Doctor Who

Season 6 Episode 7

A Good Man Goes To War (1)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 04, 2011 on BBC America

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  • Finally

    I have been down on the doctor for most of this season (and a lot of last) but this episode was great. (its not perfect. . its shocking how easily some people throw them 10s about)

    It was well paced, well scripted and enjoyable. I am enjoying Rory more than amy at this point (although they do seem to have toned down the shouting that she used so often last season) and it is great to see him getting more time to shine. They had a great moment with the doctor showing some genuine anger, but it was rushed a bit and he was back to flighty a little too quickly for my taste. We finally learn who River Song is. (although I am positive I am not the only one who had worked this out from the opening episode) A good end to the first half of the season, leaving you wanting to know more! Just hope the team can keep up the standards a bit in the autumn.