Doctor in the House - Season 1

ITV (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • Pass of Fail
    Pass of Fail
    Episode 13
    It's exam time at St. Swithins, which means last-minute panic for the students.
  • All for Love
    All for Love
    Episode 12
    Mike's dating a girl named Valerie, whom he loves very much, but he's less than happy to find out who her father is. Her parents don't want her marrying a doctor; while Mike is willing to give it all up for her, she doesn't want him to do that, and breaks up with him, only to be consoled by one of Mike's friends.moreless
  • Keep It Clean
    Keep It Clean
    Episode 11
    The Dean wants this year's Ward Show to be something that the whole family could enjoy, and when the participants hear this, they all quit. Mike is at a loss for acts, until two acts show up, willing to do some singing and dancing. When the show is finally ready to go, Duncan disappears, only to appear later on, on stage in drag! The patients all assure the dean that everything's wonderful, and everyone ends up happy.moreless
  • The Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Casino
    In a new money-making enterprise, the guys open a casino in the flat, but get shut down pretty quickly by the local underworld. In need of jobs, Mike and Duncan get part-time employment at a bar; a raid by the police puts them in a position to do a favour for some people who could help them in the future.moreless
  • Getting the Bird
    Getting the Bird
    Episode 9
    Mike's having problems getting a date, so the guys set him up with a nurse known as "Rigor Mortis". Duncan, however, has the opposite problem, and actually proposes to his girlfriend, then regrets what he's done. Mike comes up with a plan to solve Duncan's problem without revoking his proposal to Frances.moreless
  • War of the Mascots
    War of the Mascots
    Episode 8
  • If in Doubt--Cut It Out
    After attending a lecture on the appendix, Mike is sure that he has appendicitis; he's rushed to the hospital only to discover that the person who will remove his appendix is the inept doctor who gave the lecture. Although the operation is a success, Mike may have to go under the knife again, to retrieve something the doctor lost while operating the first time.moreless
  • Rallying Round
    Rallying Round
    Episode 6
    Michael unwillingly gets involved in his buddies' car rally and is teamed with Fiona. Unfortunately, they get lost while driving and have to spend the night at her sister's house when a storm rolls in. Fiona's sister goes into labour in the night, leaving Mike not knowing what to do about the delivery until help arrives from an unexpected quarter.moreless
  • The Students are Revolting
    The Dean suspects Michael of being a protestor, but is proven wrong when the photo that he has is shown to have been taken in New York. He warns Michael that he won't tolerate protestors on his campus. Later on, some protestors arrive at the hospital, and when the police come, they take everyone away, including Professor Loftus, who was stuck in the mob with car trouble.moreless
  • Peace and Quiet
    Peace and Quiet
    Episode 4
    Michael needs some peace and quiet, and so decides to move out of the dorm. After searching for an affordable room, he finally finds one, only to discover that he's not got a private room once he moves in, which explains why the room was so cheap. Just when he thinks that no one else could possibly fit into the room, he's proven wrong.moreless
  • It's All Go
    It's All Go
    Episode 3
    In order to prepare for exams, Michael and Duncan look for a junior doctor to help them study by quizzing them; unfortunately, Mike asks Professor Loftus by mistake. With some time to kill before their appointment with Loftus, Mike and Duncan go to the pub, where they drink what they think is just plain apple cider, but it's really a hard cider; they end up in a class, making fools of themselves, then miss their appointment with Professor Loftus.moreless
  • Settling In
    Settling In
    Episode 2
    On his first days at St Swithin's, Michael Upton looks forward to meeting his new colleagues, as well as all the young nurses. He befriends Alice, who was being hassled in the pub, and takes her back to his room. Realizing that the guys are next door, listening for some action, Michael and Alice give the guys what they want... and let them think that Alice spent the night with Michael.moreless
  • Why Do You Want to Be a Doctor?
    Michael Upton wants to be a doctor at St. Swithin's Hospital; first, however, he needs the approval of the much feared Professor Loftus. Once approved he meets with fellow students Duncan Waring, Paul Collier and veteran Student Dick Stuart Clark.