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AIRED ON 10/21/2013

Season 6 : Episode 8

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Martin Clunes stars in Doc Martin, a brand new comedy drama, as a doctor whose truculence and tactless manner causes mayhem in a small Cornish community. Martin plays surgeon Martin Ellingham, whose glittering career comes crashing down around him when he develops a phobia which prevents him conducting operations. He makes a life changing decision to retrain as a GP, and applies for a vacant post in the sleepy Cornish hamlet of Portwenn, where he spent childhood holidays. If the patients are expecting tea and sympathy from their curmudgeonly GP they are going to be disappointed. Despite his surgical brilliance, he has no personal skills, and his understanding of humans is practically non existent. Martin is joined by a prestigious cast which includes Stephanie Cole as his Aunt Joan, who provides him with emotional support in the face of the disquiet among the villagers. Caroline Catz plays pretty primary school teacher Louisa Glasson. Doc Martin is attracted to her, but he is hopeless at personal relationships.

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  • A Great Show

    Doc Martin is one of the best television series since As Time Goes By. Series 6 leaves you in a "what's going to happen?" situations. Sincerely hope producers continue with another series. The cast is great and location could not be better. Jim Helms, Winter Haven, FL
  • Super Show

    I live in the united state's and there is a lot of TV programs out there,but in all my 47 years there has never been a TV series that has caught my full attention and has kept me interested, until i watched this show.

    I have seen all the series and episodes and i hope and pry it never end's.

    this is the only show that me and my wife sit's and watches together.moreless
  • One of the best shows of the past 10 years

    Doc Martin is what really good television is all about... great writing, the characters "find themselves" and the production team pulls it all together. The editing is particularly good.

    Being from an American audience, we are a little bit behind in what is being broadcast, so I can't comment on Series 6. If my curiosity gets the better of me I may have to start viewing it online.

    It is my hope that they do not play too much with the characters and/or the production style to the point where the audience wonders "What is happening here? Why are we watching?" From some of the previews I have watched of Series 6, it seems like the producers may have felt a need to "spice" things up. I'm not quite sure that Port Wenn needs too much spice. I prefer it the way it is, more like comfort food.

    Doc is certainly difficult to deal with, and of course fairly predictable. But that's why everyone loves him, because we know where he stands each and every time. Quirky, arrogant and obnoxious, we wouldn't have him any other way. Doc and Port Wenn are a vacation, a holiday, to which we are allowed to visit and feel renewed, leaving with a smile on our face. Unrealistic? Perhaps. But if we wanted something different, we wouldn't keep coming back. If Doc Martin starts heading in a different direction, the viewers probably will do likewise. Let's hope not.moreless
  • Can't Win Them All Doc

    As a Doc Martin lover and an avid fan off all the series 1-5 (i own them all), Series 6 is somehow falling short of the beauty and symmetry that held together so magnificently and creatively. Suddenly we must have a different director, or is it the continuity people. The shots we all loved of Port Wenn are no longer there. The sense of 'being there' is not an option any longer. It is camera angles and close-ups that get in your face without regard for that 'familiar' feeling of being a fly on the wall.

    If i were to count the number of wide angle Port Wenn shots compared to all the other series, it think it would be off by double digits.

    And why for pity sake is everyone so grumpy. Dr. Martin has gotten to grumpy the shape of his face has actually changed. And Louisa is a smart woman, why is she portrayed as some sort of idiot in Series 6? She is so grumpy she seems to have left leave of her softness and understanding that we came to love in the other five series. She had some intelligence out of everyone in the village as to what made Martin tick, now she has gone off the deep end and has no patience or understanding. She has become his worst enemy. If there is any compassion and love between them, let's see it. All we see is the hatred, the despair of being together. We watch because we love them as a couple, and yet we have yet to see them as anything but a fighting, incompatible couple. I don't think that's the way it was going - or how we saw it going in sesries 1-5. Reality can't be THAT bad.

    They are both intelligent humans, who chose to marry after all, let's see that intelligence show thru in Series 6.moreless

    I love this show and all the characters so much I wish I lived in Port Wenn in one of the gorgeous houses with the awesome gardens and scenery and had Doc, Louisa, Ruth, Bert and Al as friends. I look forward to each week's program and have bought all the DVDs. Cannot wait for Season 6. Oregon Public Broadcasting shows this program as well as other BBC series which are so superior to some of our shows which are obnoxious with too much violence and character stupidity.moreless

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    • Season 4 starts!
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