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  • On his 14th birthday, Daisuke Niwa turns into the legendary phantom theif, Dark! Daisuke only wishes to lead a normal life, but the only way he can push Dark aside is to get Risa to love him. But she loves Dark! Watch this thrilling tale unfold in DNAngel

    DN Angel is an extraordinary show with a unique play on the idea of works of art comming to life! The creaters of the show did a wonderful job of placing the pieces together leading to a very dramatic ending. The relationship between the Niwa and Hikari clan with Satoshi and Daisuke has been nicely formed as well. The cold Satoshi who doesn't have time for girls or any friends at all, yet approaches Daisuke, the cluzty dork who has fallen head over heals for Risa Harada who has no desire to be with him. When you incorporate Dark and Krad into all of this highschool nonsense, things go chaotic! A fight in the meat locker between two halves of the same piece of art, now there's something you don't see every day! I also love what they did with the cultural reform and the works of art. I'm no historian, but it seems it is something that would be found in history (and probably is). A reform getting rid of old works of art because they do not "suit" the time era. Imagine what that would do to artists who created that stuff! It's very interesting how they incorporated the Hikaris into all of this and made a fantasy world seem real! The end was put together with just as much care as the rest of the series was as well! Satoshi's near death experience, the true art work that is Dark and Krad, all come together. For so long in the series you are kept in the dark about what is truely going on that you feel what the characters feel when they find out what the true meaning behind it all is. You understand where the character is comming from, no matter which emotion they show. As a viewer, you begin to almost feel what the character is feeling! Wonderful! The TV show and the manga series are two different things. If you compare them, you're more than likely going to hate one. So why not just enjoy both as two completely seperate things. This way, you get more adventures form the wonderful DN Angel series!