Do Not Disturb

Season 1 Episode 1

Work Sex

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Sep 10, 2008 on FOX

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  • An ok episode, good enough for watching, but hopefully the next will be better.

    Before writing this review I watched the episode again. It was better than I remembered it. Nicole was hilarious, seriously, she is probably my favourite character. Larry was good too, especially at the beginning. Gus was funny, Neal was played by a good actor, Rhonda was, well... She had some awesome lines. Billie was just... weird. The way he came on to Rhonda.... I think that I didn't exactly like the main plot of this episode, which was Neal and Rhonda sneaking around. It was kind of funny, but I didn't like it much. I'd rather have more Nicole and Larry on screen.
    A good episode. It's up to you if you want to watch it, but I liked it.
  • Do not watch.

    Niecy Nash is pretty much the only reason this episode got a 4, because well, it was pretty bland, and didn't have much of anything in it to make me want to watch it anymore. The main plot of sex and making out and whatever at work was okay, but unoriginal. The comedy seems forced though, and the characters are mostly boring. Nicole is just a shallow b****, Neal is pretty soul-less and a stereotypical sex-addicted lamer, then there's the "fat girl" and the gay guy." Only Niecy (Rhonda) stood out really.

    There of course were a few really funny lines, but they were too few and far between to make the episode worth watching. If the Pilot was bumped back to put in this "better" episode, then I fear that this series won't get much (if any) better in the future, and it doesn't quite make the cut for me. Sorry Niecy, you can't hold up the whole show on your own. Cancelled before November sweep starts.
  • Do not disturb??? Should definitely be rename Do NOT Bother!!!

    What a crock! Boring Boring Boring!!! This is SO like SO many other ordinary sitcoms that have hit the screens over the years! Except this one is probably ten times worse than the rest! With maybe ... and that is a HUGE maybe ... the exception of Jerry O'thingy ... the rest of the actors are dire! Where did they dig them up from? There were SO many pathetic scenes it is hard to pick the best of the worst!!! The coffee house scene with the so-called flirting ... which ends up being a friend of his boyfriend ... I mean ... hello ... seriously??? Thankfully with the new season of proper series re-starting ... this is not one I will ever have to bother with again ... phew ... just a bit cross I wasted twenty odd minutes watching in through to the end ... in the hope that it would get better ... sadly ... a big disappointment!
  • I didn't think this was anything spectacular but I did find some humor in it throughout.

    I thought that this was underrated, and compared to another FOX sitcom 'Til Death, this is comedy gold. Personally, I somewhat enjoyed it. I think Jerry O'Connell played the same exact role as he did on Carpoolers, the wild bachelor. I also enjoyed Niecy Nash's character as well. Although it was nothing amazing and groundbreaking, nothing that hasn't been done before, it was pretty entertaining and it sustained itself through the episode. It wasn't hysterical or original, but I found myself laughing occasionally throughout the episode. I think Jason Bateman did an excellent job directing. But, it does need some tweaking to make it better or it will get the boot. I found the fat-model storyline dullsville and the one where he tried to hook the gay guy up deflated. Basiclly, the whole Niecy Nash/Jerry O'Connell plotline is what saved the episode, and the show, the supporting players are dullsville.
  • Could go either way.

    Due to reviews and comments that have been written on this site, I wasn't expecting much from this show. However, after seeing the first episode I was pleasently suprised. I found myself chuckling on a few occasions, but probably only at about half the jokes.
    Only problem with this is that some of the characters aren't funny at all. Infact most of the jokes I laughed at were scenes with Larry and Gus. Since Fox has a tendancy to cancel great programs, something average like this hasn't got much chance of making it to a second season. It would be a shame, because it has the potential to be quite good. Have to wait and see.
  • Series Premiere.

    Do Not Disturb. They should change this show to Do Not Waste Your Time. That hilarious joke aside this was one of the most pathetic attempts at a comedy series I have ever seen from Fox, and if you do not know how bold a statement like that is, Google some of the programs that have been green-lit by the network.

    You would think with Jason Bateman directing that this show had a chance to be good, but you could not be more wrong. Jerry O'Connell is irritating, and despite having a few barely funny lines, is completely out of his element here. Niecy Nash rarely says anything funny and without Reno 911's writing she is horribly exposed here.

    Absolutely terrible.
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