Doctor, Doctor

CBS (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Long Day's Journey into Dierdre
      Dierdre's patient dies; she is shaken by the event and fearful that she will grow old alone. In his effort to help, Mike offers to marry her.
    • Two Angry Men
      Two Angry Men
      Episode 18
      Mike & Richard ask their father for a loan to fix their leaky roof, then they stumble across his dirty laundry and try to figure out it is for real. Faye dumps her companion of twelve years.
    • Butterfield's Complaint
      Mike thinks it's time for Abe to get out again, it's been three months since Abe and Gail separated, so Mike finds him a blind date.
    • Butterfields are Free
      Mike makes the plans for Abe and Gail's wedding anniversary at the dorm room where they first met, but Gail has other ideas. Abe winds up staying at Mike's.
    • Anatomy of Love
      Anatomy of Love
      Episode 15
      Mike tries to rekindle his romance with Jenna, the jet-setting photographer, but her latest exhibition shows him in all his glory. Abe lets Dierdre & Faye in on a winning proposition, but not Grant.
    • Sleeping Sickness
      Sleeping Sickness
      Episode 14
      Richard gets hooked on sleeping pills and the partners realize they've all been used to feed his habit. So Mike needs to the partners need to keep an eye on him until he falls asleep which puts a damper on their trip to New York.
    • When Bad Books Happen to Good People
      Excerpts from Mike's new novel don't shed a good light on the other partners, so they try to block it by getting a court order stopping the publication. Mike works on their egos as he tries to get them to remove the injunction.
    • Somewhere in the Berkshires (3)
      After quitting the practice, Mike moves to a cabin in the mountains. The partners miss Mike, but Grant feels they need to interview for a replacement. Mike begins to treat the local yokels. The partners go to the mountains to bring him back.
    • Malpractice Makes Imperfect (2)
      Abe must wait ten days before he gets his sperm count retested. Mike is ambushed on Wake Up Providence... by the opposition in his legal trouble. When his patients, friends and his lawyer are abandoning him, Mike is faced with an out-of-court settlement that he reluctantly agrees to.
    • Good Doc, Bad Doc (1)
      Abe finds out the reason he and Gail can't have another child is caused by his low sperm count. The partners are participating in the making of a Japanese documentary on American medicine. Mike prescribes some medication for a woman, not knowing she is taking something that will react with it. Consequently, she winds up in the hospital and he is handed a lawsuit.moreless
    • The Young and the Hopeless
      Mike decides the new receptionist is not working out when her involvement with Grant interferes with the practice or is it their age difference?
    • Ice Follies
      Ice Follies
      Episode 8
      Grant has an opportunity to do some hand modeling work, but becomes over protective of his hands. Mike finds himself treading lightly after he apparently injures Abe's son, the star player of a "pee-wee" hockey team, while practicing before the big game.
    • The Last Temptation of Mike
      Richard suggests that Mike start a reading group to keep his "brain alive." When everyone has left the room, things get strange when Mike and Leona are left alone in his apartment.
    • Providence
      Episode 6
      Mike is stuck being on call during the weekend his father is being honored by the Medical Association. When Richard isn't invited, Mike wants to patch things up between them; however, his father is involved in a life-threatening accident.
    • The Terminator
      The Terminator
      Episode 5
      Mike is supposed to fire Leona's new assistant, who's driving everyone crazy, but when he tries, the assistant meets Richard and the two hit it off. Later, Richard pressures Mike to get the job back, which he does. Then Richard finds out what he is really like.
    • Making Mr. Right
      Making Mr. Right
      Episode 4
      Dierdre falls in love with a wealthy man whom the partners join on a trip to Key West in his private plane. Something goes wrong mid-flight when he has a heart attack while she is keeping him "company" in the cockpit. Abe isn't comfortable with the fact he needs glasses.
    • Who's Afraid of Leona Linowitz?
      Mike goes on a "date from hell" with Grant's sister, a psychiatrist who moves in from Chicago, and unloads some emotional baggage she's been carrying since her marriage fell apart. The Butterfield's try for another baby.
    • Murder, He Wrote
      Murder, He Wrote
      Episode 2
      Mike may be an accomplice to murder when he tells a mystery writer about an undetectable poison, later he discovers that her husband has died under mysterious circumstances. Dierdre lets Justin's mouse of its cage.
    • Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes
      Episode 1
      Mike is against it when the other partners decide to make some changes that will increase business; he feels the patients will lose in the end and one almost does.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1