Doctor in the House

Season 2 Episode 11

May The Best Man ...

Aired Unknown Jun 19, 1970 on ITV

Episode Recap

Mike unknowingly chats up Danny's new 'bird', Jenny, at a party; Danny's so jealous he punches Mike in the eye. To make matters worse, Mike, Danny, and Jenny have to spend the week working together in the lab. Danny doesn't let Jenny out of his sight, as he's worried Mike will make a move on her.

Mike swaps shifts to ease Danny's suspicions, but one night while working late Danny leaves the room & Mike and Jenny kiss. Danny walks in on them, and when he sees what's going on, he and Mike start fighting.

The next morning, Jenny won't speak to either Mike or Danny because of their behaviour. They apologize and invite Jenny out to dinner, but fight again over what to order for her.

The next day, Mike is introduced to Jenny's fiance; Mike and Danny patch up their differences and agree never to let a woman come between them again... until a pretty nurse walks down the corridor, and the two of them follow her.