Doctor in the House - Season 2

ITV (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • Finals
    Episode 13
    While cramming for his final exam, Mike mistakenly takes sleeping pills instead of aspirin. Late for his exam, he's forced to hitch a ride with a man, who then has a heart attack in the hospital car park, causing Mike to miss his exam.
  • Doctor on the Box
    Doctor on the Box
    Episode 12
    St. Swithins is to be featured in a film about medical practices, which has Professor Loftus eager to participate. However, when the producer of the film arrives, he has different ideas about what to film.
  • May The Best Man ...
    Mike's got his eye on a pretty girl, not knowing that she's Danny's girlfriend. Tempers flare, and matters are only made worse when all three of them, Mike, Danny, and Jenny, have to work together in the lab late at night.
  • A Stitch in Time
    A Stitch in Time
    Episode 10
    Mike & Duncan are rostered in Casualty for a fortnight. The victim of a robbery is brought in & Duncan takes him to X-ray. Mike is alone in casualty when a nervous man enters with an injury to his ear & sore ankles. Mike realizes this guy is the robber. When Mike mentions the police the robber runs away, only to return later, wanting Mike to finish the Job of treating his ear & ankles. Professor Loftus walks into casualty with bad cut on arm, together he & Mike manage to subdue the criminal, and the policeman arrests him.moreless
  • Hot Off the Presses
    As a prank, Danny signs Mike up to be the editor of the hospital magazine; Mike warms up to the job and has some ideas, but finds that Professor Loftus has even more ideas about what should and shouldn't be in the magazine. The boys convice Mike to go with his own plans, as he's the editor and has final say. But Mike quickly learns that it's really Professor Loftus who has the final say on everything.moreless
  • If You Can Help Somebody ... Don't!
    Mrs. Brown, a frequent visitor and patient at St. Swithin's, is back for another stay. Professor Loftus and the Matron are unsympathetic, but Mike, not knowing any better, takes pity on her and promises to visit her at home. When he gets there, he finds out that Mrs. Brown isn't quite as alone and helpless as he thought.moreless
  • The Royal Visit
    The Royal Visit
    Episode 7
    Royalty will be visiting St. Swithins to dedicate a new wing, and Mike has been chosen to speak on behalf of the medical students at the ceremony. Danny and Paul, however, aren't so pleased about the visit and have a plan to upset the apple cart.
  • Put Your Hand on That
    Mike and Duncan are chosen for a two-week residency in surgery under Professor Loftus, which is quite an honour. There's just one problem: Mike can't bear to watch a surgery. Professor Loftus finds out about this problem and takes steps to help Mike.
  • Look into My Eyes
    Look into My Eyes
    Episode 5
    A lecture on hypnosis leads to trouble when Mike puts his skills into practice and hypnotizes Waring, only to find that he can't un-hypnotize him. This almost leads to disaster, but luckily, things turn out all right... for everyone except Mike.
  • Nice Bodywork--Lovely Finish
    It's time for a rugby match, but the boys have no way to get there, until Paul buys a new car... a hearse! He ends up with some unexpected cargo, which needs to be returned immediately. In his rush to get back to the hospital, Paul gets pulled over by the police; Mike and Duncan hide, and Paul leaves them behind while he goes off... to watch the rugby game!moreless
  • Take Off Your Clothes ... and Hide
    Enjoying a little R&R at a strip club, the boys find themselves attending to the stripper who faints while performing. After being admitted to the hospital, Mike talks to her about changing her profession, and she does... in a way.
  • What Seems to Be the Trouble?
    The doctors are now on the wards, and Mike has to examine a patient and give a report on him to the supervising doctor; the only problem is that Mike can't find his patient, and when he finally does, the patient doesn't speak English. Things finally seem to be in hand, but the patient disappears again, leaving Mike in a tight spot.moreless
  • It's All in the Little Blue Book
    Returning for the second year, the students are all glad that they won't be under Professor Loftus's watchful eye, but get a surprise when they attend their first lecture. Mike has to examine a female patient in a delicate area, much to his embarrassment.