Do Not Disturb

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Sep 24, 2008 on FOX

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  • "What you looking at, headset"

    I am trying really hard to like this show and it does have some redeeming qualities but it seriously needs to improve.

    Neil fires the bartender without asking Rhonda and the two fall out. The rest of the staff try and get them to make up so they can discuss their bonuses. The owner of the hotel visits and thinks Neil and Rhonda have 'chemistry'. The owner goes clubbing but lies to his wife that he's visiting a sick Aunt. Neil gets drunk and has an affair with the owners wife. Rhonda walks into the owners wifes room to find Neil in the bath and the owners wife about to get in. The owner arrives back so Rhonda jumps in the bath to save Neil's bacon.

    An OK storyline with OK humor.
  • Rhonda jumps in tub with Neal

    The only funny thing in this episode is when Rhonda jumps in the bathtub with Neal. My wife and I were laughing so hard at that part, I was actually impressed. Other than that, the episode doesn't do much. I really like Mz. Nash, but as Rhonda, she seems too fake, like she's not sure how to act. She's funnier on Clean House than on this, and that's a 'reality' show. I feel that Do Not Disturb needs a little better directing and someone please help Niecy say her lines a little quicker and with emotion in them. Generally, I think the show is ok, but it would be really good if the acting didn't seem 'let's bring in some has-been or never-really-was'. These are talented people and it's sad to say that the blonde did better on Passions as a teenager than on this.
  • The owner of The Inn visits and his wife wants to sleep with Neal.

    Dare I say there were actually some funny lines in this episode. It's still the weakest comedy on Wednesday nights (possibly on TV period) but Jerry O'Connell and Dave Franco actually showed that they have some comic talent. Guest star Jon Polito was hilarious here making classic television references such as Sam and Diane and Ross and Rachel to describe Neal and Rhonda, except for the fact that she's black.

    The episode almost felt like a Just Shoot Me script like last week, with much less laughs of course. The show almost had signs of life here but there were just too many weak lines from the female characters to take this show seriously or think that it has a chance of surviving past this season.