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DNA was a scientific educational program aired on PBS in 2003. There were five episodes. The first, called "The Secret of Life," examines the 1953 discovery of DNA structure by Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins, two British scientists competing against rival scientist Linus Pauling in a proverbial race against the clock. This episode also covers the work of Jim Watson and Francis Crick, and accusations that Watson stole some of Rosalind Franklin's experimental data. The second episode of DNA, titled "Playing God," explains the role of DNA in the development of genetically modified farm crops and the controversy surrounding this issue. Episode three, "The Race," explains the Human Genome Project and its quest to decode the genetic structure of human beings. The following episode, "Curing Cancer," explains the many advances in human cancer treatment that have been made possible by advanced knowledge of DNA; episode five, "Pandora's Box," predicts scientific advances that may soon occur, with an emphasis on cloning humans and animals.


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