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  • A love interest which brings about a blessing and a curse for Daisuke Niwa.

    A simple crush turned into the search for a Sacred Maiden. Time and a gain Niwa transforms into the Phantom thief Dark. The catalyst to this transformation is love, unrequited. To truly release himself from Dark he must find his Sacred Maiden, the women he is meant to be with, love her and receive her love in return. However it is not as simple as Niwa would like it to be. Dark and Niwa steal pieces of art work that need to be sealed, their magic power must be controlled, so that a great evil will not be re-released into this world. As the story progresses Niwa finds that his feelings start to waver from Risa, who he thought was his Sacred Maiden, and start to grow towards Riku, a girl he has just started to notice and care for. Beyond the love story, there is also the story of the friendship between Dark and Niwa. When the two first met they bumped heads all the time however as time progresses they become more and more of a team almost to the point of brotherhood. This is a spectacular series worth the watch and worth knowing the storyline. I am impressed by the character development, the rich art filled world, and the musical score. All in all this is awesome and you should watch it!