Do No Harm

Saturday 10:00 PM on NBC Premiered Jan 31, 2013 In Season


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  • I don't understand why people hated this

    Critics and the public often puzzle me, and Do No Harm is a good example of why. The critics hated it and it was so unpopular that it only lasted two episodes, yet I thought it was pretty good, a stylish little drama that showed promise. Yes, there were issues; realistically no surgeon is going to always have the luxury of being able to clock out at a certain time, and certainly he had already caused enough serious trouble to find it unimaginable that he would be fired or jailed by the fifth episode, but if you don't think too hard it's all critics didn't just pan it as run of the mill or a little bland, which I would have considered reasonable, but declared it truly wretched, complaining about terrible writing that I never saw.

    There are better shows on TV, but there are worse shows that the critics have drooled over. Too bad it was cancelled.