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  • Super Show

    I live in the united state's and there is a lot of TV programs out there,but in all my 47 years there has never been a TV series that has caught my full attention and has kept me interested, until i watched this show.

    I have seen all the series and episodes and i hope and pry it never end's.

    this is the only show that me and my wife sit's and watches together.
  • One of the best shows of the past 10 years

    Doc Martin is what really good television is all about... great writing, the characters "find themselves" and the production team pulls it all together. The editing is particularly good.

    Being from an American audience, we are a little bit behind in what is being broadcast, so I can't comment on Series 6. If my curiosity gets the better of me I may have to start viewing it online.

    It is my hope that they do not play too much with the characters and/or the production style to the point where the audience wonders "What is happening here? Why are we watching?" From some of the previews I have watched of Series 6, it seems like the producers may have felt a need to "spice" things up. I'm not quite sure that Port Wenn needs too much spice. I prefer it the way it is, more like comfort food.

    Doc is certainly difficult to deal with, and of course fairly predictable. But that's why everyone loves him, because we know where he stands each and every time. Quirky, arrogant and obnoxious, we wouldn't have him any other way. Doc and Port Wenn are a vacation, a holiday, to which we are allowed to visit and feel renewed, leaving with a smile on our face. Unrealistic? Perhaps. But if we wanted something different, we wouldn't keep coming back. If Doc Martin starts heading in a different direction, the viewers probably will do likewise. Let's hope not.
  • Can't Win Them All Doc

    As a Doc Martin lover and an avid fan off all the series 1-5 (i own them all), Series 6 is somehow falling short of the beauty and symmetry that held together so magnificently and creatively. Suddenly we must have a different director, or is it the continuity people. The shots we all loved of Port Wenn are no longer there. The sense of 'being there' is not an option any longer. It is camera angles and close-ups that get in your face without regard for that 'familiar' feeling of being a fly on the wall.

    If i were to count the number of wide angle Port Wenn shots compared to all the other series, it think it would be off by double digits.

    And why for pity sake is everyone so grumpy. Dr. Martin has gotten to grumpy the shape of his face has actually changed. And Louisa is a smart woman, why is she portrayed as some sort of idiot in Series 6? She is so grumpy she seems to have left leave of her softness and understanding that we came to love in the other five series. She had some intelligence out of everyone in the village as to what made Martin tick, now she has gone off the deep end and has no patience or understanding. She has become his worst enemy. If there is any compassion and love between them, let's see it. All we see is the hatred, the despair of being together. We watch because we love them as a couple, and yet we have yet to see them as anything but a fighting, incompatible couple. I don't think that's the way it was going - or how we saw it going in sesries 1-5. Reality can't be THAT bad.

    They are both intelligent humans, who chose to marry after all, let's see that intelligence show thru in Series 6.

    I love this show and all the characters so much I wish I lived in Port Wenn in one of the gorgeous houses with the awesome gardens and scenery and had Doc, Louisa, Ruth, Bert and Al as friends. I look forward to each week's program and have bought all the DVDs. Cannot wait for Season 6. Oregon Public Broadcasting shows this program as well as other BBC series which are so superior to some of our shows which are obnoxious with too much violence and character stupidity.
  • perfect

    What a great show, funny, realistic, really funny with such a dry sense of humor, I just love it. My 83 yr old mother-in-law absolutely laughed harder than she has in 30 years, so it rates a 10 my book!
  • Is this really a comedy?

    We've watched Doc Martin several times and are puzzled that this program is described as a "comedy". It's clear from episode when Doc Martin's parents show up and his mother tells him he's the worse thing that even happened to her that his upbringing was terrible ... small wonder that he turned out to be so incapable of relating socially to anyone! Do Brits ... and others really think this is funny???
  • fantastic show

    brilliant acting and believable realistic plots with storylines that could be from real life and a doctor who while not exactly lovable and cuddly is realistic and competent. Most of us have found that in real life doctors are not curmudgeonly unbelievable geniuses like House and I've never met one with a great beside manner. Doc Martin who is efficient and a regular guy is the kind of Doc I wish I could have and the series is really well done - he is the real deal ....
  • Dr Martin

    what a brill show,the writers,actors production team .makes great viewing,so it Please keep it running,one of the few decent shows on you all...........
  • Season 6 Scheduled for Fall 2013 in UK! Should be in US a few months later. !!!

    This Fall 2012, the ITV Press Centre announced that Doc Martin, is scheduled for a sixth season of eight episodes; filming beginning Spring 2013 with all regular cast members. Accordingly, Doc Martin series 6 will air on ITV in the UK in Fall of 2013. Public Television stations in the US nationwide will likely air series 6, in a year from now around January 2014.
  • Take 2 aspirin and see me in the morning at the surgery! Goodbye!

    Just watched the first 5 seasons on Netflix. Loved it! Anybody know when Season 6 will start airing?
  • Great show, great team effort by all

    I fell in love with this series. Great acting, excellent writing, a perfect team effort. Truth be told here I am a man in his early 50's somewhat addicted to the show and I found it on netflix years after it started. I truly hope they somehow get some more shows produced!!!

    My brother with lung Cancer, told my husband and I about Doc Martin series on KCET, we immediately became hooked brother told his doctor about Doc Martin, his doctor and wife were hooked found all seasons on DVD, I found all season 1 thru 5 on Netflex and spent two weekends watching all seasons, my husband, brother and I are hooked ....The best of acting ....great story lines etc. etc, I would like to take my brother before his illness gets worst to Port When really Port Issac....Please, Please bring us Season 6, Doc Martin.....What a Wonderful breath of fresh Air!!! THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT!!!! I have every seen....Loving Fan of all characters... 10 plus rating from me!!!
  • Doc in the house!

    I just love this show! Martin Clunes and the rest of the cast are great, there is not a better show on tv. EXCELLENT!

    Love Doc Martin. I can't wait for the new series. Perfect show with perfect actors.
  • Doc Martin and Cast

    My wife and I enjoy the show and are looking forward to Season 6.

    I have been a family doctor in California for 30 years and can identify

    with some of Dr. Martin's patients/cases.

    The medical information is very accurate

    Thanks for a great show and hopefully more seasons

    Charles Sutter, M.D.
  • Doc Martin and the Cast

    Your T.V. show is Awesome , love it , can't wait for the new season to start . Sorry to see Aunt Joan leave . What are U going to name the baby ? And are U going to get married ?

  • Doc Martin Season 5

    I love this show. Will PBS ever show all of the episodes from start to current? I watched last season and was hooked. I also watched William and Mary with Martin Clunes, and it is just as good. Please keep these shows going. I look forward every week to seeing these. One more question, does anyone know why Stephanie Cole was written out of the show? She was hilarious with Tom on Waiting for God. My elderly parents, myself and my young son absolutely loved all of those crazy characters and storylines.
  • Wow What a brillient show the best of the best

    This is one of the best shows ever. I look forward to it every week and very very disappointed when it's not on. Please keep the series going..And please don't let your fans down as I said this is the best show on TV.
  • WOW!!! What a GREAT SHOW

    We've watched every episode on Netflix - couldn't wait for next one, but restrained ourselves & watch every other day! Totally bummed that we must wait for 2011 Season to be available!
  • pure entertainment


    i only watch 1 show a week and doc martin is it . i love the programme . it is pure entertainment for me . it is the best of the best . i can not wait till the next series (6) starts . come on ITV don,t let me or any other fans of this great show down . keep it coming

  • What a breath of fresh air!!! Please make a 6th season!!!!!! Nice to be able to sit with my young son and watch a show where 2 minutes into it we aren't having to change the channel due to vulgarity, violence, etc..... WELL DONE!

    I have sat and watched the first 4 seasons in a week through a recommended viewing on Netflix. This is a truly enjoyable show!!! Love all the characters so much. This is one that will make you run through all the emotions and leave you wanting more!!! Highly recommended!!! If you love Monk you will love this one too!!!! Was really sad when P.C. Mark didn't come back for another season, but, was pleasantly suprised that the new P.C. was just as funny and cute too!! I love the repeat characters to that come to the Surgery. You always wonder about extra characters and this one keeps them coming back to learn alittle more, and what happened to them. This is a real family show in comparison to what is being put on television these days.
  • One of the greatest shows that my hubby and i can watch together and both enjoy, can't wait for more

    Brilliant watching got totally hooked, one of the rare occassions that i spend time on the sofa with hubby to watch something good.I actually cried on the last one and i'm so itching to watch the next so hurry up so i can enjoy more of this wonderful show. I live in America and recieve it by netflix. Really didn't know that it's been going on for 6 years which i have caught up in a matter of 3 weeks.
    I've actually caught myself talking like the locals in the show and my co-workers have also commented with my reply " You have to watch Dr Martin "
  • What a breath of fresh air to tv!!!

    What a breath of fresh air to tv!!! My husband and I just found this in Netflix. and gave it a whirl. We were completely hooked on it after watching the first season, first episode! We are now up to Series 3, but are only watching one episode every other night because there is only one series left to watch. Martin Clunes is HILARIOUS! The city of Portwenn is priceless!!! Whoevewr dreamed up this show, and cast was brilliant! Well Done! I hope the show continues on well after it's fifth season. This is one that deserves airing instead of all the trash that's out there. This IS truly quality tv.
  • These people know NOTHING about cornwall

    This show about the life story of grumpy docter in a small village is so ridicuolos, it's actually funny.

    First off; if you've ever been to cornwall you would know that this show has the most ridiculous portrayal of cornish life you've ever seen:

    1)Docters do not set up their own surgeries and drive round all over cornwall. We hospitals too you know.

    2)You don't wait for a docter to come THEN call an ambulance, you call the ambulance first. What's more cornwall has an efficant Air Ambulance service which works much more efficantly than any of the medical services in this program.

    3) You don't take driving tests in country roads, you take them in bigger towns like Bodmin and Launceston (Yeah you heard me right! There are busy towns in cornwall besides Truro and we're quite more advanced than you think!)

    Even without the locational inacuracies, the 'emtional moments' in this show are so badly done it's hilarious. In one episode, a man who only started selling pesticides to a farmer at the begining of the episode actually kisses the farmer's hand when he's injured. PLUS in the same episode, a women goes from a simple fainting spell to fatal blood clot that ends in death in a matter of seconds!

    In all, a brillant comedy, but an appaling 'drama'
  • What a great surprise for my husband and myself to come across this series (recommended by Netflix).

    We have now seen all episodes of Doc Martin and are so sorry that, to our knowledge, there won't be a fifth season. I hope that changes and it continues. We love the village of Port Wenn (Port Issac). The characters in the show are so entertaining, each with their own funny quirk and, of course, Doc Martin handles each in his "own" unique way. Still, even though he has his bluntness, he cares about his village. Martin Clunes is brilliant in everything he does. We also liked "William and Mary," another series that had a short run. Well done. Well done! Please consider a fifth season, sixth, seventh?
  • Among the best of the best!

    Dominic Minghella – the younger brother of the late Anthony, the Oscar winning director of "The English Patient "- has created an incredible cast of characters in Portwenn [Port Isaac in disguise]. The plots flow from character something our American cousins are yet to learn. Martin Clunes is a superb piece of casting and, like half of England, I am in love with Caroline Catz.
    Growing out of a couple of telemovies where the protagonist underwent a name change from Bamford to Ellingham [an anagram of its creator] – Clunes has had creative input along with his superb characterisation. I have been writing TV for decades - I wish this had been one of mine.
    Delighted to say that Series Four started ten days ago. Go Doc!
  • Wonderful show!

    I love this show. The quirky characters and the interactions between them are very refreshing and interesting. I'm not a big TV watcher but this show has hooked me:) Definately worth any time invested:)
    This is really all I have to say but this web site has a dumb rule that any review made, must a minimum of one hundred words so I suppose I'll just keep typing one great big huge run on sentance because I'm a big enough fan of this show to be inconvenienced in this way. Attention site administrators: this is really a silly word restriction.
  • Doc Martin is a blunt doctor who moves to a surgery in a small Cornish town.He ruffles a few feathers but is very well suited to the town and everyone loves him from the start.He is quite a loner and is not used to company or relationships.

    I have to admit I do quite like this show.Most people don't even know what channel it's on never mind what it's about but because of my mother I've been introduced to some really enjoyable shows and this is most definitely one of them.I think one of the main reasons I'm drawn to this show is because of the humour and his blunt and quite often careless replies and answers to the quite pushy and over-friendly neighbours.I enjoy his awkward behaviour and his struggles to fit in with the people there.His fear of blood is at times quite funny but can sometimes ensue gory scenes which I can't watch being afraid of blood myself.I think the writers write this not planning on making it so funny because it just seems so casual and carefree it's as if it's just coincidental.

    Well, I have to say that I very much look forward to watching the "Doc" every week. It is a nice change from some of the other shows , and I enjoy the English humour !! It wouldnt be nice if i didnt mention Mark also, he is very charming in his own way, and ever so loveable. Hope something good happens to him soon, as he could use a little good luck right now!! I also get a hoot out of large and son, very interesting partnership. Keep up the good work and look forward to more creative writing!!!
  • When I first started watching Doc Martin, I was like..."HUH?" What is this? Is it good? The more I watched the more I enjoyed, until the point where I could not wait for the netx episode (Thank goodness for DVD's).

    As you can see from the summary, Doc Martin is about a doctor being forced out of his busy London practice because of a phobia of blood. However, this show is more than the fact that he basically failed at what he was good at over a psychological condition, it is about trumphing in adverse situations. Here a proud man returns to his childhood haunts, cynical, scartasic, and down right oblivious how his actions and words affect other people. Still through experiences of being a general practioner of medicine in a small town, he begins to learn and to love not only himself but others. He is the perfect anti-hero, the person who says and does everything wrong, and yet you still find yourself rooting for him, hoping against hope, it will all turn out right...Only if he could stop putting his foot in his mouth first (and by not mentioning that the woman he is kissing has morning breath).
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