Doc Martin

Season 2 Episode 5

Always On My Mind

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2005 on ITV

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  • Martin is on the case looking after crusty farmer Phil Pratt,who accuses the doc of not doing more to save his wife,and the OCD-suffering Tricia Soames,Portwenn's new teacher.And Julie sweeps Mark off his feet & into her bed!

    This episode is one of the highlights of season two due mainly to a thoroughly convincing & totally brilliant guest star turn by Roger Lloyd Pack,who plays the menacing Phil Pratt.Mr Pratt is not sold on Martin's bedside manner while treating his wife,who dies in the process,and on this occasion the good doctor's attitude does seem a little heartless but in the end there was nothing he could do to save Helen Pratt's life,despite Phil's protestations to the contrary.

    This re-ignites a long running & simmering fued between Phil & neighbour Joan Norton ( Martin's aunty).The police are called in when Joan suspects Phil of slashing her tyres,spraying pesticides & letting dogs loose in her henhouse and when Phil has a nasty accident,Martin & Al race to the farm to render assistance,along with Joan who found Phil barely breathing after some farm machinery falls on him.Joining the quartet,while waiting for the ambulance,is Tony,the friend Phil has been having an affair with.The affair Phil suspected Helen knew about & confided in Joan about.None of them,however,would have suspected the object of Phil's affection was a man.

    Tricia Soames,a new teacher at the Portwenn School,seems odder than most & Martin surmises that she may be suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.But getting Tricia to admit it & visit the surgery is another matter.So just when Martin prepares to leave home to join Louisa for a drink at the pub,Tricia turns up & says she's ready to seek help.

    In other affairs of the heart,Pauline uses Ross & a vacancy on the lifeboat crew to make Al jealous.And succeeds.And Mark Mylow can't believe his luck when Julie invites him inside to check on her neck,which she injured in a minor traffic accident.From the look on Mark's face,not to mention his disheveled clothing afterwards,it seems Julie's neck wasn't the only thing Portwenn's upholder of the law spent the afternoon checking out!

    Arguably one of season two's best episodes with convincing characters and intersting plot developments keeping viewers interested & curious to see what will happen next.