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  • Daisuke Niwa.

    Daisuke Niwa, your normal modern day teenager, He gose to school, has a mom, dad, and grandpa,He hangs with friends, falls in love, perrty normal...right? well he was intill his his 14th birthday. Rejected by his love, Risa Harada was just the start of a not so good day. Handling a rejection on your birthday is hard enough, but because of a certain DNA reaction; he turns into the legendary Phantom Thief, Dark Mousy every time he thinks of his love!

    To make matters worse, Dark, 'stole' Risa's heart, when Risa first saw Dark on TV. And, he stole Risa's older twin sister, Riku, first kiss! His friend, Satoshi is after Daisuke's alter-ego, and Daisuke can't have normal talks with Risa like he used to, every time he sees her his heart pounds and he begains to change into dark. but with school and being a thief at the same time well, They just don't call him a Phantom Thief for nothing.

    How to rid the condition? Daisuke has to have his confession of love returned...wait... rode block... one problem. If Daisuke keeps changing into Dark when ever he thinks of Risa Harada...or even if he's sround her. how can he spend time with her to get her to like him... is it even possible for Daisuke to ever turn back to normal?

    and if thing arn't twisted enouf... Risa, starts to like daisuke after she see's he starts to like her older sister Riku. dose daisuke really love riku? and wait waz with satishi, and dose he know daisuke's seceret?!?!


    Dark Mousy: the Thantom Thief. Daisuke Niwa: a 14 year old boy. WHo dark just happends to live in.

    Riku Harada: The older Twin or risa. the tomboy

    Risa Harada: the younger Twin to riku, the girly girl she also loves dark.

    satishi: A class mate to daisuke, Risa, and Riku. he also seeks dark's capture.

    Krad: the evil side of dark i guess is the best way to put it. he also lives in well... you'll find out.^^