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  • Idea for a crossover

    Just had a great idea for a crossover programme. Martin and Louisa go on holiday to Scotland and go through the stones at Craigh na Dun. They end up in Scotland before Claire arrives, thus serving as a prequel to Outlander.

    Hilarity ensues, as the villagers of Cranesmuir don't take kindly to the doc's methods. Louisa's attempts to learn Gaelic lead to side-splitting misunderstandings.
  • Doc Martin Show

    I was just loving the show until a scene was shown of your Aunt having sex with a young man in her kitchen!! I did not think you would put a piece in with that filthy garbage so I stopped watching it. It was a great show until the sex scene took place,no class at all !!!

  • Blunder on last night's Doc Martin

    Was watching Doc Martin and near the end of it when Martin was serving fish to Louisa and himself he took 2 dishes from the oven but when he took the second dish of food out that had fish in it well he folded the tea towel to remove the dish from the oven indicating that it was hot but when he put the hot dish on the side he used his other hand which was I love Doc Martin its a great show ..
  • My Rating is Only For Series One Through Four

    Series One through Four were brilliant. Series Five had its great moments, although Louisa wasn't in them (the writers turned her into a shrew) and we missed Pauline. The first episode of Series Six was so awful we quit halfway through it and, after reading the reviews, won't watch Series Six or Seven and let them spoil our memories of Doc Martin and Port Wen.
  • Needs to get back to its roots.

    Note to LizRowley: KeithBemis and MaryOmara are actually spot on. They're not disparaging the entire series, they're lamenting the loss of the writing and production values of the earlier series. I too would welcome a return to those times. I actually thought Season 6 was tolerable, but Season 7 seems completely disconnected from the rest of the series. The most discerning fans all over the Internet agree. It's really beginning to 'peter out', but the early series are still worth watching again and again.

    I would rate a 10 if not for a disappointing Series 7.
  • Great Characters-Great Location-Run it another 10 Seasons, Please.

    LOVE this show. I could go to that little town, rent a room, and stay forever. It's such a lovely place - just makes you breath deeply and happily the minute the show starts. The Doc and all the folks he deals with each week are wonderful characters. So realistic. So full of life. It almost killed me having to wait so long to see the next season. Hope this one is run for a good long time. 10 more seasons wouldn't be a bad thing in my book.

    PS: Just a friendly suggestion here: KeithBemis and MaryOmara (who commented below) might want to go find a shoot-em-up-bang-bang that better suits their present mental level and leave the rest of the audience (intelligent adults) to watch a great show without their hate emails interfering. Then, in about 20 years when these two grow up, they should give Doc Martin another look. They might be surprised at how great it is .... kind of like the old joke "I can't believe how much more intelligent Mom and Dad are now that I've grown up".
  • Doc Martin

    I cannot get enough of this show. Just finished Season 6 and sobbed thru the last episode. BBC definitely has much better entertainment than the US. Truly overjoyed to find that there is a Season 7. The acting is on point and the location is enchanting.
  • Season 8 Please!


    What makes Doc Martin so good? The setting is beautiful and uplifting, visually it's like going on holiday every episode. The recurring characters are quirky and delightful and make us laugh and feel better about our own lives in the process. Although it was wonderful to have Sigourney Weaver guest star and much was made of her appearance, no infusion of "Hollywood A listers" is needed. In any case I consider the entire cast to be "A listers".

    Congratulations to Martin Clunes for being awarded an OBE! He is simply brilliant as Doc Martin. The producers, writers and every member of cast and crew deserve to be recognized as well. The writing is outstanding and Caroline Catz and Martin Clunes create a golden alchemy which transcends the written page. I don't believe Caroline Catz is given enough credit for her contribution to the show. At its heart Doc Martin is a love story.

    Doc Martin provides us all with a priceless gift, the ability to laugh and to feel better about our own struggles and relationships. I am really hoping the writers can see a way to move the story forward with Season 8. Please!

  • Doc Martin needs an injection

    Season 7 of Doc Martin is terrible. There is no sexual tension between Louisa and Martin. Each episode has a vague storyline, and nothing seems to be coming together. Every Monday, I come home from work anxious to watch the show, and each week the episodes are worse than the last. There was so much that could have been written this final season. It could have been in the future, so the audience would get a glimpse of James as a teenager. It's very disappointing.
  • Doc Martin has been going downhill

    This was a great show up to season five. I think the shows producers catered too much to the female fans and it's lost it's quirky village with medical mysterys and interesting villagers and situations and even a Doc that had a small sense of show has painted it's self into a corner with the romantic or lack of it between Louisa and writing feels to be on automatic pilot now,and formulated. I also should add the Doc is looking too old now and even though season 7 ratings may be up it would be a bad idea to re-new it.
  • What a character

    In South Africa we have just got the latest Doc Martin series and what a delight it has turned out to be. Doc Martin is an enigmatic character whose complete lack of bedside manner is strangely part of his charm. A fantastic cast and magnificent scenery makes this TV not to be missed.
  • Two Thumbs Up For Doc Martin!

    Just recently became a fan of the show and LOVE the doc. He has a sex appeal that is not apparent at first but grows on you! The love-struck pharmacist really stole the show at the end of series 5. The character I don't get is Louisa - bit of a dweeb if you ask me. Wants Martin to show emotion, talk nice and be sociable. But that is NOT the man she fell for. She needs to grow up and accept the man she loves! Well, if you decide to throw him out, Louisa, I'll gladly cook his fish every night!!!!!
  • Bought the series,waiting for more

    When we started watching Doc Martin on PBS earlier last year we couldn't get enough. So we bought season 1-5 from Amazon and took our time watching them, like savoring our favorite wine. It was a treat indeed. We sipped it very slowly, that's how wonderful this program is. Then we saw that season 6 was available so we rushed to Amazon to get it as well. Little did we know that it was about to come on PBS again. Too late we already own it. So we recorded it anyway. Can't be too careful with missing a Doc Martin episode. Would love to see the community where it is shot some time. Where is season 7?

  • Martin, a man I admire.

    I am in the December of my life. I just found Doc Martin/Martin Clunes recently. I have done some research on Martin. He is a wonderful, kind, person (regardless of his irascible person on Doc Martin). What a guy! I wish so many people could be like him. My wish is that I could meet him and get a hug before my life's end. I will not make it to PI this year, but I am hoping to make ti to Buckham Fair.
  • So glad they are filming again! Can't wait!!!

    We're new to this series and absolutely love it! The stories and characters are very entertaining and fun to watch. Doc Martin is absolutely adorable - a character you can really feel for. Sometimes I wish someone would bap Louisa on the forehead, but we have hope she'll figure out how help him express his heart. Can't wait for the new season. Glad we didn't watch it until now - the drought between the last season and the new one would have killed us! Ha!
  • Every Character is Fantastic!!!

    I missed the first time this series was ran but I don't miss a night of it now since I started to watch it. I'm always wondering what Docs going to get himself into. His reactions to different situations he finds himself in are hilarious. His expressions priceless. This is one of those series you can't get enough of and I'm sure I will watch the reruns again and again. Love It!!!
  • Pls continue this series!

    We just got Netflix this year and Doc Martin here (here in US) was most highly recommended by our everyone! -- it is a fantastic, good clean show.. We love the quaint village and people, and music. We too sincerely wish the US had shows like this. Please, please continue this series! We have been so impressed by British sitcoms that we, along with many here in, have stopped watching the US sitcoms altogether. I love the USA, but you all have us beat hands-down in Television entertainment. As word continues to spread and more folks get Netflix or some other access to British TV shows, you will continue to receive these rave reviews!
  • Best show

    my family loves the show Doc Martin being from the United States is one of the best shows on television and we very much appreciate it because its not trashy by any means. Just wish we could watch past seasons since we found this show about 2 months ago. I wish the US would produce shows of this caliber instead of pure trash! Thank you for the entertainment.

  • I joined this website specifically to comment on Doc Martin

    I'm not a critic by any stretch, but I would like the powers that be to know how much my husband and I enjoy watching Doc Martin. I'd not even heard of it until I'd gotten a glowing review from a friend. We hurried home to check it out. Well, it didn't take long for it to become an addiction. We binge-watched all seasons available. Heard that there was indeed going to be a season 7 (or series 7 in brit-talk), but that that may very well be the last. I'm here to ask if the writers/producers/actors are above being bribed. I'd like to strongly encourage them to make this show for as long as they possibly don't care if plots are repeated from time to time. We adore these characters :) Please consider committing to making more of what is one of the best shows on television. Thank you for your time :)
  • Totally bonkers over this show

    As a US fan, I wasn't aware of Doc Martin until about a year ago when I stumbled onto it on PBS when they were showing Series 4. It took 2 or 3 shows before I decided that maybe this was I show I could get interested in so I started making more of an effort to watch it. Well, by the end of Series 4, I went to iTunes and bought Series 1-6 and have watched the all six series at least three times. I have also indexed the show so I know exactly where the Doc and Louisa scenes are and I have watched them more times than I care to admit. I have never been so addicted to a tv show in my entire life and I am 69. Infact, I watch very little tv but this show is addictive. Series 6 was especially frustrating. It was a rough year for Doc. I don't know how I can possibly wait for Series 7 but thank goodness there is going to be a Series 7. Kuddos to the Doc Martin staff and crew--you are all simply amazing!!!!
  • What a gem!

    This gem of a series is lifted out of the sickly-sweet genre of medic/policeman in small quirky country community (often with 'heart' somewhere in the title and 'heartwarming' in the reviews - ugh!) by the spectacular social ineptness of the lead character, Doc Martin, perfectly played by Martin Clunes. Imagine the series if Doc Martin was an ordinary GP, and you'll see what I mean. I was first attracted by the wonderful scenery of Port Isaac in Cornwall (Port Wen in the series)but quickly got interested in how he was going to put his foot in it this week. The story lines are average I would say, some better than others, usually centred on a different medical incident each week, but the real interest is in the relationships between the villagers and the doctor, and how they develop over time. It is always entertaining (and even the not-so-good plot lines are enlivened by the beautiful landscape) and sometimes extremely funny - something to look forward to.
  • Future plots

    This is a wonderful series please don't give up! Spin Ruth and Al's business and use the tourists from other countries to come up against the doc, the quirky townspeople and the Cornish culture which is crazy to an outsider. Help the doc to work on his marital relations, because there is hope! There is so much material to use, bring in the Londoners that ought to put things out whack for everyone. I just love how the stories are woven, interconnected and leaving us crying, shocked or laughing. Love the Doctor!

    Chef D

  • Wonderful British Understatement

    What I like most about this show is that it's hard to say what it is I like. The setting, the characters, and the music come together for the whole. The acting is what acting should be - you're not even aware there is acting, you just feel like the people are real. Mostly I guess it's the whole understated quality of the show ... you're not clobbered over the head with hilariously zany comedy, pulse-pounding action, or overstimulating dramatic turns ... it has a kind a pastoral or peaceful quality to it punctuated with just the right bits of quirky plot and character development to keep it interesting. The whole ambiance is probably what it boils down to most ... a beautiful setting populated with characters you come to really like.
  • Doc Martin is #1!

    Doc Martin is wonderful thank-you for making this show. <3 :)
  • Doc needs a Doc (shrink)!

    Loved the early Doc him now. No one can possibly be as thick as the writers have made him this season. His wife and child would soften any man's heart and lead to a dawning of heart, humor, and humanity.

    They have made a sympathetic character that we had high hopes for into an obnoxious boor. Yuk!

  • Doc Martin Season 5 & 6

    I loved watching Season 1-4 but Seasons 5 & 6 are very disappointing no magic and charm like in Seasons 1-4. Also, in Port Wenn the real name Port Isaac, they have a local sea chanty group called the Fisherman's Friends that play on the Platt every Friday night, they are big part of this village and quite charming. I don't understand why they are not a part of the show in any way. I hope Season 7 they bring back the magic and charm. I do miss Pauline and Auntie Joan, wish they were still on the show.

    I cannot express how disappointed I am with Doc Martin's seasons 5 and 6. I started watching the first season about two months ago and (Feb. 2014) and I thought that it was the best show I had ever watched. It was fun, had nice plots and very interesting characters. Doc Martin was cold and had no social skills whatsoever, but at the same time, he was very charming in his own way. The romance between him and Louisa was so much fun to watch! Each episode made me look forward to their next encounter again. On the last episode of season 4, I was beside myself by the nice way it ended. I kept imagining them living together afterwards in a funny, maybe awkward, but NICE way with the baby. Instead, their relationship became sad and dysfunctional, like in "drama" movies! I know that this could happen in reality, but this is entertainment and could have continued being light and funny as it started.

    I just finish watching the last episode of season 6 and became totally upset. I hope that season 7 will make up for the two previous ones and go back to being charming, fun and "romantic", like the beginning!

    I wish that the creators and producers of the show would read my review. There is always hope!

  • doc martin season 6 is terrible

    Doc M was our favorite series ever. Ever! We bought advance dvd of season 6, and it is pathetically bad. Too bad. It was great. I guess writers got too fat and lazy.


    I love this series and all the characters. I am disappointed in Season 6, (I own all the DVDs) because it seems to have lost a magic charm of other seasons. I do not want to have the series to end, especially in this way. Please go back to the way you have been in the past. I love Port Wenn's homes, flowers, shops. and would love to see more of that scenery. Louisa has an edge to her this season, is it because she also acts in DCI Banks and as a hard nosed detective?
  • Doc Martin. Seriously funny series

    The series of Doc Martin

    Keeps us laughing all the way . A great family time . Bring on more series please ! 10/10 to Martin Cloone!