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  • One decade later...

    This show was good, but was not completely perfect. Do Over was not only discontinued, it was messed up the idiotic TV critics, who did not see how many fans watched Do Over. The ending was forced, but it deserves a second chance by being re-tried and, this time, not get discontinued. The re-tried version of this show will contain new actors and new actresses in the same roles. The movie "Picture This" should help and the only way to get this re-tried series back on air is to be in ABC Family.
  • Great flashback show.

    This is the less critically acclaimed version of Freaks and Geeks, though I enjoyed this show just as much, if not more than Freaks and Geeks. Genre wise, I consider this more as a comedy and Freaks and Geeks as a dramedy. Also, Do Over did a lot better representing the early 80s pop culture, which is a major plus (and another reason it would be hard to release it on DVD, the many song clips they would need to get licensing for). All in all, I hope this show comes back in some form, maybe as a flashback to 1989 or 1979?
  • This show was absolutely hysterical - shame on WB for getting their panties in a wad and canceling it - AT LEAST RELEASE IT ON DVD!

    Seriously - this was such a great TV show - everyone I know who watched it recounted the episode the next day and we laughed about it again! All of us looked forward to it every week. The best episode was when "Joel's Mother" invented lunchables. Too funny. At least the WB should release it on DVD or I-tunes! What is up with you people? It was funny, totally ahead of it's time (years later 13 going on 30 was released and had a good showing). Bring the old episodes back so we can appreciate it, I am sure people will pay to see the whole series.
  • So sad it was cancelled. It was a gem of a show.

    Do Over is a short lived tv show about a 30 something year old man, Joel Larsen, who is balding, loveless, and in a dead end career. After a freak accident he sent back to relive his high school days in the 1980s. The cool thing is he has full knowledge of all his mistakes and mishaps and can correct them! One of the best thing about this show is the cultural references to the fads, trends, and music of the 80s.This makes one nostalgic for this era, even if one did not grow up or live through it! Although I fell in love Penn Badgley, who plays Joel Larsen, I think Josh Wise, who plays Pat Brody, is the real star of the show. He has so much charisma, and adds so many layers to his character. And his chemistry with his other co-star Natasha Melnick who plays Isabel Meyers is amazing. They're always bickering, making fun of one another, and just generally make me happy with their bantering.I so wish this show had stayed longer, but I guess it didn't click with it's intended audience.
  • an underappreciated show

    i first caught this show on late night channel 4(uk). i thought it was a good pilot so continued to watch the show. i liked the idea of the show and thought it was a bad idea to cancel the show. the show's star joel and his two close friends are great characters acted out well.
  • I miss this show too!

    Is so unfair that this show is over!
    I just loved the opening theme and the plot was very interesting!
    Do Over was funny, inteligent and even original in some parts! Of course the idea of the show wasn't new, but I didn't care! heheeh
    I still remember that episode with the Green Day's song! Awesome!
  • oh how i miss this show....

    When this show first ran its promos on the WB, I assumed it would be just like all the other shows that have been done with this concept, but I was pleasantly suprised with this witty and nostalgic sitcom. Basically a tribute to everything 80s.

    Though it is your typical "freak accident causes man to go back in time to the time of his childhood" stories.... there is something different with this particular sitcom. Witty, warm, and touching, each episode was equally as good as the other.

    Also something worth mentioning is the reoccuring character of Coach Dorsey played by Thomas F. Wilson of Back to the Future fame (Bif H. Tannen).