D.L. Hughley Breaks the News

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D.L. Hughley Breaks the News

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D.L. Hughley puts his own spin on current events and delivers it in a way that only he can. Joining the ranks of news-laffers like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, this is CNN's first foray into news comedy. Sure to lure a sizable set of younger viewers , this series will feature one-on-one interviews with other newsmakers and reporters delivered in a funny, informative fashion in addition to mock interviews with other comedians playing a variety of roles which poke fun at the event in the headlines today.
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  • The new year sees a redesign of D.L.'s show for the better.

    In October 2008, D.L. Hughley aired his brand new news/talk show on CNN and the early reviews were not kind. Seemingly trapped in the mid-80s, the vast majority of the "jokes" relied on racial (if not racist) humor and became downright cringe worthy at some points. Attempts at staged interviews with phony guests played by many of D.L.'s personal friends served no other purpose than to fill time.

    After a number of complaints to Time/Warner and to CNN by many African-American groups and civil rights leaders, the show was re-engineered for the New Year and has come back strong. Gone are the silly fictitious news snippets and interviews. Replacing them are actual people of interest who express various and diverse points of view on many topics facing the nation and the world; all this without sacrificing the genuine humor that D.L. Hughley is capable of.

    My hat is off to D.L. Hughley and his producers. They took a show that was on the fast track to being the most ridiculous excuse for a news show and refashioned it into a sharp, witty contender. Keep up the good work!moreless

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