Ion Television (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • Till We Meet Again
      In the series finale Nancy plans to leave the clinic to offer services in a third-world country. Things get complicated for Clint when he wrestles with whether to propose to Nancy, or head back to Montana to take over Harley's practice with Sarah. Raul faces a crisis of his own when he learns he has diabetes. Also Mrs. Doss learns she is pregnant and wants to name the baby after Clint or Nancy. This episode features scenes from various episodes of the series as Clint sings " Friends are friends forever. "moreless
    • Happy Trails
      Happy Trails
      Episode 8
      Nancy is invited to travel with friends to New Zealand tragedy is about to strike the clinic as they get word of a plane crash. Colleagues at Westbury start to grieve for Nancy as Derrick finds that all the passengers on the flight have perished. What they don't realize is that Nancy messed the flight now they must figure out the news of the plane crash. Raul has to write a paper on whether under God belongs in the pledge of allegiance as he does his research he learns why the First Amendment was written. His teacher Mr. Adams doesn't agree with what Raul wrote on his paper. After he learns why he gets what grade he got, Raul learns he has a connection with Mr. Adams.moreless
    • The Last Ride
      The Last Ride
      Episode 7
      Nancy feels her life is in a rut. She and Clint go on a ride with the New York Emergency Medical Services Team. Dr. Crane treats a patient for panic attacks but later learns may be all his patient needs is a new change life. As they continue their ride with the New York EMS team Clint and Nancy soon discover their next patient is a dog. The patient's name is Claire who decided to lie down for while forgetting to turn the stove off. Her dog (who is hearing) actually called 911.moreless
    • The Family Tree
      The Family Tree
      Episode 6
      Everyone learns about their own family history. Nate and Major Doss start their own family lineage business. They look into Dr. Crane 's family history and learn he is actually related to George Washington.
      Nancy learns she is connected to a wealthy family but soon learns that coming from a wealthy family isn't necessarily all it might appear to be.
      Donna puts her name into a registry that attempts to match people with their biological parents. After she learns that her birth mother put her name into the registry three years previous, Donna tries to contact her only to learn her mother initially doesn't want to meet her.

    • Nip, Tuck & Die
      Nip, Tuck & Die
      Episode 5
      Clint is asked to help Hank gets his job as a hospital security guard back after being accused of letting a member of the press in to take a picture of Parker Pittman after he is found dead in the operating room. Clint and Hank suddenly have to deal with the tabloids after the picture of the dead actor appears on the cover. Tippy discovers the photo has been doctored, because an old scar on the actor's left wrist is missing. Clint figures out how to clear Hank's name. Nate is selected to lead the church choir into a competition. He is hesitant at first but discovers why it may be worthwhile after all.moreless
    • Lights, Camera, Medicine
      Clint and Westbury take on a new challenge, with the help of Marcia who wants to teach African doctors how to operate on children in Africa over the Internet. Meanwhile Tippy and Dr. Crane going to be starring in a play called " The servant who would be king " After Barbara Dr. Crane's first leading lady suddenly quits the play he is shocked to find that Tippy is his leading lady. Major Doss watches his wife in action but begins to get worried when the director shows Dr. Crane exactly what he is looking for in his leading man.moreless
    • Blindsided
      Episode 3
      Derek believes he may have Glaucoma because his blood pressure is too high and may be losing his sight.

      Dr. Crane wants to know how Tippy comes up with the sayings that grace the board in the waiting room because he can't seem to come up with any.
    • Wake-Up Call
      Wake-Up Call
      Episode 2
      Dr. Crane gets a surprise when his old girlfriend wants to work at the clinic to help get some grants approved. A patient of Clint's wakes up, to find that his daughter is unsure of whether to hug him. Rick later becomes upset when he learns that his wife has had to run the car dealer ship by herself for seven years while her husband was in a coma. Dr. Crane becomes upset when he learns that Dr. Hall approved someone else's grant before his.moreless
    • Get Me To Church On Time
      As Tippy's wedding draws near everything is ready, except the wedding ring! Captain Doss got in Germany. Everybody begins to head back to the restaurant where they ate and hopefully find the wedding ring. The wedding ring is found in the tummy of a dog. After the wedding ring is finally located everybody keeps the secret from Tippy and Captain Doss. Captain Doss tells Tippy that the wedding will have to be called off because of the deployment in four hours.moreless
    • Get Me to the Church on Time
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