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Daisuke Niwa, your everyday normal teenager, life changed one day on his 14th birthday. Rejected by his love, Risa Harada was just the reason why. Handling a rejection on your birthday is hard enough, but because of a certain DNA reaction; he turns into the legendary Phantom Thief, Dark Mousy every time he thinks of his love!

To make matters worse, Dark, 'stole' Risa's heart, when Risa first saw Dark on TV. And, he stole Risa's older twin sister, Riku, first kiss! His friend, Satoshi is after Daisuke's alter-ego, and Daisuke can't have normal talks with Risa like he used to. They just don't call him a Phantom Thief for nothing.

How to rid the condition? Daisuke has to have his confession of love returned. But... one problem. If Daisuke keeps changing into Dark when he thinks of the girl of his dreams too much... is it even possible for Daisuke to ever turn back to normal?

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