Season 1 Episode 18

The Two on the Night of Falling Stars

Aired Thursday 6:30 PM Jul 31, 2003 on
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The Two on the Night of Falling Stars
Riku lands on Daisuke after falling.

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  • WOW! this episode was really good. Riku sprains her ankle after a fall. Daisuke finally realises his true feelings. Mio is playing psychic. Risa suspects Daisuke as being Dark.

    This episode was so....shocking i was crying near the end of it but i don't know why...Anyway when i saw Dark kiss Risa in episode 14 i was so mad at him because i was like hey Daisuke likes Risa! and then at the end of episode 14 Daisuke covers up his painting of Risa and that was so sad i felt so sorry for him! but after this episode i ended up liking Daisuke and Riku as a couple! did they end up kissing or not?,if they did the "camera" didn't show it.Overall this was a very good episode!moreless
  • That cutest episode ever!

    Daisuke and Riku have a little episode. Riku and Daisuke realize their love for each other! Mio is trying to sacrifice Daisuke by helping Riku and Daisuke admit their love so she can become human! It is the cutest episode so far and I'd watch it again and again!

    This episodes reveal a lot and Riku and Daisuke get together. Too cute to be true! I highly recommend you watch this episode even if you never watched the series before! Watch it now! Watch the episode! It gets a 10 all the way from me! What about you? Watch it! Sorry I keep repeating myselfmoreless

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    • (Riku falls down the cliff-side & she ends up hurting her leg)
      Daisuke: (He offers his back to her) Get on. You shouldn't push yourself. You'll make it worse.
      Riku: B-But... No way, I'm way to heavy!
      Daisuke: It's fine.
      Riku: I'll get off as soon as it stops hurting, okay?
      Daisuke: Okay.
      Riku: I'm warning you, I'm heavy!

    • (Riku and Daisuke are stil hugging on the beach)
      Daisuke: (To himself) I won't run away this time. I have to For Riku too, I'll hold him back myself!
      Dark: Hmph! You don't have to worry, I won't come out.
      Daisuke: Dark!
      Dark: So you finally figured out your feelings. See you.

    • (On the beach)
      Daisuke: The one I like... isn't Harada. It's Riku.
      Riku: Liar.
      Daisuke: No, it's true. At first, it was Harada, but before I knew it, all I thought about was Riku...
      Riku: What's that supposed to mean?
      Daisuke: When we're together, I think "Yeah, you're right." a lot. And it's fun to talk to you. And it's so natural.
      Riku: What is it supposed to mean?! Niwa! Say it... again. My name...
      Daisuke: Riku! (She hugs him)

    • Mio: (On the phone) The plan is going as plannned. It is only a matter of time until the ritual is completed.
      Satoshi's dad: Stay hidden until the end. Then you'll be able, to get a real life... In exchange for Daisuke's life. (Hangs up the phone) Then, I will get Dark.

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