Doc Martin - Season 4

Monday 9:00 PM on ITV Premiered Sep 02, 2004 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • The Wrong Goodbye
    Episode 8
    It's the Doc's last day in Portwenn, and it seems that everyone wants to wish him goodbye. Another of Bert's money-making schemes goes wrong, resulting in Louisa going into premature labour. Will the baby be alright, and will the Doc's growing doubts about his decisions concerning Louisa and the baby change his mind about the future?moreless
  • Do Not Disturb
    Episode 7
    Pauline finds out that the Doc is going to leave Portwenn, and starts a work to rule when she receives her somewhat terse reference. Auntie Joan's new lodger has a somewhat unusual affliction and Bert organises a baby shower for Louisa. The Doc goes on a trip to a conference in London with Edith that both shows what each of them wants from their relationship and that he can deal with blood again.moreless
  • MidWife Crisis
    Episode 6
    The Doc clashes with the new district midwife, whose insistence on natural methods put Louisa's health at risk. Bert takes a shine to a new employee at the restaurant, but her culinary preferences leave something to be desired. Edith tries to help the Doc secure a return to London.
  • The Departed
    Episode 5
    When one of the Doc's patients dies, the man's widow is convinced that her husband is trying to pass on a message from beyond the grave. Louisa takes a school trip to Aunty Joan's farm, but it goes wrong when one of the boys misbehaves and Joan takes his punishment into her own hands and it seems that she may have caused the child to fall ill. Determined to conquer his phobia and return to a surgical position, the Doc tries therapy.moreless
  • Driving Mr McLynn
    Episode 4
    The Doc is appalled to discover that Louisa is moving furniture and even further angered by her decision to interview for her old job as head teacher. Aunty Joan is having money problems, as is Al - who's cash-in-hand work for Louisa sets tongues wagging in the village. Meanwhile, an elderly couple raise the Doc's suspicions over their motives for needing a disabled car badge.moreless
  • 10/4/09
    Edith seems to be moving in on the Doc, but a scare over Louisa's pregnancy and a subsequent scan seem to be thawing him. PC Penhale has a scare, too, when it appears that his visiting brother may have a hereditary condition.
  • 9/27/09
    The Doc struggles to cope with Louisa's surprise news. Louisa has her own struggles when her return to the school is made difficult by the increasingly erratic behaviour of the head master.
  • Better the Devil
    Episode 1
    The Doc is taking steps to cure his Haemophobia as part of a plan to leave Portwenn. Whilst accompanying a patient to Truro, he bumps into an ex-girlfriend of his, who he soon knocks heads with. Meanwhile, with Louisa out of the way, Mrs Tishell is hoping to win the Doc's affections - but her husband's announcement of early retirement from his job on an oil rig is spoiling her plans.moreless