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    This show is a awesome show that I wish was still in production. Each time I watch a episode I end up in tears. My husband and I wish this program was still in production. TV now showing is poor quality all around. It warms your heart we are watching it right now. IN case your in Canada Doc is now being aired 5 days a week on Vision TV. To the Johnson brothers we salute you. Well done. Why cant this show some back. We appreciate the quality of your show. WE LOVE THIS SHOW.

    Andrea and Jason Moore Victoria, BC............... watching now we record it
  • A doctor who believe that the love of our Lord Jesus Christ has greater healing power than he does. A staff who love, care for and respect each other and those they are place here to help.

    This show would not have made it on ABC, NBC, or CBS. The writing was of to high of a quailfy than they are willing to produce. The acting was to high of a quaifty than they are willing to paid for. The storyline was of to high of a quilfy, to loveing, to careing, to real life and had a message of the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ than they are willing to admit to or tolerate.
    This is one of the few really "must see TV". Believers and non believers can get a meaningful life lesson.
  • After only seeing one episode of Doc, I would say it is a long hoped for TV show about real Christian living; how God directs our lives, how Christians can influence others, and how we can lovingly stand up to, or encourage non-believers.

    What an answer to prayer! I thank God for the people involved in this TV show and it's content. What a blessing! I am so appalled and saddened by most TV shows these days, but when I saw "Doc" my heart lept for joy.
    I cannot tell you how excited I am about this show. I will definitely be spreading the good news about this program. Keep up the good work and may many come to a better understanding of God, Jesus and the Christian life through this show. Please keep it God honoring, He will give the increase! Thank you!
  • About a medical clinic and particularly a Doctor to moved from Montana for a girl and stayed there.

    Loved the show. Too bad it was only 4 seasons. I started to watch it when the show as it was wrapping. I loved the chemistry between Nurse Nichol and Dr. Clint Cassidy. The show reminded me of more like a "Friends" dramedy except it takes place in a medical clinic and there were more serious story lines and much more religious then "Friends". I would love to see the show continue but the ending they chose was perfectly fitting. I would love to know when the second, third and fourth seasons come out on DVD.
  • I love this program. I would love to see it back on TV and also have all seasons released on DVD.

    Working in the medical field, I find it refreshing to find a show about caring for others and doing what is best for the patient And to have Doc shake his fist at the insurance company politics. This show will make you laugh, cry and give you the opportunity to enjoy the eye candy.
  • Doctor from Montana brings old fashioned curtsy and caring to the modern world.

    I think \\\"Doc\\\" is the best TV show that has been on the air in all the years I\\\'ve watched TV, right up there with \\\"Sue Thomas, FBEye\\\" but can anyone tell me exactly what the jobs are of Tippy and Donna Dewitt are as I would love to get a job in a clinic doing what they are doing. If you know, please email me at The only thing wrong with it the show was that it ended so I have no one to dream of every week. I have only one thing to say to the powers that be: Please, please, please bring it back.
  • "DOC" is evidence of the fact that TV can have a powerful positive influence on people!

    "DOC" is evidence of the fact that TV can have a powerful positive influence on people. There is too much "reality" out there. I believe what most of us want is NOT more reality but more idealism. Wouldn't it be nice if all of us could live up to the positive role models of each DOC show! It actually gives you hope that TV can get it right! The power of doing good stuff for people is inspiring for a change! LONG LIVE "DOC". (I think that Billy Rae Cyrus should have to sing every once in a while!)

    There are those who would say, "Oh come on, this is not real!" I say, "Thank goodness for a change!"
  • This show is sweet, humarous and touching to the heart. It has its romantic moments between Clint and Nancy which mkaes me, as well as the touching and memorable plots and characters watch it every night.

    This show is sweet, humarous and touching to the heart. It has its romantic moments between Clint and Nancy which mkaes me, as well as the touching and memorable plots and characters watch it every night. I first started to watch Doc with my mom and have watched it every chance I get. I am sorry to have seen it go off the air, I would have love dto see Clint and Nancy get married. It was a good show and will be terribly missed. Thank God for reruns.
  • DOC is the best television show on TV these days. This reviews contains comments from the actual cast members and producers.

    I’ve done many interviews over the years, but I must say that I’ve never in my entire life been so impressed with any cast, any show, or any story as that of the “DOC” show.

    My first interview was with Andrea Robinson, who plays nurse Nancy Nichol. At the time, I wasn’t that familiar with the show, though I had seen a few episodes and really begun to appreciate it highly.

    During the interview, Andrea said she would really miss the other cast members when “DOC” was over because they had all become like one family and developed some really close ties.

    “The cast is, I would say, pretty tight-knit,” said Richard Leacock who plays Nate Jackson. “We all really care about one another and love each other. It’s been a great experience working with these people.”

    Most of the time, during interviews, actors will say these types of comments about their fellow actors simply because actors are supposed to say that. With this show, however, it is very different. I can truly say that these were genuine statements.

    I think much of that sentiment has to do with the scriptwriters and producers of the show and their purpose in producing “DOC.”

    “It was a conscious choice to make shows that give people hope,” said Joan Johnson, one of the scriptwriters

    “There is something special about the show,” agreed Ron Lea. “In the world that we live in right now, we need to have as much positive as possible. That element of the show has been there from the beginning. I think the heart is in the right place.”

    Many times on the set, more than 100 people, including many extras there for just the day, were there, working on various aspects of the show. But Billy Ray Cyrus, who starred as Dr. Clint Cassidy, would know and remember every person’s first name and go out of his way to meet and help them, according to Tracy Sheve (Beverly Jackson).

    “He’s an excellent guy, an excellent dad,” said Ruth Marshall, who plays Ms. Donna DeWitt. “He’s been a joy, charming, gorgeous… what’s not to like?”

    Not only are the cast and producers of the “DOC” show just the nicest people you can ever meet, they’ve actually also got some of the best acting chops, I’ve ever seen on both the small and large screen.

    It is no surprise that a number of the cast members have received several Gemini nominations. (The Gemini Award is the Canadian version of our Emmy Awards.) As a matter of fact, Andrea Robinson just received another Gemini nomination for her role in “DOC.”

    In my opinion, this was the perfect television show. It set an example for all other TV shows about family. It combined real problems in a real world and gave a solution for it that was both practical and full of hope and faith, all without being cheesy!

    I loved the last episode, but I was also sad to see “DOC” ride off into the sunset. It had a great run for four years! Most shows don’t even make it past their first!

    The good news, however, is that PAX has decided to do reruns of this show. Starting Jan. 5, PAX will be re-airing all of the episodes on Wednesday nights, beginning with the very first episode.

    So, if you’ve missed this show, or if you are reading this article and wondering why some television show starring a Country Western singer gets such high acclaims, take a look for yourself.

    But I’m warning you: It can be addictive!

    Derek McGrath, who played Dr. Derek Hebert, said: “Those people, who do watch it tend to be very loyal.”

    Once you watch you’ll be hooked, but you’ll like this hook!
  • Doc is about a country doctor who moved from Montana to New York, to be with the love of his life. Dr. Cassidy, the country doctor, desides he wants to go back to Montana, but desides otherwise when a homeless child Raul, needs him. (that's best I can do!

    I Love Doc, it is one of the most heart wrenching, laughter filled T.V. show ever. I wish that it didn't have to go!!! My favorite part about Doc was the growing relationship between Nurse Nancy and Dr. Cassidy. I also enjoyed Raul, Nate, Beverly, Dereck, Gracie, Dr. Crane was pretty cool too. I think my favorite episode was "Till We Meet Again" the season, Dr. Cassidy's (or Clint) proposal was soooo sweet, I almost cried,(and the second time I saw it, I really did.

    All in all, Doc was one of the BEST T.V. shows on T.V.


  • Doc is the story of a Montana man who follows his grilfriend to the Big Apple only to discover a world full of rules and red tape. Despite all this, Doc decides to stay when he discovers he had a family there who needs him.

    This is one of the best television shows of our age. It is not afraid to be politically incorrect and religious. Every episode is heartwarming and funny. Billy Ray Cyrus was the perfect man to play the persistent and kind Clint Cassidy. The rest of the roles were also superbly casted. Especially the role of Tippy Williams-Doss. Paula Boudreau plays the ditsy receptionist perfectly. She always makes me laugh. I highly recommend this show if your not afraid to be touched by God's love radiating from this show.