Do Not Disturb

Season 1 Episode 1

Work Sex

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Sep 10, 2008 on FOX



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    • Nicole: I'm not a department head.
      Molly: You're the front desk supervisor.
      Nicole: Ew, when did that happen?
      Larry: oh, God, three months ago. You know, back when Sarah was fired after she walked up the stairs and we all saw her penis.

    • Rhonda (after discussing the voting about who the article is about): Ok, that's enough of this and you all have work to do and-- what, I only got two?
      Larry: Yeah, which is... five more than I got. That's right, three people actually took the time to say: "I don't know who it is, but it's definitely not Larry.". Thank you, thank you all! (waves)

    • Nicole: I told you, I don't do voracious. It's like "I'm already drunk and naked, what more do you want?".

    • Larry: "My superior lifted me onto the room service cart and kissed me deep. The most thrilling part was knowing a coworker could discover us."
      Rhonda: Larry, what is this nasty filthiness you're reading and are there pictures?

    • Nicole: Why are we having a sex-at-work seminar?
      Rhonda: Because when our dirty laundry makes it into a magazine, it's the HR director's job to make sure you department heads are toeing the line.
      Nicole: Then why am I here?

    • Neal: I get it, you all think I'm some lecherous horndog boss running around with my fly open. Well, I'm gonna prove to each and every one of you that I'm in complete control of my sexual urges.
      Molly: Your fly is actually open.
      Neal: I thought I was getting a massage.

    • Rhonda: We all need to exercise a little more self-control. Do you understand me... Neal?
      Neal: Again, we're not sure this is about me.
      Everyone: Of course we are!

    • Larry: I have seen the smarmy, "I'm Neal Danner" intro that he always does.
      Molly: And flipping his business cards..
      Rhonda: Yeah, yeah! (imitating Neal) "I'm Neal Danner, general manager of The Inn. (pulling out a card) This is my private number."
      Neal: I don't know what's so funny, it's worked on at least two people in this room!

    • Neal: Why is this all about me? When I speak to women at this hotel I am respectful and decent.
      (Everyone starts laughing)

    • Rhonda(after watching a video): Ok, while I realize that not every workplace romance ends in murder suicide, I think it's clear that once the ball gets rolling, it's difficult to stop.
      Neal: Wow, wow, I don't know about you guys, but I am scared straight. Thank you Rhonda! Thank you for that informative and time-consuming meeting!
      Rhonda: See? That's what makes me think I'm not getting through to you.

    • Neal: This better be another intervention for Nicole!
      Nicole: Again?

    • Nicole: This is my side-job, not my career. When am I supposed to model when you have me basically running the hotel?
      Rhonda: Honey, you're not running anything! You fill out one shift report a night!
      Nicole: Not everybody does that report?! How have I climbed up so far this ladder?

    • Neal: I can't talk to you, you don't get me.
      Rhonda: Neal, I need to know that you're hearing me, otherwise I'm gonna have to find another way to make myself clear!
      Neal: I wonder what she's gonna make me for breakfast tomorrow...
      (Rhonda hits Neal on the head with the magazine)

    • Gus: Yo, Neal, the new girl Tasha is killing me. I think it's time I make my move...
      Neal: Too late, squirt, "the move" is being made. (waves to Tasha)
      Rhonda: I ought to hit you in the snout with this! (waves a magazine) And what are you doing, Gus?
      Gus: Just letting Neal take my scraps.

    • Rhonda: Besides, we all know it's Neal who's throwing people on food service carts.
      ( sits down)
      Larry: And apparently that table.
      ( Everyone stands up)

    • Larry (about voting): Ok, so so far we've got Neal in the lead with 11 votes, we've got Nicole with 1 vote.
      Molly: I voted for her.

    • Molly: I'm a model... I model.
      Nicole: I don't think you're using that word right.

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