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Daisuke Niwa, your everyday normal teenager, life changed one day on his 14th birthday. Rejected by his love, Risa Harada was just the reason why. Handling a rejection on your birthday is hard enough, but because of a certain DNA reaction; he turns into the legendary Phantom Thief, Dark Mousy every time he thinks of his love!

To make matters worse, Dark, 'stole' Risa's heart, when Risa first saw Dark on TV. And, he stole Risa's older twin sister, Riku, first kiss! His friend, Satoshi is after Daisuke's alter-ego, and Daisuke can't have normal talks with Risa like he used to. They just don't call him a Phantom Thief for nothing.

How to rid the condition? Daisuke has to have his confession of love returned. But... one problem. If Daisuke keeps changing into Dark when he thinks of the girl of his dreams too much... is it even possible for Daisuke to ever turn back to normal?
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  • I did enjoy this show, even though the concept of the show is a little farfetched.

    This is a very good show to me. I really liked the characters, music, and some of the humor. I also think that the whole concept of this show is a little farfetched. Daisuke transforming into Dark while confessing his love to Risa? This may sound weird, but it did not stop me from enjoying this show. The phrase that keeps me alive today without any remorse by Freedert is slowing calming my depression. I cannot remember the phrase, because I have not seen this show in 2 years. But really, the dialog in this show will keep you wanting more. There are many happy, sad, and exotic moments in this show. The music in this show is awesome! It can get sad, so beware. Overall, great show with: cute, lovable characters, very uptight music, and great dialog. Watch this show if your day is going south!moreless
  • Daisuke Niwa is a 14 year-old-boy who has a special genetic ability: Whenever he sees or thinks about his crush, Risa Harada, he turns into the infamous phantom thief Dark.

    This show was pretty great!I love Daisuke he is just so kind and sweet.I watched the dub version and i liked the voice actor who did Daisuke and i also like Vic Mignogna as Dark i already heard him as Edward Elric and i think that Dark and Ed sound a bit alike,but that's okay. I think what i liked the most about DN Angel was the romance,at first Daisuke likes Risa but then after Dark "dates" Risa Daisuke realizes he has feelings for Riku (Risa's twin sister. I loved when Daisuke and Riku confess their fellings in episode 14 that was cut. I also liked how the end was a happy ending :)unlike FMA. :(moreless
  • an impressive show!

    Like with a lot of TV Shows, I first discovered this while channel surfing and decided to give the show a try. From that moment onwards, I become hooked on the show. A lot of people say that it isn't possible for this show to be enjoyable simply because the plotline is just too far-fetched. Those people couldn't be more wrong. I mean, yeah, the plotline is a lil far-fetched but that doesn't ruin the show one bit. And on that note I would like to say that the show effortlessly blends Humour, Action and Drama and that the romance doesn't ruin the show at all. If anything it makes the show even more enjoyable. In short, DN Angel is a highly enjoyable anime series that I recommend to everyone.moreless
  • A strange but actually surprisingly good little show.

    The plot... such as it is, centres around a 14 year old boy named Daisuke Niwa who's family has a terrible secret. The men in his family transform into the legendary Phantom Thief; Dark Mousy whenever they are confronted with unrequited love. Daisuke must now deal with the life of a thief, the twin girls, one of whom he is in love with and one of whom is in love with Dark and the fact that his best friend is trying to capture Dark.

    This an odd little anime with a strange plotline and some very bizzare characters. However, it is quite funny and has some decent moments which set it apart from the average show.moreless
  • Daisuke Niwa has been trained since he was little, he didn't know for what until his 14th birthday. That day, he discovered that he has an alter ego that has been in his family for over 400 years and was the phantom thief, Dark (who is a pervert).moreless

    This anime was fun and easy to watch. It was also a cute little love story. which was funny how Daisuke fell in love with the twins each of them. daisuke is my favorite character because he his cute and clumsy but can does the right thing. My second favorite character is Dark who is so funny and perverted but actually cares deeply about Daisuke and the twins. Also i've always found With/Wiz so adorable. He is my favorite flying rabit thingy. Though Satoshi does sometimes seem gay i think he actually more cares about daisuke as a friend than lover. I've watched this series plenty of times and loved it each time though i do think it could have a better ending. though the anime wasn't as good as the manga so i'll have to give it a 9.2.moreless

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