Doc Martin

Season 1 Episode 2

Gentlemen Prefer

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 09, 2004 on ITV
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The surgery is officially opened, but the waiting room is full with the villagers, taking the opportunity to use this as a social meeting place. Martin decides to fire secretary, Elaine, for her inefficiency.

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    • (Louisa walks towards Doc Martin)
      Doc Martin: Louisa! You're looking...
      (she completely ignores him)
      Doc Martin: ...Straight through me.

    • (Roger Fenn is about to have an operation on his voicebox which may result in him losing his voice. Doc Martin has just confessed to him the reason that he stopped being a surgeon and became a GP)
      Roger Fenn: You probably want to keep that quiet.
      Doc Martin: (ironically) Yeah, I wouldn't want the village to fall out of love with me.
      Roger Fenn: Your secret's safe with me.
      Doc Martin: Well it's not like you're going to be able to tell anyone anyway, is it?
      (long pause, while Roger decides whether or not to be offended by Doc Martin's tactlessness. Then he chuckles)

    • Marianne Walker: Am I your first official patient?
      Doc Martin: You are indeed. Collect a thousand loyalty points and you get a free coffin.

    • Junior Doctor: I read you on blocked carotids.
      Doc Martin: Don't suck up.

    • Roger Fenn: Can I come up and talk to you about chemo...
      Doc Martin: Sh, sh, sh. Rest that voice. I'll see if I can squeeze you in.

    • Doc Martin: Has the surgeon been in?
      Roger Fenn: Yes. And I thought *you* were a smug bastard.

    • Louisa: (visiting Roger in hospital) I can't believe Martin hasn't been here. At least he could tell you what's going on.
      Roger Fenn: I know *exactly* what's going on. I'm pushed out of my job an inch before I qualify for a pension and on the day when I may be about to lose my voice forever I find myself having to *chat* to the woman who replaced me.

    • Doc Martin: Mr Fenn, there is a high probability you have a cancer of the larynx. You'll need surgery and you may well lose your voice, which has a certain appeal.

    • Doc Martin: I'm going to refer you for more tests.
      Roger Fenn: Ah. Referrals, otherwise known as covering the arse.
      Doc Martin: No, otherwise known as offering specialist treatment.

    • Roger Fenn: So you're not going to give me anything for my throat?
      Doc Martin: No. And I'm not going to give you anything for the chip on your shoulder either.

    • Doc Martin: Elaine, you do check prescriptions before printing them, don't you?
      Elaine: Yeah.
      Doc Martin: Right, well, we seem to have a woman with erectile dysfunction here.

    • Mrs. Richards: You sacked Elaine Denham?
      Nikki: For no good reason.
      Mrs. Richards: They say Elaine's a good girl.
      Doc Martin: I'm sure they do.
      Nikki: Maybe in London you can mess people around like that.
      Doc Martin: Yes, as often as we can.

    • Roger Fenn: You are a miserable bugger.
      Doc Martin: (taking this as a compliment) Thank you.

    • Doc Martin: If there's anyone who hasn't come to gawp, drink tea or otherwise waste my time, put your hand up.

    • Elaine: I don't mind him having a woman, just not one with a bloody dog in her handbag.

    • Elaine: Message.
      Doc Martin: [reads the message] "Roy or Steven?"
      Elaine: Boy of seven. Dr Sim could read my writing.

    • Doc Martin: Shouldn't you be giggling outside my house?

    • Doc Martin: Had any family in?
      Roger Fenn: Grown-up daughter. Decided not to call her, she stopped needing me a long time ago. Has a TV set of her own. You?
      Doc Martin: No. Only child.
      Roger Fenn: Parents dead?
      Doc Martin: No. Retired. Portugal. Gone.
      Roger Fenn: Nice.
      Doc Martin: Vile. We don't speak.

    • Doc Martin: Put your tea cups down and leave.

    • Louisa: So is this another patient you've chased away from your surgery?
      Doc Martin: What? Oh your friend Roger Fenn? God, that was quick.
      Louisa: Roger? I haven't seen him in ages. He was forced to take early retirement. He thinks I took his job... well, I did take his job. It wasn't him so it must've been one of the other 30 patients you unceremoniously dispatched.
      Doc Martin: For the record, I did not dispatch patients. I dispatched people who seem to think "surgery" is another word for "café".
      Louisa: Being the doctor here is more than just handing out pills.
      Doc Martin: Yeah, it's handing out biscuits as well.

    • Elaine: I can't be expected to work your system.
      Doc Martin: That would be the system whereby we don't kill the patients by prescribing the wrong medication, would it?

    • Aunt Joan: You sacked a perfectly good receptionist.
      Doc Martin: Perfectly good? She made appointments before I was even open. She printed out prescriptions so inaccurate they were almost lethal. I had to go to the school to track down a child because she couldn't be relied upon to take down a phone number.

    • A&E Receptionist: Is it me or do you not understand plain English?
      Doc Martin: It's you.

    • Bruce Denham: I'm Bruce. Elaine's dad? Just thought I'd stop by and say hello.
      Doc Martin: Hello.
      Bruce Denham: Is Elaine in? She does work here, doesn't she?
      Doc Martin: Not for much longer, I just fired her.

    • Elaine: It's tan.
      Doc Martin: It's orange.

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