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  • Niwa Daisuke turns 13, officially in his teen years, and he'll never forget it. He finds out later by a disturbing surprise that he has an alter ego, an infamous demon thief named Dark Mousy.

    D.N. Angel had a pretty good plot with a lot of potential. Unfortunately, this anime didn't meet up to the potential. ALL the characters are your stereo typical school boys and school girls, with a cute boy with a sense of good about his head who happens to have a crush on Risa, the pretty girl at school that has a sickingly sweet personality. They, unfortunately, all come off as annoying to me, and it wasn't an enjoyable show to watch. There are many other amazing animes that a viewer could use their time with. However, this may be because I like more in depth shows, and DN Angel is definetly a fluffy show. If you like shows that are cutesy furry and warm, then you'd probably disagree with me. I personally did not enjoy this show very much, and i'd recommend many others.