising her educational background and/or social knowledge. Kudos!!

    Keep up the good work, Judge Toler, with your class and taste, intolerance of nonsence, and control over the court, although, you haven't lost your sense of humor and groundedness. Her down-to-earth and tasteful comments with regard to the litigants must be admired because there are times when I want to bash some of the swollen egos that emerge. She is far from being obnoxious; but definitely keeps it real with her professional judgments (relating back to her own experiences with marriage and family), in their ridiculous requests and their behavior, which most of the time, have brought them before her to begin with. My only negative comment pertains to the baliff, Joe. He should tone down the volume of his annoucement, "All rise..." at the start and end of each show. It is extremely loud and his voice tone seems to come across as unnatural. I don't understand why!! It signifies inexperience or his only chance to make an impression, which I know isn't. Otherwise, I think that his role is good--especially when he meets with the judge to address e-mails sent to the show after some segments.
  • that judge maybelline, or however you spell it is horrible, and probably like Judge Judy should be disbarred, for some of their behavior.

    She went off into some political rant, that wasn't even true by the way, in the middle of the court room, she isn;t there to do that, she is there to hear the case, and judge impartially. She was also on some other show and she seems very ignorant about world situations, I'm sure she is intelligent, but won't listen to other people. I still remember with Bill Kean it was alright, and before that, but she made this show worse than it was. It's already bad enough watching a show were someones marriage is breaking up, and then fighting over stupid stuff, but then when you have a judge like that I will pass on watching it.
  • The show was quite interesting, especially since the couple was white, but had simular problems associated with black couples, low income etc.

    I am an avid viewer of most of the court shows. I make it a practice to watch Divorce Court in the morning at 10:00am in the Philadelphia market. One opinion that seems to be unanimous among the T.V. judges is a negative one about internet dating. Judge Toler criticized a couple this morning for having met on the internet, stating that the net is a good place to find a book or something, but not a spouse.

    The net is a very good source of marriage material, once the user becomes skilled at weeding out the shaft. It has been the preferred method for me for over eight years, because I\'ve met people from places I don\'t travel to. I met and dated about seventeen women over a period of eight years, came close to marrying two of them. I remain friends with several of them and consider them to be lifetime friends. It has really enriched my life in ways I can\'t describe. I met number seventeen almost two years ago. We emailed and talked over the phone for about four months before actually meeting. We knew almost instantly that we were meant for each other, got engaged after three months of dating, got married a month later. We just celebrated our first anniversary this week and are very happy. It wouldn\'t have happened without the internet.

    People only need to use the same common sense caution they use when they meet people anywhere else, just check them out as much as possible, and don\'t let your guard down too early. It can me quite rewarding. Dr. Phil is also a fan. The Judges need to tone it down a bit.
  • It's a shame there's a show devoted to divorce

    but, with half the marriages ending that way, it was only inevitable for that to happen. Maybeline seems like a smart, no nonsense judge. The 'couples' that parade in her courtroom don't seem as blessed with any mental capabilities. What I've found kind of wrong about this show is how much it's like a talk show and not really about these people legal outcomes. They talk about the tawdry details of how they arrived, and little if no attention is given to division of property, children, etc. So, as far as court shows go, this one can't really be put in the same category as many other. For a cheap laugh, it's ok.
  • Every session is different and I can't wait for season 8 to start with a new judge.

    Every session is different and I can't wait for season 8 to start with a new judge. I want to see how Lynn Toler will make the show. Will she make it better or worse? I have never heard of her before, but she is from Ohio, my home state. I have seen previews of the new season and there is a new set that looks nice, at least what i saw. The couples seem just like the other ones with judge mablean. I will miss what she has to say, but I look forward to hear what Lynn Toler has to say and what she thinks of things related to the divorces.
  • The show , "Divorce Court". I have to say, Judge Mablean Epriam is an wonderful, smart, and down right the best person for this show. Not only does she give you an verdict, but she also goves life lessons.

    I must applaud the show, Divorce Court, for being one of the best court shows on the television. Although some people may think that the defendan and plaintiff are paid actors, and if that is the case, Judge Mablean teaches life lessons. One instance is once on her show, she asked a young lady, "If you knew he was too old for you, why did you marry him?", and the young lady replied, "Well judge age aint nothin' but a number..." At that instance, the judge cut her right off and responded, "listen baby age is more than a number, and i will be the first one to tell you this, have an attitude like that, and a relation like you were having will not get you nowhere." Life lesson, need i say more?
  • Couples who have filed for divorce appear in front of Judge Mablean Epriam, to settle their case.

    This reality court show gets mighty ugly at times. Judge Mablean Ephriam and her sidekick bailiff Joe Catalano run the court room. Both sides are introduced, the case is briefly explained, and the "slinging" begins.
    You will never be disappointed if you like drama, when you turn in to "Divorce Court". The main issues are thrown out, and answered to by the other party, with Mablean playing a referee, more than a judge. Allegations are batted back and forth, until they are basically beat to death. The good judge puts in her "two cents" whenever she feels compelled to do so. Her bailiff, Joe nods in agreement whenever prompted. After all of the conditions of divorce have been decided, she lays it down for the former couple. She usually will call one of the exes into her chambers, with Joe, and give them a peptalk as the show is ending. She gives a mini lecture about moving on with life on their own, and Joe stands in back of them, hands folded in front,nodding once again. A mixture of Springer,Oprah, and Judge Judy all packed into one courtroom.
  • I think that the show is fabulous. I watch the show amost everyday when I have time to watch tv.

    I think that the show is not fake but if it is you all got me. the show that i remember is the one that the husband didn't like to get dirty.I think that Judge Mablean rocks. that goes for joe too. If I ever get divorce I am going to your show. I don't think that it will be any time soon.
  • I thought it was real for a long time, now its filled with actors and just plain wantabe's, not a good show anymore. Bring us back to real people with real problem then maybe i will watch it again. Until them I'm very disapointed it what is on the

    I thought it was fun to watch see what some couples go through. Then I see the same people on Jerry Springer show..my husband was watchin that and I walked into the room and their they were.
    Well thats when I stopped watching.
    If that happens on that show it happens on all the rest, so my afternoons are quieter now, i watch no tv during the day anymore.
    Make it real or don't show it.
  • Good Show But I sometimes belive that the people that are in her court room are actors and or actresses Its hard to belive that people like that exist !!

    Good Show But I belive that alot of the show Needs fine tuning especially with the idiots in her court room there is no way that people could actually act that way! I think She is a great Judge and very humorous but she is no Judge Judy All Right Show
  • Interesting show

    This show is based on people who wants to get divorced and are trying to settle who gets what. I thinks it's very good because if the marriage can be helped than the judge will help them. You can tell she's not doing her job just to do it, but it's what she loves to do and if she can help it's from her heart. At least you know it's real and the stories are not made up, unless one of them is lying. It;s juciy gossip. I mean were meadline but what the heck there putting it on t.v. for us to watch.
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