Doc - Season 3

Ion Television (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • And Baby Makes Four
    And Baby Makes Four
    Episode 22
    Nate wonders if Beverly's food cravings are common. Richard Black tells everyone at Westbury that going corporate is good idea, but problems are about to happen. Richard Black continues his big lie only Clint smells a rat, while trying to get his friends to at both sides. Clint gets himself in trouble, Donna gives everybody with Richard's company a tour of Westbury. Nancy wonders if Clint is reading Richard wrong. Clint speaks with doctor who was bought by Richard's company, The meeting Clint requests back fires as the doctor he spoke with is drunk at the meeting. Clint arrives to find Westbury bought out by Richard and is fired for miss using his passion (for the clinic) against Richard. Nancy sees Richards true colors after Donny was picked on. Clint is asked to stay at the clinic to get ready for a big battle.moreless
  • While You Were Snoring
    Nate is have trouble sleeping because Beverly is snoring, So Nate asks Dr. Crane for help! Dr. Crane helps Nate by telling him to sew a tennis ball in a sock and then sew the sock to her nightgown! One problem they both lose sleep! Nicole's heath gets worse and Clint can't find out what is wrong with her. Nate still can't sleep because Dr. Crane's advice works. Clint has bad feeling about Richard Black when a Biopsy is requested for Nicole. Clint thinks Richard Black said no to the request. Later the test is proven that Nicole was telling the truth.moreless
  • Evaluate This
    Evaluate This
    Episode 20
    Richard Black wants to make Westbury Clinic apart of his management team, but doing so Donna DeWitt agrees to performace evaluations. Richard Black asks Dr. Crane to handle the cross evaluation of the nurses which instead of turning out right turn wrong! Clint attends a middle school open house to meet Tracy. Soon Clint find out Tracy has Aplastic Anemia. Clint runs tests on the parents only to find the parents don't match,Clint is about to find out that Tracy is adopted at the request of Shelia (the adoptvie mom's sister who died giving birth). Clint sets out to find Danny Taylor who he thinks is he is Tracy's dad, and tries to get Danny to give blood. Danny quickly says no because he wants more money. Danny then wants full custody (because blood tests prove he is Tracy's dad.) Since Tracy has no idea she is adopted, Danny leaves things as they are because he isn't ready to be a dad.moreless
  • The Checkered Flag
    The Checkered Flag
    Episode 19
    Racers Scotty Redfield and his father Bud come to town shortly before the beginning of the racing season, and both father and son are devastated to learn that Scotty has a subdural hematoma that could end not only his career, but his life as well. Nancy offers comfort to Bud as she also waits for news on Scotty, whom she has gotten romantically involved with.moreless
  • Safety First
    Safety First
    Episode 18
    Clint is shocked when a patient he prescribed medication for ends up in ER moments after seeing her. Did he give her the wrong medication? Can Diane help save the patient's life?
  • Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
    Martin Derek's Father-In Law is ready to quit smoking but he may more problems. Raul & Justin think their idea was stolen by a publisher.
  • Welcome to New York (2)
    Clint and Doc Johanson must find a paient before someone else is sick. Poor Tippy has a big problem the IRS! Can She pay $90,000 to them before she loses everything?
  • Welcome to New York (1)
    Friends visit Clint from Montana as well as Sara who brings back memories for Clint.
  • Lost and Found
    Lost and Found
    Episode 14
    Sometimes it is better to let romance take it's course as Raul and Evan try to match Evan's mom with Clint but what happens when an old love returns and new information is found out?
  • Angels in Wating
    Angels in Wating
    Episode 13
    Tammy Cochran tries to comfort a teen who has Cystic Fibrosis.
  • Don't Ask, Don't Tell
    Clint cares for a mother, father and son who are friends of Nancy but they seem to have a family secret. Nate & Beverly go to a spa with Derek & Nellie. Tippy starts a lunchtime errand business to buy Steven a special birthday present. Dr. Crane lobbies for a spot on a medical certification board.moreless
  • A Clear and Present Danger
    Nate is forced to confront Gunny after he seems to be jeopardizing other officers' safety on the street by his actions. Clint diagnoses Gunny's secret, but Gunny forbids him from telling anyone about his condition, which could be helped by a radical surgical procedure. Derek's sponsored 'son' Vijay arrives from India and ends up living with the Hebert's and cooking wonderful Indian dishes. But he may not be all he appears to be. Lt.Doss' old girlfriend the Navy SEAL,Rita visits. Tippy feels inadequate, so she does something about it.moreless
  • Man's Best Friend
    Man's Best Friend
    Episode 10
    Clint makes a new friend, Dr.Jack Barnes, at the hospital when they have to wrangle a patient together. Jack asks Clint for a second opinion about some pain he is experiencing. Westbury offers Jack a position at the clinic, but he turns down the job offer. Elliot has an appendectomy and really misses his best friend who is not allowed in the hosital. Raul and Justin try to smuggle him in to see Elliot.moreless
  • The Producers
    The Producers
    Episode 9
    Nate & Beverly tell everyone Beverly is pregnant. Clint & Dr.Kate Weston reconnect when Clint asks Kate to take on Beverly as her OB/GYN patient. Kate is also keeping a secret about her own health and Clint decides to find out what it is. Dr. Crane is asked to write for a magazine about his most unusual medical case, but may have a lot of trouble finding one.moreless
  • Second Time Around
    Second Time Around
    Episode 8
    Dr. Derk runs into an old friend, who has a new fiancee. Dr Derek thinks the man wants his money. The Fiancee's life threatening condition makes the doctor change his thoughts.
  • The Price of a Miracle
    Can you buy a miracle? A 7 year old girl gives Clint all her life savings to save her dying brother. There Mom has lost faith.
  • Full Moon Rising
    Full Moon Rising
    Episode 6
    Derek wants a taste of the wild side of life and joins Clint on a ride with a Paramedic wildman. Tippy and Nancy start a book club.
  • Nobody
    Episode 5
    A baby is left on the clinic's doorstep now Clint tries to find the mom as he fights to save the baby.
  • Sea No Evil
    Sea No Evil
    Episode 4
    Clint and Derek must help a young man decide whether to come forward to identify a shooter after the wrong man is accused of the crime. Miss DeWitt has no date for the hospital gala. Doctor Crane has a run-in with a scam artist after a fender bender.
  • Stroke of Luck
    Stroke of Luck
    Episode 3
    Clint treats a dad whose son wants to sell the family business, the son may get his wish as dad's health gets worse. Raul and Justin get jobs. Dr. Crane is concerned about a bug.
  • On Pins and Needles
    Clint Gets in hot water with a new new nurse over a medical mishap. Raul is chosen for advanced math class
  • Full Disclosure
    Full Disclosure
    Episode 1
    Clint mentors a new intern, Nancy learns her beau had an ex-wife.