Doc Corkle

NBC (ended 1952)


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Doc Corkle

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"Doc Corkle" - a sitcom about a dentist - was cancelled after three episodes.

This show was originally titled Forever Ambrose, a play on the controversial novel Forever Amber. When Kathleen Winsor, the novel's author, threatened legal action, the title was changed to Doc Corkle.

The title character, played by Eddie Mayehoff, was a grumpy small town dentist who suffered from money troubles and from some odd relatives, including a screwy step-sister, Melinda. His teenaged daughter, Laurie was engaged to marry Winfield Dill, son of the local millionaire. Casting for the series was impressive, with old silent movie star Chester Conklin playing the grandfather, and Billie Burke (Glenda in the Wizard of Oz) cast as Melinda. Publicity for the series noted the show's producers had taken out an insurance policy concerning young Connie Marshall (who played the daughter): the policy paid off if she got married or otherwise outgrew her role. What the producers didn't have was a policy protecting them against bad reviews and poor ratings. When Doc Corkle debuted to both, the sponsor (Reynolds Wrap) and the network (NBC) decided to quickly jettison the show from the schedule and replace it with Mr. Peepers, the Wally Cox sitcom which had scored well with viewer and critics as a summer series a few months before.moreless