Divorce Court

Weekdays on Premiered Aug 30, 1999 In Season


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  • that judge maybelline, or however you spell it is horrible, and probably like Judge Judy should be disbarred, for some of their behavior.

    She went off into some political rant, that wasn't even true by the way, in the middle of the court room, she isn;t there to do that, she is there to hear the case, and judge impartially. She was also on some other show and she seems very ignorant about world situations, I'm sure she is intelligent, but won't listen to other people. I still remember with Bill Kean it was alright, and before that, but she made this show worse than it was. It's already bad enough watching a show were someones marriage is breaking up, and then fighting over stupid stuff, but then when you have a judge like that I will pass on watching it.