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  • Daisuke finds out that he is the Phantom Thief, Dark, and he must steal cursed pieces of art to seal away the evil.

    Overall I was disappointed with DNAngel. The premise sounded good (apparently the manga is way better, but I'm not here to talk about that) but in the end, there wasn't much of an overall plot, must of the episodes seem to be stand-alone type episodes without having much to do with things in the end. Dark needs to steal something, Daisuke and Dark have conlficting feelings of love involving the twins, sometimes Krad shows up; pretty much the same thing in each episode.

    This doesn't stop there from being deep, touching episodes because a few are really good but I just wish there had been more connecting each episode to the next. I actually got a little lost towards the end when they had a few episodes actually working together. The last two episodes are pretty good too but the series could have been better if they had put things together to tell a bigger story involving the events of each episode.