Doc Martin

Season 5 Episode 8

Ever After

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2011 on ITV

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  • It's all about Doc and Louisa. Good place to end the series???

    Look-- it's all about the love story, no?

    So when the finale leaves them walking off into the sunset (Albeit with their baby born out of wedlock. Such a modern touch), this just might be a fabulous place to end the series.

    IF the producers and writers want them to marry and go on and on with very imaginable twist and turn including them getting a divorce years hence, skip it.

    I don't want that.

    And I'm sick of all the "re-edumikation" taking place already in this series, which I adore otherwise.

    We all make mistakes.

    But the writers are making way too much out of modern ills.

    I'd just rather the series end while they're ahead.

    And they are ahead!

    Besides--from what I've been able to gather Port Isaacs, where it is filmed, doesn't even want them there.