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  • What makes an anime terrible? Well, add everything that comes to mind together, and this would win the crown.

    This show is beautiful to look at, and thats about the only good thing.
    This is the worst manga adaptation I've ever seen! Absolutely horrific! The dubbing is terrible, the stories are patchy and it doesn't stay true to its roots. Glomping my D.N.Angel book, I laugh at this anime when it really isn't supposed to be funny. The manga is about five hundred miles better than this. Terrible AVOID!
  • Ok at best

    DNAngel when i read the summary and some of the reviews i was mildly excite to check this show out,but after 5 episode i didnt need to watch the other 20 or so episodes.
    Don't get me wrong i don't judge animes based on 5 episodes so i watched the other 21 episodes.DNAngel isn't awfull but it is very original,i can't figure out witch anime the Dark reminds me of it may have been Yu-Gi-Oh but im no sure.Any way Diasuke Niwa on his 14th birthday DNA reaction is going to turn him into Dark Mousy because of his family blood.Dark arch enemy is Krad who is Dark's other half,Krad container is Satoshi Hiwatari who is Diasuke's classmate.Satoshi Hiwatari is a genius and he is also the police cheif(that sound beievable)anyway even if story was neither creative or or original,there is very litte character development in DNAngel the series focuses on meaningless sidebars and is quite repiditive for a magna that was pretty good.

    Story 7/10
    Characters 6/10
    Art 6/10
    The Writing 4/10
  • Niwa Daisuke turns 13, officially in his teen years, and he'll never forget it. He finds out later by a disturbing surprise that he has an alter ego, an infamous demon thief named Dark Mousy.

    D.N. Angel had a pretty good plot with a lot of potential. Unfortunately, this anime didn't meet up to the potential. ALL the characters are your stereo typical school boys and school girls, with a cute boy with a sense of good about his head who happens to have a crush on Risa, the pretty girl at school that has a sickingly sweet personality. They, unfortunately, all come off as annoying to me, and it wasn't an enjoyable show to watch. There are many other amazing animes that a viewer could use their time with. However, this may be because I like more in depth shows, and DN Angel is definetly a fluffy show. If you like shows that are cutesy furry and warm, then you'd probably disagree with me. I personally did not enjoy this show very much, and i'd recommend many others.
  • About a boy named Dasuke with awsome powers from his DNA?? Wow this IS a great show.

    I love this show however the magna is even better than this. =( This is just my OPINION so go ahead and disagree with me anyway. Okay now I have 20 words to go I'l just keep typing until I get 50 words okay okay wait i'm not done okay DONE!!!
  • What is it with main anime characters undergoing wicked transformations into hot bishonen?

    I've been a faithful reader of the DNAngel manga, and I must say that I was sorely disappointed with the anime. So many story lines were altered for the purpose of the anime director (which, to this day, remains unknown). There were a few episodes that completely followed the manga, and those episodes were generally extremely well done, but then the filler or unrelated plots came along and ruined everything.

    The ending left me feeling empty and disappointed. I didn't feel there was any resolution at all, and when the only thing I found to keep myself entertained was making fun of the dialogue, there's something wrong with the series. By chance did anyone else realize that Daisuke looked completely like someone from Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts 2? That was the one and only thing that made my day when I watched the final episode. This series gets a 6/10--don't bother watching it.
  • Daisuke finds out that he is the Phantom Thief, Dark, and he must steal cursed pieces of art to seal away the evil.

    Overall I was disappointed with DNAngel. The premise sounded good (apparently the manga is way better, but I'm not here to talk about that) but in the end, there wasn't much of an overall plot, must of the episodes seem to be stand-alone type episodes without having much to do with things in the end. Dark needs to steal something, Daisuke and Dark have conlficting feelings of love involving the twins, sometimes Krad shows up; pretty much the same thing in each episode.

    This doesn't stop there from being deep, touching episodes because a few are really good but I just wish there had been more connecting each episode to the next. I actually got a little lost towards the end when they had a few episodes actually working together. The last two episodes are pretty good too but the series could have been better if they had put things together to tell a bigger story involving the events of each episode.
  • basically the show untimately confuses me.

    DNANGEL is an awesome show i will give it that much! But it is a little bit confusing to me. When i watch a TV show i dont want to think hard to figure things out. But i will say its a good show! I am currently watching anime nonstop hehe.
  • awsume show!

    this show is only on dvd but its really cool.So if you havent seen it you should look at the store for it.the animation is really good the characters are ok,and the voice overs are really goodand well it doesnt really have a story but this kid has a theife named dark inside of him so he trans forms into him when he sees his true love,so he keeps a picture of well his lover :).and when his grand father wants him to steel something he looks at the picture.there is also a nother kid that has light inside of him so well i better not give anything away :).
  • Quite interesting anime... and really fun!

    Although I hadn't expected DNAngel to be sth extraordinary or exceptional, it amazed me with its romantic storyline, funny characters and not that fascinating fighting scenes. But all in all you wont regret it if you watch it.
    I have to say, though, that the storyline really resembles the one of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. In both animes there are angel-like characters and they're trying to destroy the evil in the works of art. They are unable to confess their love to the ones they cherish and they have an animal/angel to help them out at the missions. Daisuke seems to me as the male side of Maron.
    Besides everything I've written so far this anime's enthralling more with its romance and comedy not that much with the actual plot. As for the love scenes, I'd prefer if Risa could be with Dark at the end of the show 'cuz they're a really cute couple :)
  • Its about a boy named Daisuke that shares his body with the legendary phantom thief Dark.Whenever he has felings for the person he likes he transforms.He likes Risa harada but she likes Dark.If she doesnt return his feelings he cant stop transforming.

    This show is pretty good,but its different from the manga, they changed many things and didn't add some.Nonetheless its still pretty good to watch and I would suggest you to watch it if you havent read the manga,but still buy the manga cause its awesome.Although something that was weird was that they made satoshi look gay,even though when I read it i suspected he was bi,but in the anime you think he might be gay,anyways ignore my babbling and enjoy the show.
  • This is awesome!! May not be #1 on my list, but its far up there!! Ya gotta see it!!

    D.N.Angel tells a story of a boy whose life was changed of heartbroken and his 14th B-day. After being rejected from his lifetime love, Daisuke Niwa is changed when something like his alter ego surfaces...Now Daisuke must become part of the Phantom Theif's work, while also trying to work out his feelings of love...
  • It's a hopeless romantic's best friend...with angels!

    I lIked it a lot. I found it pretty interesting. I don\'t know about you people though... I really like the plot and stuff. I guess I am a hopeless romantic. Well, whatever... I\'m just trying to take up space. Who freakin\' wants to make every single review 50 words long. Oh, well... It can\'t be helped. Anyways I think you guys should watch this show.
  • Daisuke Niwa is a 14 year-old-boy who has a special DNA due to his genes. Whenever he sees or thinks about his crush, Risa Harada, he turns into the infamous thief, Dark.

    da show is a-w-e-s-o-m-e...VERY too...i luv it...pls pls pls pls do watch it EVERY1...highly suggested by me...daisuke is such a lucky boy to me...he get to b dark which is a thief...how i wish i got da 2nd side of me who is like dark too...his love for risa(daisuke's crush) sud had fallen for dark(da other side of daisuke)...later u can see dat daisuke had fallen for risa's sis, riku...
  • Dnangel is one the best anime to come out of a japanese brain, too bad it's incrediblily short.

    Concept: 10
    Animation: 10
    Voice acting: 10
    Lasting: 5
    Fun to Watch: 10

    Anime are usally hevily loaded on the action, with some romance inbetween, it's a rare occasion to find a core love stroy, and one that works at the same time. Dnangel is a core love stroy, one that works as well. But the turth is, Dnangel is one the best anime to come out of a japanese brain.

    Daisuke Niwa, your everyday normal teenager, life changed one day on his 14th birthday. Rejected by his love, Risa Harada, was just the reason why. Handling a rejection on your birthday is hard enough, but because of a certain DNA reaction, he turns into the legendary Phantom Thief, Dark every time he thinks of his love!

  • well its about a 14 year old boy who evetually finds gimself to have the powers of Dark a theif and angel.

    I love this show although I have never actually seen the anime Iv\'e read it. Its soo cool. Its a action packed anime with some comedy thrown here and there. It also deals with srtuggling romance and mixed emotions. I found out about it by a anime music video a friend had put together, and I instantly fell in love. I would totally recomend it.^o^
  • Really this is a great show, a MUST WATCH Anime.

    You know why this series is wonderful, it's the characters. They are so developed and there seems to be something more to all of them. Personal favorite is Daisuke, I love his hair. The anime is GREAT. You can relate to the characters and some of the situations. This anime has a good mix of humor, action, and love. One of the few animes I am buying on dvd. The story Grabs your attention by, well, in some ways you've been in this situation before. You've had a crush on someone popular, you've had a terrible secret to hide stuff like that. We all have our inner demons, yours just might not be a homicidal angel in you bent on killing your only friend, or harbor a great art thief who doesn't stop blabbing in your head. Some situations we all relate to and that is perfect entertainment. DNAngel is really one of the best I've seen so far, plus you might be surprised when you hear a familiar voice from FullMetal Alchemist, Ed. Oh yeah Go Vic.
  • I love the show never really read the manga never got the chance to I love the show though. I was pretty glued to the Tv when I saw it. I thought the people who made the show did a good job.

    Dnangel is a good show it was pretty cheesy well I think it was. I think other animes are not as good as this one well I do like Pretear that was a good one also. There are all kinds of anime out there which is good you know. I think they did well on this one but I heard from a friend that the manga was better. Well yeah most manga are better then the anime. I think they should make a new season if they can. Not just ending but have another plot to it. I never saw the last episodes but I sometimes got fed up because they just had the same thing going on and on. It was pretty good and cool and awsome at the same time.
  • Daisuke Niwa is a 14 year-old-boy who has a special DNA due to his genes. Whenever he sees or thinks about his crush, Risa Harada, he turns into the infamous thief Dark. Dark was created by "The Black Wings", a very large piece of artwork.

    I first started watching this show when I didn't really know what anime even was. I know its not filled with blood and guts or anything like that but the story line is very bueatiful. Sometimes its just really nice to watch a show like that, hehe it actuly made me cry at the end thats how beatiful I thought the story was. The artwork was also very amazing, personly its kind of hard for me to watch a anime that has really old graphics but with this is wasn't hard at all. So anyone who is intersted in watching it definetly pick it up as soon as possible.
  • DNAngel is a very great anime.

    I love all anime, but this anime is different from most animes I watch. Its different because I watched it because there were alot of people talking about it. When I watched it I felt very satisfied. DNAngel is probably to good for this time. DNAngel is great in ever single way. Its very complicated and at some moments, hard to understand so you have to pay extra attention to it. I know you'd be lost if you ever missed an episode of anything, but you'd be completely lost when you miss an episode of this anime. I recomend it to all angel loving, magic obsessed fan. Don't think they exist? Who do you think wrote thus review? ;)
  • I have to say I almost Gave up on this show but now I'm Gald I didn't!

    I thought this show was good at the 1st episode then after that I thought it was pretty pointless and I was just going to stop watching it all together but my friend Told me to gave it a chance watch all the episode and see if it doesn't change your mind right well I did and right around episode 16 I LOVED IT!! I saw the pointless things come together and they didn't seem pointless anymore it started having an endepth Look on it That Just Pulled me In!! after that the cute little crush romance things became an endepth type love story^^ it was really great to watch and had such depth that I thought was never there it really changed me mind So if anyone watches this show and see what I saw in it and thinks its pointless gave it a chance I know it will change your mind Like it did Mine!!
  • An excellent blend of action, fantasy, drama, and romance! DN Angel is a series that will leave you breathless with animated visual effects, excellent voice acting (Japanese original language), and 2 great songs performed by Miyamoto Shunichi-san.

    Right off the bat from the first episode, we are drawn into the fantastic world of Daisuke Niwa. A normal 13 year old boy, trying to grow into a normal way of living (becoming \"cool\", confessing his love for Harada Risa-san, he finds himself drawn into the world of magic and mystery as he turns 14 and finds himself transforming into the legendary Phantom Thief Dark Mousy.

    I was honestly surprised by how well-developed this series was. The plotlines are solid, and each episode is practically linked directly to the next. The action sequences are superbly done, there are very few noticable repeated frames, and the usage of CGI elements didn\'t harm the animation one bit. The US voice casting includes known names in the anime world as Greg Ayres and Vic Mignogna(Fullmetal Alchemist, Full Metal Panic, etc), and some voices have been relatively well done. The voice actresses for Riku and Risa Don\'t do their characters justice, as it seems they were forced to increase the pitch of their voices to almost infantile ranges. It\'s partly due to this that I had to lower the rating slightly. Also another part that could have been added was more background music, as I noticed some tracks in the episodes were simply piano versions of the Miyamoto song \"Michishirubi\".

    Drama is also a key point to this story, as many of the artifacts Dark Mousy / Daisuke Niwa have to \"recover\" and purify have such deep and tragic stories to them, you can help but cry along with Daisuke as he struggles to keep his emotions at bay. Needless to say, a few episodes (which also happen to include two of my favorite Shunichi Miyamoto songs : Caged Bird (Freedert cycle) and Michishirubi (Final Episode)) will leave you grabbing for some tissues.

    Overall, this anime will leave you wanting see the episodes one after the other, and then repeat the whole experience. If you wish to truly appreciate the show to its\' fullest, try watching the American dubbed version first (available on Anime Network On Demand), and then buying the complete DVD set in its original Japanese language with English subtitles. ^_^
  • It's a great, emotional show!

    What really got me into the anime DNAngel was the manga (comic book version) of DNAngel. I have to admit, the comic version is much better. But the anime has its good qualities, too! It is so well at displaying emotion, and Dark's voice makes me wanna drool (perfect for the part, I tell ya!). The storyline could be better explained at some points, but its definitely got action, screwed-up romance, and fantasy!! Oh, when I say screwed-up romance...I MEAN IT! The show is a huge bundle of loving emotions, all directed at the wrong people. That makes the show all the more suspenseful and likeable, I guess. Heh.
  • I LOVE it alot!!! I also love the characters... :)

    So the Miywa family has been "cursed" with the boy will become Dark (a hottie) and go steal things. But only unless the boys "fair maiden" loves him back then he can be rid of Dark. So Daiske likes Risa who likes Dark who likes Risa's grandma- oh ya and Riku like Daiske too... well some how all of this works out. Then theres Crad Darks other half and he is trying to get him bla bla bla... It has great action but some things can be cheesy i guess... If you don't like a never will be together action i love type of anime then don't watch it- even if it is great!!!
  • A young nice boy who can transform into a magical phantom thief by the power of love. Very nice anime with a mix of fantasy, comedy, and teen romance drama. Very enjoyable anime to watch.

    D.N.Angel ROCKS!!! I never get tired of watching this series, especially episode 18. I've always enjoyed the DaiskuexRiku relationship; I'm a sucker for anime romance. Risa, on the other hand, is the ONLY character in the anime that I just can't stand. An anime that includes a fourteen-year-old boy who is a victim in a love triangle with friendly twin sisters that becomes more complex when he can transform into a phantom thief known as Dark Mousy. Interesting indeed. This is one anime series that you just have to watch and enjoy.
  • Anyway risa likes dark the second she see's him and so dark tries to even kiss risa in one episode and daisuke stops him but risa has a sister named riku who secretly likes daisuke.So daisuke and (hottie) DARK fight against evil and stealing anything!!!!

    Risa and Riku wow they have the kutest boys to love them but mostly risa's boy i mean man DARK dark protects risa when she is in danger because of his sectetly secret love for her and riku has her man DAISUKE who is so adorable she is lucky cause daisuke protects her and never leaves her side ohhhhh i just love these kute couples but im gonna have to steel dark from daisuke cause he is too kute
    and nobody forget that dark,sasuke,neji,kiba,sesshomaru,inuyasha,koga,oujiro,and zelgadiss are all mine!!!!!!
  • wow i love this show but i wish it had more episodes .....

    well this show about a kid who has the phantom thief living inside him and he steal artwork stuff like that it has lots of drama that keeps you watching it and for girls there a lot of love going on so i think all people should watch it if you love cartoons you will love this but i wish the show would more then one season too this show is so cool i over all tell me if you agree or not look for my other reivews and this show rocks i give it a 10 out of 10 !!!!!!!
  • daisuke niwa is just an average 14-year old until he learns of his families gene. in order to cure him of this "condition" daisuke must make his first love come to fruition. but when he falls in love with the girl dark is in love with, what happens then?

    this is a really great anime. i got hooked just from the first couple of chapters, i mean come on, how many anime can do that. this is a really great anime to watch or to read the manga of, whichever fits a person best. i absolutely love this series.
  • Daisuke Niwa was just an average teenager until his 14th birthday when after being rejected by his love,Risa, a DNA gene in him causes him to turn into the thief Dark anytime he thinks about Risa.Daisuke learns to face challenges and matures as the series

    One of the BEST shows ever!!!!!I LOVE the romance in this show and I wish other shows were more like this one.I was hooked from the first episode and i love watching the episodes over and over again on dvd.I recommend this show to anyone who loves mystery,romance,some comedy,action,and adventure.This show is so awesome and it shows characters who have to overcome obstacles and face challenges of growing up and not being afraid to show who you are.I think this show should be on a top 10 anime list i know it is on my top 10 anime list.This show is sort of underappreciated and deserves more fame and credit than it has.
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    DNAngel... is a must have!If you like romatic, loving,but sad shows this is it.If you haven\\\'t seen it you need to becasue it wonderful!I hope that they make a second season. I may be on the tenth show but i know its good. So if you haven\\\'y seen it you need to!

  • I liked the manga better

    Not only did I have a problem with the voice actors (quite frankly they creeped me out) but I hated Risa even more. I'm willing to admit that I read the manga first and usually I like what comes to me first. First off in the manga Dark took stuff because he felt like it in the show he stole it because there was something wrong with it or it was dangerous. I ask you, what's wrong with stealing something because you feel like it? I feel that doing certain things for the wrong reasons and that you don't have an excuse for it lying in your childhood makes things more interesting and lifelike. Not saying I didn't like DNAngel I thought it was pretty good and I liked Hio who made Daisuke so darn uncomfortable (and blush like the girly man he was(f.y.i. I like Daisuke)) but it didn't reach the high standards I gave it after I read the manga.
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