Do You Trust Your Wife?

CBS (ended 1957)


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Do You Trust Your Wife?

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  • This classic lasted for 7 years, from 1956-1963. Couples were asked questions in different categories; with each question the husband was usually asked to choose who he trusted with the answer, himself or his wife. Overall good fun.moreless

    A decent game show, not particularly noteworthy, but still a good watch if you enjoy seeing classic comedians on early TV.

    The series premiered on CBS in 1956 with Edgar Bergen hosting. During this version his characters Charlie McCarthy, Mortimer Snerd, and Effie Klinker appeared along with him and chatted with contestants. Frank DeVol and his orchestra played the theme music. The show's plot was simple: couples answered questions on different categories and the husband usually did the choosing as to who he trusted to answer best. Sometimes he would answer, sometimes his wife. Each question was worth different dollar amounts ($100, $200, $300 and a bonus question where they could risk all their winnings up to $600.) Couples could win up to $1200, with 3 couples competing. At the end of each show, the top winning couple of the day would compete for a "trust fund" prize of $100/week for 1 year, against the couple who won the prize the week prior. The winning couple could keep returning to earn the chance at another years' worth of trust fund monies until they were defeated. The question in this round was multiple-choice. Some couples went on to earn 4, 5, or even 10 more years of these $100 weekly payouts.

    When the show was moved to ABC and host Johnny Carson, several things changed. (I am not sure what year this was, when the name was changed or if it was changed, as a kinescope has been found of this show with the name intact and Carson hosting.) The show aired daily instead of weekly. The pre-question chats were replaced with couples often demonstrating a particular talent or skill and Johnny interacting, similar to a variety show format. Cheesy organ music replaced the orchestra. The set was more scaled down. The dollar amounts of the questions were much less ($25, $50, and $75) and there was no bonus question. Lastly, the trust fund question was replaced by a "$500 a day" one and the spouses chosen to answer were put in isolation booths. Everything else remained the same as the Bergen version.

    I have seen both versions of this show, with more of the Bergen episodes available for viewing. Overall, I found the Bergen version of this program to be more entertaining. The Carson version looks and sounds low budget compared to it, and aside from the joking and Johnny interacting with contestants, was almost painful to watch. If you want to see a good example of this show, my advice would be to watch the episodes from the Bergen years, as the quality is better, the payouts higher, and the excitement bigger.

  • Game show with host, Johnny Carson. His announcer and assistant was Ed McMahon. What little information is available, usually comes from programs giving biographical of Johnny Carson.

    Game show with host, Johnny Carson. His announcer and assistant was Ed McMahon. What little information is available, usually comes from programs giving biographical of Johnny Carson.

    The show lasted such a short period that the objective is now unclear. But, the usual and entertaining antics of Johnny Carson, with \"straight man\" Ed McMahon, started here some years before they joined forces on The Tonight Show.

    Of course, I hope I'm not confusing this with the show "Who Do You Trust".moreless

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