Doctor Who

Season 6 Episode 7

A Good Man Goes To War (1)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 04, 2011 on BBC America

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  • The best analogy that I could think of for this episode is of a car. At first, it's pedal-to-the-metal fast, but then it screeches down to lagging crawl, then speeding up briefly only to stop again before running off a cliff.

    This episode finally answers the vexing origin of the character River Song, but before that, I will give my opinion (which's worth is debatable) of the episode.

    I would be compelled to give this episode 6 out of 10 for the sheer disappointment that I felt that so many great creatures were given so little air time, but since they did appear this episode earns 8.5 out of 10. Although the Silurian and Sontaran characters seem to have rich back-stories, the audience is left sadly ignorant (I'm not sure, but they might be characters from the novels). Also, it was nice for the father and son of the "Space Pirates" from the underwhelming siren episode earlier in the series to make a brief return.

    There was a lot of potential for action in this episode; unfortunately we only see brief snippets of some battles that appeared to be incredible and engrossing. The briefness may be due to the time-limit of the episodes or possibly a budgetary issue. Admittedly, the action scenes were short yet still entertaining.

    Back to the creatures; the addition of the Headless Monks to the mythos is welcome, as along with the Silence, they are another threatening and mysterious villains which seem to serve an unseen force greater than themselves, that this series has introduced. Speaking of mysterious, the Eye-Patch Lady's first actual appearance was rather exceptional, as she seems to be a truly menacing person and almost like a Knights Templar (Google it) of the future, who has re-awakened the Doctor's overwhelming guilt that was greatly stirred previously by the Master and Davros.

    Now, to River Song (spoilers, obviously). I really do not like this character. In all of her appearances I found her annoying, and even when she performed awesome feats like slaying a room of Silence and killing a Dalek, I still could not stop hating her. Adding a romantic (and also implicitly erotic) person to the Doctor's history seems to be a distortion of his self-reliant character. Although, I was pleased that the show runners rejected the temptation to leave us hanging by finally revealing her true identity. Rory and Amy discovered that River is the adult-version of their stolen child Melody Pond; that fact shocked me, because that was among the assumptions that I held but did not seriously believe. Due to the romantic (not to mention kinky) relationship that the Doctor and River are implied to have, I do not know whether Amy and Rory would be, let's say, "amused" or horrified that their best friend has or rather will be intimate with their daughter. I am sure that it will be revealed eventually.

    In summary, the episode was certainly thrilling and entertaining, but the complete albeit necessary slowness that the middle had and the cliff-hanger –ish-ness at the end prevents from being great. Nevertheless I look forward to the continuation of the story in God knows how many months.