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Submission Guidelines (Please Read Before Submitting)

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    All TV.com rules must be followed at all times!

    Just a few rules on submissions that should be followed:

    Guidelines for All Submissions:

    ALL work (except for quotes, episode titles, etc.) MUST be your original work! If you DO copy from another site (for things other than quotes, episode titles, etc. for which you MUST provide a source), I may not allow you to submit ever again to the guide.

    • All Notes must be straight FACT, not opinion. Make sure that they are important facts. First appearances of characters are acceptable.

    • Quotes must be important, funny, or anything like that. I do not accept Quotes that are just motions. All Quotes must be formatted correctly per TV.com standards. For example, bold tags around name of speaker; all motions in (Parenthesis) and in Italics.

    • Trivia is for goofs and maybe a few other things.

    • Use proper grammar and spelling! If you make 1 or 2 mistakes that is fine, but try to edit that yourself. I am excellent with grammar so I will probably find some mistakes.

    • Recaps should completely explain the episode. Recaps should be very long when you are done with them.

    • Summaries must be like an outline in a paragraph form, but must flow smoothly. They should be over 4 sentences long.

    • If you add a completely new episode, you need a source telling where you found the title of this episode. If you submit a summary or recap, follow the rules above. If you cannot find a production code, do not worry about it.

    • DO NOT ask to be Trusted User! If I feel that I need one, I will appoint one. There are some shows that I need a Trusted User, and there are some where I do not.

    • I DO accept Wikipedia as a source, but it should not be the first place that you look.

    • If I do reject your submission, I will include what you submitted before and tell you what it wrong with it so you have the opportunity to edit it and submit it again.

    If you have any other questions, PM me about it.

    Now that you have read this, there should not be any confusion about what I expect (If there is, PM me)!

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