DNA² - Season 1

Nippon Television Network Corporation (ended 1994)


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  • I'll Never Forget You

    Now controlled by Mori. Junta attacks Karin, however he's not under complete control. Junta evetually regains control of himself. Mori is taken in by the time police, Lulara and Ryuuji are free of chargers given that they were brain washed. Karin hits Junta with the correct bullet and returns to the future.

  • The Thing Forgotten a Century from Now

    Mori tells Karin that he cannot allow the elimination of the Mega-Playboy. Oharu tells Karin that the bullet would have the effect of not only permanently locking Junta's DNA as the Mega-Playboy's, but would allow Junta and all of his decedents to be controlled by high-frequency gamma waves.

  • Another Time Machine

    Karin spends some time with Junta, his mom and his friends. Oharu tells Karin that a dimensional tremor has been detected. Meanwhile, in the hospital, Tomoko is visiting Ryuuji, and tells him that he should be out in a month. Inside the hospital, Ryuuji is beating up on some doctors. Tomoko begs Junta to help Ryuuji, so he and Ami go after him on her bike. Back in her craft, Karin is giving a report to Yokomori and asks if she can come home and collect her payment yet. Mori, who has now arrived at her ship, apologizes but says that communication with the future could jeopardize his mission. Ryuuji is now his servant. Junta's great-granddaughter appears.

  • Bye-bye Mega-playboy
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  • Don't become a Mega-playboy!
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  • Dangerous Ryuji's dangerous power
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  • The Shot to Ryuji's Heart
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  • You've Always Been With Me
    Episode 8 Junta tells Kotomi that the night when they kissed was all part of trying to help Kotomi with her problem. The next day, Kotomi gets 3rd place in her competition. She then meets with Junta and Ami in the park. Kotomi tells Junta that even if he wasn't serious about her, she was serious about him, and then slaps him in the face! When Kotomi leaves, Ami takes a walk with Junta and we see some touching scenes from their childhood. Later in the day, Junta is still at the playground and Ami is in her room, they are thinking of each other. Back at Karin's timeship, Karin has received the DCM bullet she forgot from the future.moreless
  • I Want to Give You All That I Have!
    Episode 7 As Junta continues to watch Kotomi do gymnastics (after making the agreement to help each other get over his/her problem), and both Junta and Kotomi's problems are starting to get better. For the first time, Kotomi can finish her routine without messing up. She asks Junta, if she does it again, if he will be her boyfriend. Ami, who is watching Junta and Ami with Karin, leaves and says that Junta and Kotomi belong together. Karin stays and hopes that Kotomi messes up. Kotomi is doing perfectly on her routine until she sees that someone (Karin) is watching from the outside and she trips on her ribbon. Karin then leaves satisfied, but then she gets a bad feeling and rushes back to check on Junta. Kotomi then throws herself on top of Junta telling him that she loves him. Junta turns into the Mega-Playboy. He starts telling Kotomi that her problem doesn't diminish how wonderful she is (among other smooth talk). Karin finally gets back to the gym, and cracks open the door to find her worst nightmare: Kotomi lying on Junta kissing him.moreless
  • What Did Junta do to Kotomi?
    Episode 6 When Ami and Junta finally find Kotomi much later that night, Kotomi walks out of a beauty shop with a new look. Kotomi looks different, but also much more attractive. This startles Junta into becoming the Mega-Playboy. Then Junta completely ditches Ami and goes off into the city with Kotomi. Junta then turns back in to his normal self and calmly says good night to Kotomi. The next day, Junta and Kotomi meet in the gymnasium. Kotomi is wearing a "sexy" leotard, which makes Junta feel sick.moreless
  • I Can't Tell Anyone! - Kotomi
    Episode 5 On the way to school, Kotomi, Ami's best friend, sees Junta in his Mega-Playboy form and immediately starts to fall in love with him. Later that day, Ami is about to admit her love for Junta to him when Kotomi gets nervous and lets out a fart, which is what she does when she is nervous. She says that she is sorry for ruining the mood, but it serves Ami right for what she was about to do. Then Kotomi runs out and Ami follows.moreless
  • Who's Gets the Necklace? - Tomoko
    Junta goes to a store and buys a necklace to show his affection for Karin. Unfortunatly, Junta meets up with Tomoko and Tomoko thinks that the necklace is for her. Now Junta has to get that necklace back! How will Tomoko react once Junta tells her that the necklace isn't for her?moreless
  • The Night of the Festival - Ami
    Episode 3 After Karin finds out that Ami and Junta are childhood friends she tries to pull them toghether by scheduling a date between them but she soon realizes that Ami isn't affected by Junta's powers
  • The Mega Playboy is Born
    Episode 2 The Mega Playboy Junta leaves a love struck Tomoko, just as her boyfriend Ryuuji arrives. Tomoko breaks up with Ryuuji now that she's fallen for Junta. This does not make Ryuuji very happy, and he resolves to crush Junta! At school, Karin keeps Junta under scrutiny, wondering if he is really the Mega Playboy and how to stop him if he is. Tomoko arranges a meeting with Junta at the coffee shop, and tries to kiss him. A normal Junta feels that familiar puking sensation, but before he upchucks, three thugs sent by Ryuuji crash the party. Junta gets the crap beaten out of him, but then the thugs start to molest Tomoko. Junta tries to help, but his butt keeps getting kicked. Who will be able to save Tomoko from these thugs now? (taken from http://games.monstersatplay.com/review/anime/dna1_metamorphasis.php)moreless
  • The Girl from the Future
    Junta is destined to become a Mega-Playboy. In the future, he is supposed to have started a chain reacton that lead to over population. He impregnated 100 women, who gave birth to 100 boys, who, in turn, got 100 more women impregnated. A girl named Karin Aoi from the future is sent back to the past to stop Junta from ever becoming the Mega-Playboy but everything goes wrong when she shoots him with the wrong bullet, causing him to transform into the Mega-Playboy whenever he sees a girl cry. Things get even worse as we find out that every girl Junta comes across as the Mega-Playboy ends up instantly liking him. Unfortunately for Junta, he can't transform at will and the girl he likes just so happens to be immune to his Playboy side...moreless