Doctor in the House

Season 1 Episode 6

Rallying Round

Aired Unknown Aug 16, 1969 on ITV

Episode Recap

Mike is trying to study while the boys are organising a car rally. They're one short & convince Mike to join them.

Mike & his partner Fiona get lost & Fiona drives to her sister's place for directions. While they are there a storm breaks so they have to spend the night.

In the middle of the night Fiona's sister goes into labour & they want Mike to deliver the baby, Mike asks them to send for a Doctor & goes back to sleep.

The baby is coming and Mike's panicking, he asks if there's any one who can deliver the baby.

The cook comes into the room & tells them he can deliver the baby. Mike accompanys him,but faints when the baby is delivered.

Next day, the other students arrive at the house & think Mike was the one who delivered the baby & congratulate him.
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