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  • One of the funniest sitcoms ever

    I've always thought it was a shame that "Doctor, Doctor" had such a short run, because it was, hands-down, one of the funniest sitcoms I have ever watched. Matt Frewer was a large part of what made this show so wildly hilarious; I don't know how much of his dialogue was written and how much was improvised, but it all sounded as though it flew effortlessly from his lips. The cast members all played off one another quite well--it wasn't just a one-man show--but it was Frewer who gave the show its special oomph.

    "Doctor, Doctor" also dealt with a gay character better than almost any other show: Richard's sexuality was simply a given and not made into a "problem" to be handled with kid gloves. In this the show took a more mature approach to the subject than most shows have, for which the show's creators deserve applause.

    "Doctor, Doctor" was undeservedly short-lived, but it will always be remembered by me as a wonderful comic gem.
  • First rate acting and writing. This is probably the reason why it didn't last.

    Thank Heaven for VCRs!! I have all but 1 1/3 episodes on tape. Frewer is one of those kind of actors, like Robin Williams, that are naturally funny. You cannot HELP but LAUGH!! The show was definitely written on an adult level...which is probably why it didn't last. I also don't think this show could possibly be remade without Frewer, he was the show!! It faced a homosexual subplot honestly, openly and evenhandedly. I would tape this show, laugh all the way through it, and then immediately run it through again afterwards, checking to see if I cut all the commercials out correctly. I laughed just as much the second time I viewed it...even though it was just moments before when I last saw it, and laughed just as hard. How many shows can you say THAT about???
  • Gone too soon

    It has been a long time since I've seen the show. I watched it while it ran, since it is not, and probably will not be on DVD. Which is too bad since I remember this being an extereely funny show. Matt Frewer (probably best know as Max Hedroom, or his appearences on every other show) was hilarious. Like, I said it probably won't come to DVD, but if it does I highly recommend it.
  • Odd and hilarious

    I loved Doctor, Doctor and thought it got a bum deal from CBS. It seemed to be bounced around the schedule until it was finally cancelled. It was funny and just an odd little show. The cast worked really well together. I can only imagine what the table readings were like every Monday morning.
  • A Great offbeat comedy

    Doctor, Doctor was a great offbeat comedy. It was ahead of it time while dealing with subject the usual family comedies wouldn’t touch. It dealt with addictions, gay life styles, and other social issues. The interactions between Dr. Stratford and his brother Richard was a source of some of the funniest, brother to brother humor that has ever been on TV. Matt Frewer starred as Dr. Mike Stratford, the wacky doctor in a medical corporation with old med school friends. He was just perfect in the role of the bizarre main character. Julius Carry gave strong comic moments as Dr. Abe Butterfield, the some-what leader of this medical company. The whole show looked like the stars loved to come to work in the morning. The chemistry between them all was very funny. CBS cancelled this show after a short time without warning, and the USA Network started during their morning line-up.