Doctor Finlay

ITV (ended 1995)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Snowblind
      Episode 8

      It is the thirtieth of December. Angus has gone to meet Rhona at the airport on her return from America, so Janet joins the three doctors for dinner at Arden House. Outside a blizzard is raging. Dr. Cameron, in his cups, makes a remark that scandalises Janet. Before he can apologise and put matters right he suffers a mild heart attack. The telephone line is out of order, and in any case the roads are blocked with snow and there is no possibility of getting the patient to hospital. To further complicate matters there is a power cut. Dr. Finlay has to rely on his own resources.

    • Still Waters
      Still Waters
      Episode 7

      An outbreak of lead poisoning at a local convent brings Drs. Finlay and Cameron into sharp conflict with the Mother Superior. Only after they threaten to have the Medical Officer of Health close the convent are they allowed to give the necessary treatment. Dr. Napier goes to the village school to give a lecture and finds romance with one of the teachers. But is he all that he seems? And can Dr. Finlay be jealous?

    • The Life of Men
      The Life of Men
      Episode 6

      A deathbed confession by one of his patients prompts Dr. Dinlay to investigate a ten-year-old murder. His findings leave him in a quandary — do his legal obligations take precedence over medical ethics? Janet has to use all her tact and diplomacy while helping a friend with a delicate domestic problem.

    • Mercury
      Episode 5

      Angus's shop is broken into. All that is stolen is a bottle of mercuric chloride, and the burglar even left two half-crowns on the counter to pay for the broken window. Drs. Finlay and Cameron have their suspicions about the reason behind the theft, and their prompt action averts a double tragedy. Dr. Finlay organises a surprise party for Dr. Cameron to mark the fortieth anniversary of the opening by the latter of the practice at Arden House.

    • A Simple Operation

      After a spell of overwork Dr. Finlay decides to take a few days off and go on a walking tour in the Highlands. But his expedition is not as peaceful as he expected. Before too long he is embroiled in a brief romance and a challenge to his powers of persuasion and professional skills. Back at Arden House Dr. Napier is intrigued by the erratic behaviour of a new patient — a newcomer to Tannochbrae.

    • Days of Grace
      Days of Grace
      Episode 3

      A baby girl is found abandoned on the doorstep of Arden House. Dr. Napier thinks she knows the identity of the mother and persuades a reluctant Dr. Finlay to delay informing the authorities. But when she investigates she uncovers a situation far more complicated and sinister than she ever imagined. Meantime Janet is left literally holding the baby.

    • Home Truths
      Home Truths
      Episode 2

      The local undertaker, Ruari Laing, collapses at the funeral of Dr. Gilmore. Dr. Finlay is present and sends Ruari straight to the hospital for tests. These prove negative, so is Ruari genuinely ill or is he a hypochondriac? Brenda Maitland's parents have returned to Tannochbrae after thirty years in India. Unknown to her they are living in near poverty, and her father, already stricken by gout, is hiding the symptoms of another more serious complaint.

    • All Jock Tamson's Bairns

      The Brigadier, a wartime hero, dies in hospital of a heart attack. Many of the villagers mistakenly believe that his death was caused by typhus, brought into the area by itinerant Irish tattie howkers. They seek revenge by burning down the barn in which the Irish workers are billetted, not knowing that Dr. Cameron is within tending a newly born baby boy. Dr. Cameron, armed with a pitchfork and with the help of the newly arrived Dr. Finlay, holds the attackers at bay until the police arrive. In gratitude the Irish hold a party for Cameron at which he partakes too freely of poteen. The consequences for him are, to say the least, embarrassing.

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