Doc Martin

Season 1 Episode 1

Going Bodmin

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 02, 2004 on ITV

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  • Dr Martin Ellingham arrives in Portwenn to take up the position of local G.P after a distinguished career as a surgeon in a busy London hospital.This episode introduces us to the main chracters & sets the scene for how the series will unfold.

    The scene is set as Dr Martin Ellingham sits opposite Portwenn lass & resident school teacher Louisa Glasson on the flight from London to Portwenn.Louisa ends up moving to another seat as Martin's constant staring unsettles her.Later in the episode it will be revealed that the good doctor has been diagnosing a problem with Louisa's right eye! The pair will continue to joust & feel each other out as the series unfolds.

    Martin's abrasive manner was always going to be at odds with the laid back attitude of most of the Portwenn locals & in the space of a couple of days he finds he has 'antagonized most of the village'.

    We are also introduced to other regular characters in Bert & Al Large (Father & Son plumbers),P.C Mark Mylo & Elaine,Martin's scatty receptionist.Also on board for the duration of the series & the other reason for Martin's move to the Cornish coast,is his Aunty Joan who has words of wisdom in spades.And the 'giggling girties',a gaggle of local teenage girls,take up residence on a wall outside Martin's surgery!

    All in all,a pretty convincing first episode with lovable locals & breathtaking scenery.
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