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Season 1 Episode 4

Aliens of London (1)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2005 on BBC America

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  • I wish they had gone with the Pigs from Space!

    I'm just going to say it: this episode did something very, very smart. Now before you all write me off as delusional and/or unintelligent, please observe that I am actually not speaking of the aliens this time. Many reviewers have complained about the fact that with NuWho too many episodes take place on Planet Earth saying that Classic Who would never commit such an atrocity and that this aspect of the reboot has completely ruined the series. I respectfully beg to differ. While I may not have grown up with Classic Who, I have watched as many of the old series' as I could find so I am up on 'the old ways'. And yes NuWho is very different in some aspects to what came before. But that's just the point: times have changed, audiences have changed, the world has changed. Heck, The Doctor himself changes pretty regularly as does the TARDIS interior and the companion so I don't really get all of the complaints. Well, I do but I don't (if you'll remember, I wasn't favorably impressed by the burping garbage can in Rose but I loved the bits with 'internet nutter' . If you're not a fan of the way the series has changed, just don't torture yourself by watching it.

    This episode had great potential and as I was watching the first few minutes, it looked as though all of my expectations would be fulfilled. Perhaps this is why I take such umbrage with its descent into crass and un-funny humour and the mish-mash storytelling. Christopher Eccleston was amazing as always and, with the exception of the Slitheen and Mickey, the rest of the cast were wonderful as well. It's hard to truly pass final judgement on this episode just yet, as it is a two-parter, so I will reservedly give it a 7/10 simply for the opening 11 minutes.
  • Aliens of London

    Aliens of London was a perfect episode of Doctor Who and I really enjoyed watching. The episode was very entertaining and had lots of character and plot development. It was awesome to see Rose and The Doctor return to Earth a year later than when they left and find Aliens taking over 10 Downing St. There were also the ramifications of dealing with Roses loved ones. It was interesting how Roses Mother took every thing as well as Mickey who knew the truth. I liked how it all played out and look forward to watching what happens next as the Aliens enact the next stage of their plans!!!!!!!!!
  • The Doctor is in trouble! Facing Jackie's wrath for getting Rose home a year late, the Doctor soon must confront the threat of the bulbus Slitheen, whom have devious intentions for the planet Earth. Could a few members of Government be inleague with them?

    It would seem that 9 has inherited 5th's poor Tardis piloting skills. Arriving at Rose's home, the Powel Estate, the Doctor and she face the facts that they have arrived a whole year late! The matter is soon smoothed out with the police, whom the Doctor and Rose simply tell them that she was employed as his traveling companion. With Jackie furious and mistrusting of him, the Doctor decides to take his mind off the matter by investigating the mystery spaceship that crahsed through Big Ben and into the Thames. A forth noting note for this episode is the Doctor meets Torchwood 3's Toshiko Sato, posing as a doctor since her colleage, Owen Harper, had a serious hangover and couldn't do the 'Space Pig' optopsy.
    Since the Doctor has had previous meetings with unit in his 2nd,3rd,and 4th incarnations, he knows their battle protocals, since if anyone else was confused as to why he knew what formation to tell the soilders to take up when Tosh screamed after the pig got out of its optopsy holding cell.
    Its hard to beleive the Slitheen know human terms and what the person they skin for thier skin was like; i mean it would be pretty hard to assimulate into someones lif unless you were watching them for some time in order to take it over, like a stalker.
  • The Slitheen possible the worst enemy ever, pull down an episode that potentially had lots going for it.

    There was lots of potential to this episode. Taking a real look at those left behind after the Doctor whisks away another companion. Unfortunately they used one of the worst alien enemies, the Slitheen. I understand this show is a family show and children are a primary part of the audience but fart jokes should not be the only bit of comic relief throughout. What is an interesting idea on paper, an alien ship crash lands with the Doctor trying to unravel the spectacle of the whole thing, coupled with an interesting comment on the fact that what the Doctor does by attracting companions can have negative affects on those around, becomes childish because we have a juvenile enemy who hardly acts like a worthy adversary. Why they felt that this story needed two parts is beyond me. Although they try to leave you on a cliff-hanger the fact that they immediately follow it up with a trailer that eliminates any previous notion of peril. What the Doctor is about to die, wait he is running around next episode; wait Rose's moms is in trouble, no she is also alive; so much for that build up.
  • The Slitheeeeeeeeeeen!

    The Slitheen have always been my favourite kind of villian in the first season. I'm not sure why because they are not really in it apart from being 'inside' human shells but this episode and it's twin (the one after) are really well done!

    The whole coming back a year late was an interesting take on the whole time travel thing and sometimes you do it get it wrong. I think in the last two episodes you kind of forget that Rose has a life back on Earth, even though she does call her Mother from the End of The World space station thing, you don't really realise what she left behind, then in this you see that in fact the world did continue without her and it really missed her!

    This leaves of at a very interesting cliff hanger!
  • The best monsters ever.

    The Slitheen put every single Dr Who monster to shame. They are 8ft tall, green and have big cute eyes. But beware, they're deadly and hide inside fat humans.

    Infiltrating 10 Downing Street was genius! The political lady Harriet Jones, MP for Flydale North, was a marvellous character to add. I'm glad she came back in 'The Christmas Invasion' and again in 'The Stolen Earth'. Penelope Wilton is a terrific actor and I am so glad she was in it.

    The episode ends on a cliffhanger where Rose and Harriet are about to be killed, Jackie is about to be killed and the Doctor is about to be killed.

    Terrific episode.
  • The Doctor brings Rose back home (364 days to late!) just to tell her mother she is fine. But soon there are space ships in the ske and Big Ben is Destroyed! Written By; Russel T Davies Directed By; Kieth Boake

    The Doctor and Rose land in the powell estate a year after they left and soon there is a broken - down space - ship in the sky. It crashes in the Themes and it's revealed that there is an alien in it. The Doctor goes and investigates and tells Doctor Sato (later to be proven to be Tosh from Torchwood) that it isn't an alien but a pig who has had it's brain we wired. He goes back to Rose but Jackie reports him on the hotline for seeing aliens. Him and rose are drafted into Downing Street and Rose goes of with Harriot Jones (who has seen the real alien threat - the carbonic Slitheen) as the Doctor goes of into a room with the Acting Prime Minister and other alien exsperts. Back at the flat Jackie get attacked by a slitheen and so does Harriot and Rose (after finding the dead prime minister like you do). The Doctor and the exsperts are then electrocuted by the acting prime minister and the exsperts all die instantly. The Doctors still standing. But only just.

    This is my favourite two parter featuring my favourite reccuring character in the form of Harriot Jones. Her comedic perfomance with the drama and action displayed by Rose and The Doctor gives the Episode a brilliant balance of comedy and Drama

    Best Actor/ Actress; Camille Coduri
  • The first three episdoes have been brilliant but I feel standards slightly slipped tonight.

    Not the classic story I was hoping for but still very entertaining nonetheless. Aliens of London had the monsters, the destruction of Big Ben, spectacular UFO footage and best of all, some hilarious moments at the start of the episode involving the Doctor, Rose, Rose's Mum and boyfriend.

    When the Doctor announced at one point, he doesn't do domestics, it is a great shame because these moments are a delight to watch and add some real character to not just Rose but the Doctor as well. The opening prelude has a hilarious finish and that is before we get to the slap!

    Bringing us back to the world of Rose was a good idea, and you certainly felt the human impact on Rose and her surrounding lifestyle given her disapperance from Earth for a year. The dialogue was very fiery, emotional and sometimes funny.

    Some great lines from the Doctor including being 900 years old and not being slapped! It was a great funny and frantic start much in keeping with the first episode. However, I felt that the remainder of the story did not live up to the high standards of "Rose". When you have farting monsters, it makes it kind of easier to understand why a serious film actor like Christopher Eccleston probably decided to walk away from the role - it is hardly going to be one of your glowing achievements on your acting C.V.

    I thought this was quite infantile and unnecessary. While it may appeal to children, I kind of cringed . Surely there was another more surreptious way of hinting that these government characters were alien? However, on a good point, the slitting open of the foreheads with zips was truly frightening and much more in keeping with the horror element of the show. Perhaps the silly infantile humour and the horror moments ensures a neat balance but I felt it all got rather silly with the pointless laughter of the alien replacement Prime Minister which seemed like something more out of Austin Powers than Who. And as for the pig escaping, it was hardly scary stuff either. A bit of a low for the series so far as far as I am concerned coupled with the farting.

    These elements aside, it was a pretty spectacular episode cliffhanger. I didn't really think there was a need to have a teaser for next week after that as it kind of makes you realise everything will be okay. While some are saying that Eccleston could be the best Doctor of the lot, I think it is fair to say too that Billie Piper's portrayal of Rose is also a high on the companion front. Sassy, funny and suppportive of the Doctor, she is great to watch and becoming a role model for young children. She has a very expressive face and sometimes she just reduces me to giggles with her uncertain looks as the Doctor is getting reprimanded by her mum!

    So for me, the best parts were the scenes involving the Doctor, Rose, Rose's Mum and Mickey. The fact that they were all brought into the cliffhanger was good, and it certainly makes me wonder how the good Dr can escape in time for next week's instalment. After the first three slick episodes which I enjoyed immensely, I felt somewhat short-changed by this episode. While it still hit the heights, particularly with the spectacular UFO crashing off Big Ben, I felt it could have been that bit slicker in terms of the Slitheen. After burping wheelie bins, and farting aliens, I am greatly looking forward to the more safer territory of the deadly Daleks. The episode was still fun to watch though and pleasing to long term fans like myself with the nod to UNIT in the episode. The first three episdoes have been brilliant but I feel standards slightly slipped tonight.
  • The Slitheen Invasion Of Earth

    Quite nonsensical in places and downright unfunny in others, ‘Aliens Of London’ is a weird mix of extra-terrestrials and soap opera melodrama, which doesn’t quite gel. The Doctor takes Rose back to see her mother, but there’s been a slight miscalculation: instead of twelve hours, Rose has been gone for a year! Jackie’s understandably upset but Rose can’t tell her where’s she’s been. Whilst The Doctor and Rose are back in London, an alien ship crashes into Big Ben then lands in the Thames, propelling the city and the world into speculation of alien first contact. However, there’s a couple of problems. Where is the Prime Minister? Why has a junior MP been given clearance to run the country? And what’s with all the farting? The truth leads the Doctor to Downing Street and a face-to-face meeting with the Slitheen.

    After the great start made by the first three episodes, ‘Aliens Of London’ is a bit of a letdown, to be frank. All the elements are there that could make for a great episode but they’re not used. Whilst there would be a lot of angst at Rose’s reappearance a year later, looking no different, all the scenes involving Jackie and Rose then Rose and Mickey are more suited to Eastenders than Dr Who. This detracts vastly from the overall impact of the story, for me, as well as the over-emphasis on quite puerile toilet humour. OK, the farting aliens are funny once, but not much more than that. It again impacts on what should be quite a sinister story: government being infiltrated by a malicious alien force is turned into a joke. Much like the pig-alien, which is just plain bizarre.

    That said, it’s not all bad. There is a good guest turns from Penelope Wilton as Harriet Jones, MP for Flydale North. The scenes in the hospital in the morgue are all done very well, quite tense in places. Plus it’s good that the final reveal of the Slitheen was left towards the end, as it’s such a great looking design! The hints of the zips in the head and the eerie blue light were also done well. Plus, it’s good to have a proper cliffhanger ending (albeit slightly underdone by the fact that we know the Doctor’s going to survive). But with Jackie, Rose, Harriet and the Doctor in peril, here’s hoping that the second part of this story- ‘World War Three’ is going to be better.
  • The Doctor and Rose return home and face the Aliens of London...

    Basic Plot
    While the Doctor cocks up his dates, farting aliens begin to take over the British government.

    Rose and Mickey get some character development, and the Slitheen look pretty good. the pre-titles sequence is a nice "oh God" moment, and brings the series down to Earth. The pace is a little slow, but it is a two parter.
  • Emotional moments and Alien invasion. Welcome to the world of Doctor Who.

    This episode was one to look forward too as it was a 2-parter, the first of the series, but it did have a few faults in my opinion, and many other people's. The fault was the farting. I agreed that this was a little childish, but I also found it funny that Russell T. Davies put some humour into the show. Now that's out of the way:

    This episode was good. I loved the Slitheen (I know many people didn't) because they're alien and funny and there were lots of them. I loved the way they could disguise themselves as humans, I loved them!

    I also loved the story (AOL, not WW3) because it was exciting, you have to admit: UFO crashes into Big Ben, Alien discovered, and mention of UNIT.

    It was also heart-warming at the beginning when Rose realises she has been gone for a year and she hugs her mum, which reminds me, I was glad Jackie, Mickey and present day (near enough) were back. All in all I give this episode 9/10.
  • It appears that my stance is much different than the other reviewers.

    It appears that my stance is much different than the other reviewers. This may be, in part, that I have never seen any of the old Doctor Who episodes. So, I have nothing to compare this season to.

    I was not disappointed that this episode dealt with the aliens so little. To me, this episode featured Rose, and her choice if she wants to keep traveling time. She gets to experience what it means to be a time traveler; its been three days for her and 12 months for everyone else. She gets to see the ramifications from her decision to join the Doctor.

    I was totally fine with the episode featuring that storyline for two reasons. One, I felt it needed to be discussed before they progress deep into the storyline. Its a difficult decision to just up and leave everything you have ever known. Two, it was the first part of a two parter. I figure the second part of the story arc will feature the aliens more. If they had wanted to do an episode solely about mankind's first contact with aliens, then the episode would have either taken place after Mickey and her Mom were dead or in a geographical location other than London. Either way would have eliminated Mickey and Mom from the storyline.

    This is two episodes in a row where the TARDIS has malfunctioned. In the unquiet dead, they were off by 9 years and were in the wrong location. This time, they expect to be gone 12 hours, when they were really gone 12 months. Is this normal, or is the TARDIS malfunctioning?

    Yet again, my enjoyment of this episode may have something to do with watching it on tape at 3:30 AM.
  • Not my favorite storyline What the heck was that?!

    What the heck was that?! I mean the first half of the episode was pretty good, with a good sense of pacing and mystery to it, but the second half felt like it was a totally mess of stuff, with no clear point of where the episode wanted to go. Plus this episode was compounded with the fact of community errors, with sometimes the Doctor knowing everything and something being completely out of the loop. Believable? Yes, for a human, but we forget the Doctor isn’t human, he is an alien that had is well traveled and so he would have a decent amount of knowledge that would at least give him a good sense of what was going on around him.

    Where the writers on this episode smoking something? I mean that episode for me wasn't a fun episode it was a confusing mess that was quickly put together because something was under a deadline or something. Has to be the worst out of the four episode of the new series and I hope that the second part will some bring this story line up, but I don't think it will.

    On the positive side of things this episode did bring a good question: What would happen to your life and the life the other people around you if you went on a trip like that with notification of what you were about to do? I think that was something that was ever cover in the first series.
  • 10 Downing Street Written by Russell T Davies Directed by Keith Boak

    After an attack of the Autons, Cassandra’s devious machinations and an inspired interaction with the Gelth and Charles Dickens in the previous episode, it was very much about time to get our first alien invasion and for The Doctor and Rose to touch base with the present day and we got both in the start of a two part adventure with very mixed results.

    Touching base first, Rose and The Doctor realise that instead of being gone for twelve hours since the end of “Rose”, they’ve actually been gone for an entire year. That certainly explains why Jackie is freaked out when Rose walks into the house not a bother and later during a police interview, The Doctor finds himself at the receiving end of a slap from Jackie for his efforts to partly explain Rose’s absence.

    Although still slightly annoying, Camille Coduri gives a decent enough performance as a distraught Jackie tries to get some real information on her daughter’s actual whereabouts, which Rose does her best to deflects but fails. Rose may have disappeared for an entire year but not much has seemed to have changed. Jackie aside, the only person who really went through the ringer during Rose’s departure was Mickey.

    Still a bit of a plank but better than we last saw him, even I felt bad for Mickey in this episode. Not only did Rose fail to touch base with him when she returned to London (it was him who came looking for her), he also had to endure a lot of grief during his girlfriend’s disappearance such as Jackie’s anger and being a murder suspect and now that she has returned, her and Mickey don’t seem to be in a good place relationship wise.

    He was gleeful when he thought The Doctor abandoned Rose and even rubbed it into her face, not a smart idea mate. Rose herself also showed resistance and hesitation when he almost begged her to stay. I think both Mickey and Rose will realise that that’s not going to happen. She’s become akin to travelling and even if she was forced to stay, I don’t think she’d take it lying down so easily. Even The Doctor himself caused problems with them by being openly hostile with Mickey and then there’s our main storyline and a certain phone call that does Jackie more harm than good.

    Our main problem this week are aliens called the Slitheen who have managed to entered 10 Downing Street by assuming the bodies of Joseph Green (acting PM), Margaret Blaine and Oliver Charles while killing the real Prime Minister. How did we know they were evil before even getting to see them in their real form? That insidious comic laughter they made with when dismissing liaison Indra Ganesh did it for me.

    As aliens go the Slitheen are not the most convincing lot and while the running jokes about farting (less subtle than last week) are amusing to begin, an over reliance in them for the humour makes the comedy appear too trite for it’s own good. For diversion purposes we have an overly eager Flydale MP Harriet Jones witness the Slitheen in action while they dispatch General Asquith (he tried to relieve Joseph of PM duties). As a set piece this is definitely the episode most (and possibly only) real moment of true menace, although Penelope Wilton’s expression at seeing these creatures in action feels a little over the top.

    Like all aliens so far on the new series, the only thing the Slitheen want to do is take over the world and they’re determined enough to make sure nothing gets in the way of that. A fake crash landing which sees Big Ben destroyed and a view of the Thames looks stunning but feels rather pointless, except for the death of a fake pig alien has The Doctor and various other alien experts summoned into 10 Downing Street that has a very nasty surprise for them.

    In order to keep things going the Slitheen attack from all sides. The ones disguised as General Asquith and Joseph Green do their best electrocute The Doctor and the other alien experts as they former deduces that they’ve been trapped. Rose, Harriet and Indra on the other hand face off with Margaret Blaine, which means Navin Chowdry from Teachers is another casualty for this race.

    However it’s Jackie who really feels in peril as the consequences for reporting The Doctor has also made her a target for a Slitheen dressed as a policeman. Let’s just say this is one house call she won’t be forgetting in a while. Although the final scenes try to up the terror and danger of the Slitheen, the CGI on these particular aliens looks rather dodgy and there’s not enough fear communicated by the actors that got me to think past that I’m afraid.

    Also in “Aliens Of London”

    Why are the “Previously On” bits silent with this show? Also some street kids wrote Bad Wolf on the TARDIS. That is significant, am I right?

    Doctor: “I am a doctor”
    Jackie: “Prove it, stitch this mate”.

    The posters that were for Rose during her absence were “Missing”, “Can You Help?” and “Where Is Rose”. The only new thing we learned about the character was that she is 5’4 feet tall.

    Doctor (re slap): “It hurt”
    Rose: “You are so gay”.

    Rose (re spaceship): “Oh that is just not fair”
    Doctor: “Ha-ha”.

    The Doctor is 900 years. Does that mean he was born in the 12th Century of has been travelling relentlessly for 900 years?

    Harriet: “I did have an appointment for 3.15”
    Indra: “Yes and then a spaceship crashed in the middle of London. I think the schedule might be changed”.

    Harriet is an MP for Flydale. We also learned that she wants cottage hospitals to be included in Centres of Excellence. I like the character.

    General Asquith: “You think this is fun?”
    Joseph Green: “It’s a hoot”
    Margaret Blaine: “Honestly so fun”.

    We didn’t learn anything about the real Joseph or Margaret but apparently the real Oliver had a wife, a mistress and a farmer.

    Rose (to Mickey, re The Doctor): “He’s not my boyfriend. He’s better than that, he’s much more important.

    Other posters in this episode included “Ello ET” and “Welcome To Our World”.

    We got two famous faces in this episode - the rather cute Matt Baker from Blue Peter and Andrew Marr from BBC News, which featured heavily in this episode.

    Rose: “In twelve months did you see anyone else?”
    Mickey: “No, mainly because everyone thought I murdered you”.

    Since her departure Jackie’s been seeing someone called Billy and Mickey’s been reading up on The Doctor. He provided a useful tip in this episode too.

    Doctor: “Apart from him?”
    Rose: “Oh don’t you just love that?”

    The number Jackie called on The Doctor is 08081570980.

    In terms of chronology, it is 2005 or 2006?

    Doctor: “Would you mind not farting while I’m trying to save the world?”
    Joseph Green: “Would you rather silent but deadly?”

    Standout music: David Bowie’s “Star Man”, which is one of my favourite tracks from him.

    Something of a hokum start to the first of three two part episodes expected in Season One, there are some fine moments in “Aliens Of London” but most of them have to do with the domestics The Doctor is eager to avoid, rather than the alien threat itself. Next episode can only improve things.

  • The Doctor takes rose back home one year after she lrft. A UFO crashes in the river thames.

    A very good episode. It is great to see everybodys reaction when Rose turns up and when the spaceship lands in the thames. The slitheen are also pretty funny has they keep farting.This is very good episode and i would recommend it to all Doctor who fans. Cannot be missed.
  • Great fun, despite the farting.

    Significantly lighter in tone than most of the new series, Aliens of London is the first halve of a very vibrant, energetic two episode storyline that sees London become the crash site for an alien spaceship. There a nods back to the original series, the most notable being the mention of UNIT, the military team specializing in alien investigation from the 1970s Jon Pertwee era.

    This episode also introduces new alien the Slitheen, who would go on to appear in two more episodes of this season. The Slitheen are a controversial creature among Who fans, mainly because of their habit of farting, a characteristic explained in the script as a side effect of the alien’s human disguises, but one which many fans see as too childish for this show. While not a fan of fart jokes, I was willing to overlook this as a kids feature in a family show.

    The best thing about this episode is Christopher Eccleston. The actor, who in the past has played darker roles in films such as Elizabeth and 28 Days Later, seemed not entirely natural in his portrayal of the quirky, charming Doctor in the first couple of episodes. But in this he really settles into his new skin and rushes from scene to scene and line to line with a lot of ease and enjoyment.

  • Lacked the emotional resonance of the previous two.

    The tone of this episode was very inconsistent with the previous two, and in fact, even went beyond the first episode. A lighter story is fine when your main focus is character introduction (as in "Rose"), but contrasted with the previous two episodes, it made the series look less than what it was. Any attempts at trying to give the story more of a serious bent (like the Doctor grieving over the pig alien) fell flat, given the ridiculous nature of the story.

    While it was most likely necessary to re-introduce Rose's "real life" and remind us of those she left behind, doing it against such an absurd backdrop minimized the emotional impact. The story was confusing and the characters were all over the place. Setting it in the present day, when much more real threats have been taking place around the world, made it seem more ridiculous.

    Jackie and Mickey weren't such great characters to begin with, but seeing them for the first time in this story really emphasized how unnecessary they are. The series needs a serious threat, and the combination of the Doctor's superhuman capabilities and some aspect of Rose's humanity to defeat it. This had neither.
  • Ok, I know it was only part 1 of 2, but I thought it was appallingly awful.

    Ok, I know it was only part 1 of 2, but I thought it was appallingly awful. It basically bordered on the level of Claws of Axos or Timelash, or anything with Mel in it. Heck, forget that, it was on the level of the aforementioned stories. There are 4 major things that were bad about the episode...Farting aliens? Unforgivable. I mean that's what this will forever be remembered as, the farting aliens episode. Ugh. It wasn't even funny when they farted the first time. To repeat it endlessly...well, tasteless came to mind the first time, so insanity is probably the best word to use.

    Second, bringing back both Mickey and Rose's mom at once was probably not a wise idea. I mean nausea begins to set in it's so bad.

    The third major thing that bothered me was the Doctor's ordering around of the military people with that "code delta" junk. Terrible. It still really hasn't been established if that really was UNIT, there's a mention of it when they show some of the "alien experts" walking around on the Tardis scanner, but not yet with the military folks. So how was he able to order them around?

    Last, the pig brought back some cringeworthy memories of bad Dr. Who alien costumes. I know it was an altered real pig and not an's still not a valid excuse for a bad visual story idea that seemed beyond the BBC's abilities to really pull off visually. Survival comes to mind with the Cheetah-people. It was almost along those lines.

    Another thing that really bugged me was the Doctor's rant about this invasion being history, and that it's "officially" the first contact of humans with aliens...What sort of rubbish is that!?? Hmm, let's see, how many times has "modern day" humanity had "official" contact with aliens on Doctor Who??? I mean, it's just shocking that no one bothered to edit that rant out of the episode...Maybe it was just all a show for Rose so she wouldn't come with him when he went off to the place to investigate...but I'm thinking it's not.

    I have to say that this is the first true disappointment I've had with the new series, even more disappointing than Eccleston leaving. I will probably forever refer to this episode as the "farting aliens of london..."

    This episode makes me wonder if it was really a wise decision by the BBC to renew the series for another season after just one episode. I mean, didn't they stop to think, hmmm, what if 8 of the remaining stories are total disasters? Which is precisely the thought I had when they decided to renew it after just one episode had aired.

    Also, after having seen this, it's not all that shocking that Eccleston decided to leave after one season, if the quality falls off as drastically as this for the rest of the season...well, I know I'm likely to stop wasting my time downloading it, lol.

    I know what I'm saying may seem drastic, but I guess that's just how mad I am about it right now. I know every season and Doctor has a clunker story...maybe this is it and the remainder will even out. But for the first time, I'm really not looking forward all that much to the new episode this week. And I think that says a lot.

    There were a few minor positives about the story, I again liked how the Doctor still can't quite control the Tardis, and ended up being 12 months after Rose left, not 12 hours, lol. Unfortunately, the story fails to really take that idea and run, and instead gets caught up in...well, farting aliens.

    I liked the reference to the Doctor being 900 years old, although I would have thought he'd be older than that by this point.

    I also liked the "bad wolf" graffiti on the Tardis because in Unquiet Dead Gwyneth mentions something to Rose about the big bad wolf when she's reading her mind. And the forehead zipper thing, that was alright. Like I said before, has a Fury from the Deep feel almost.

    Rose's statement to Mickey the Doctor wasn't her boyfriend, because he was BETTER than a boyfriend was kinda interesting lol. Wonder what that's supposed to mean heh heh ;)

    The Slitheen's eyelid thing was sorta cool. But other than that, I felt they were totally forgettable as a new enemy. On a second viewing, it didn't seem quite as bad...At the same time the story is just a mess. In some scenes the Doctor has no idea what's going on, in other scenes he seems to know everything. It's very frustrating. I gave it a 31 out of 50.