Do No Harm

Saturday 10:00 PM on NBC Premiered Jan 31, 2013 In Season


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  • love it!

    I'm really enjoying this show so far! I like that it doesn't take itself too seriously and isn't afraid to let the audience know they are in on the joke. Last night's episode was even better than the premiere. I work at DISH and was live-Tweeting "Don't Answer The Phone" with my coworkers, which is a blast, but I ended up missing a few things. I always watch the episode again the next day after a live-tweet specifically because of that, and since it's on one of the four major networks during primetime it's recorded by the PrimeTime Anytime feature on my DISH Hopper. I'm really looking forward to a second viewing today after work.
  • Will Become Do No Homer, Part of a Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Special

    This short-lived NBC drama, "Do No Harm", was so atrocious that the writers of "The Simpsons" are, more than likely, already coming up with a parody entitled "Do No Homer", in which Professor Frink injects a serum that is supposed to control Homer's violent behavior but ends up having other horrifying consequences. The satire will undoubtedly be much funnier and more in keeping with the legend of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde than this travesty of a TV series ever did.
  • Unlikely Solution

    What gets me is they ignored the easy solution. Instead of some drug, how about a time lock cage/vault? The show just didn't show any reason to care about the main character.
  • Never given a chance.

    An interesting yet limited premise, I personally though the show had a lot of promise.

    I enjoyed both episodes far more than some of the garbage that airs in the US, and I think it shows just how dumb the American public is becoming when a show with such potential gets such low viewing figures yet a fat obnoxious white trash kid is everywhere you look.

  • I don't understand why people hated this

    Critics and the public often puzzle me, and Do No Harm is a good example of why. The critics hated it and it was so unpopular that it only lasted two episodes, yet I thought it was pretty good, a stylish little drama that showed promise. Yes, there were issues; realistically no surgeon is going to always have the luxury of being able to clock out at a certain time, and certainly he had already caused enough serious trouble to find it unimaginable that he would be fired or jailed by the fifth episode, but if you don't think too hard it's all critics didn't just pan it as run of the mill or a little bland, which I would have considered reasonable, but declared it truly wretched, complaining about terrible writing that I never saw.

    There are better shows on TV, but there are worse shows that the critics have drooled over. Too bad it was cancelled.
  • It was better than the network made it out to be

    It's a shame this series was never given a chance or produced to air on the internet as a web series. It was easy to watch.

    With all the online services producing webseries, this was perfect for those gaps.
  • Between Seasons?

    shows this as 'in season', is that correct? Is it in season? Coming back as a summer show? Or has it been cancelled?

    I too liked this show. Were there only two episodes that aired? It reminded me of the Christian Slater cancelled NBC show 'My Own Worst Enemy' mixed with the Canadian police drama 'Shattered'.

    I must agree, I hope they continue to air (as shows it's In Season) or make it available on Netflix or Hulu.

    I was very upset that there were only 2 episodes available for viewing.
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  • I LOVE this show!

    I really love this show, I was so angry when they axed it! They never gave it a chance :( So glad the remaining eps are airing now, for those who haven't seen it, it's really funny - you should check it out.
  • It had potential, but......

    I was intrigued by the plot, but as I started watching it, so much was missing. Aside from Jason's love interest, this show lacks emotion. Personality disorders are caused by trauma; I'd like to see WHY he has mpd. And WHY Ian always came out at night. It would have made a great back story in addition to trying to keep his job and manage the personalities.
  • Awesome

    An awesome show that engages you all the time. Great acting by jason, I love those sudden transitions from jason to ian and ian to jason. Very interesting turns and story line of a great doctor who is fighting with his own personality disorder. very nice. waiting for its another episode and seasons.
  • Interesting

    I don't understand why everybody hated this. I just watched it for the first time last night and it was great. It had an interesting concept and was entertaining. People need to give it a chance.
  • harmful???

    I know this show originally only aired twice and was cancelled. but I'm glad NBC decided to burn off the rest of the episodes. This really is a fairly good show. It does have its' flaws. I totally missed the first episodes and did not discover this show until a month later, but was glad that I did.

    I like the duality of the lead characters Ian Price/Jason Cole. The supporting cast is great, except for the character of Dr Young, she seems like a character that knows that Dr. Cole is just to good to be working in such a small hospital, he's a top notch brain surgeon after all, you would think she would have investigated his background before hiring him, she should be more clued in. I just wish this show had a decent chance to prove itself. At least placing it in a decent time period and not making it quite so hard to find. For these kind of fledgling shows it might be a good idea to air the pilot episode on the home site before general airing to get the word out.

    The series is coming down to the last episodes. The show had a great cast and the story lines were good. I think it did suffer from not having a good time slot. The writing could have been smarter, there could have been so much more that could have been done to lighten things up a little more . It was a good premise for a show. It is only in the last episodes that Ian's evolution is revealed. BTW is is hard to find these episodes on line too. I watch it on about 12 hours after it airs.
  • Could not be better

    This show rocks, cant believe more ppl are watching this.

    thephantom: if you like it so much why give it a 5
  • Great show!!!Why on earth cancel it?

    I loved this show from the first Ep.

    I was a bit worried that the same old DrJ/MrH myth would be boring but this show was soooo good!

    It's really sad that they canelled... Networks seem to canel all the good shows (I still cannot get over that Flash Forward cancellation in order to keep V and then cancel it asap) and keep all the corny ones....

    Which one is the last Ep by the way? Ep.13 ? (I hope not)
  • Another good, well written, well acted show bites the dust!

    Too complicated for the American audience who would rather watch honey boo boo and the kardashitians!

    Such a shame......