Doctor Who

Season 5 Episode 7

Amy's Choice

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 15, 2010 on BBC America

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  • Amy's Choice

    Amy's Choice was a perfect and awesome episode of Doctor Who. I really enjoyed watching because the story writing was awesome, the character development was superb and there were many other intriguing details. I liked the Village where Rory and Amy lived though it seemed a little creepy. The scenery was beautiful. The nemesis The Dream Lord wove an interesting web of deception and it was hard to tell what was real and what was a dream. I liked how every thing played out and the ending was awesome. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • "Tall, dark hero?"

    The Doctor: Leave her alone.

    Dream Lord: Do that again. I love it when he does that. Tall, dark hero. "Leave her alone!"

    Uh, "Tall, dark hero?"

    Really? I don't want to be accused of "lookism," but Doctor Who #11 is a far cry from Captain Jack Harkness. The writers are being awfully flattering given the casting of Doctor Who #11. Actually, none of the Doctor Whos could be characterized as " leading men." Nerd Action Heroes are more like it. Chuck in "Chuck" or Hiro in "Heroes."

    Also, the relentless "gun control," or more accurately, "victim disarmament" moralizing gets really old, really fast. Not since McGyver has a TV series been so clearly hijacked by anti-gun ideologues.

    Were it not for the dead on "live and let live" message, I would have given this episode a 0 rating. As it is, I split the difference between a 10 and a 0, and gave it a score somewhere in between.

    On the plus side, the writers do show an admirable willingness to mock their own pretensions:

    The Doctor: Where did you pick up this cheap cabaret act?

    Dream Lord: Me? Oh, you're on shaky ground.

    The Doctor: Am I?

    Dream Lord: If you had any more tawdry quirks, you could open a tawdry quirk shop! The madcap vehicle, the cockamamie hair, the clothes designed by a first-year fashion student... I'm surprised you haven't got a little purple space dog, just to ram home what an intergalactic wag you are!

    Long overdue, much appreciated lampshading.
  • Out of power, out of control, and hurtling toward a cold star the Tardis is invaded by the Dream Lord; a menace that frightens even the Doctor. Facing two deadly realities ultimately Amy must decide the fate of them all.

    Out of power, out of control, and hurtling toward a cold star the Tardis is invaded by the Dream Lord; a menace that frightens even the Doctor. Facing two deadly realities ultimately Amy must decide the fate of them all.

    A well balanced and scripted addition, Amy's choice was intriging and entertaining.

    References to the Doctors personal details, as discussed in a conversation between the Dream Lord and Amy, suggest we may just yet get to see more back-story on the Doctor himself.

    This episode raises all sorts of trust issues with Amy and also revealed a well of doubt within the Doctor as the Dream Lord bluted out all his darkest thoughts.

    It also re-inforced the Doctors need for companions and resolved the Amy, Doc, Rory love triangle in a romantically quirky way.

    Overall one of the better written eps so far with so much more going on under the surface. The action playing second to a dialog of which we have never really been treated before.
  • Oh, great, so it wasn't just luck.

    I mean, the two parter was good, Vampires in Venice was classic, but even a broken watch and so on. Third time's the charm, and Doctor Who managed to hit the mark again. Sure, the premise of the episode is almost mandatory for every sci-fi show out there, but the writing was superb, funny, self referential and very well paced and the cast was just brilliant.

    From a purely mechanical perspective, the episode was filler. It's meant to establish Rory as a proper and willing companion, to mercifully and timely put an end to the love triangle and move things to post-Rose status so that we can all go on with our lives and Doctor Who can get back to adventuring. But it felt like more than that. In fact, it did a great job of connecting with that novelization feel that Human Nature also nailed. It didn't feel like a TV series, or an action movie, it felt like a story about the characters. A pulpy yellowish book you may have read under a blanket as a kid. Also, old people as alien zombies. That has to count for something.
  • A bit boring, yet adventurous at the same time.

    Who'd have thought they'd do an episode reflecting Amy's releationships between the Doctor and Rory?
    The appearance of the psychic pollen's avatar, Dream Lord is leading to another theory. Does this manifestation of the Doctor's self-loathing gain a physical form during the Doctor's 12 regeneration, thus becoming the Valeyard? It was hard to guess who he was andwhy he dressed in the likeness of the Eleventh Doctor. Could how the Doctor is 'the bigger person' in his confrontaton's have made the Dream Lord short since he was a combination of all the Doctor's darker feelings?
    This is the first time since the End of Time to have a time gap between episodes if anyone else noticed
  • Not my favorite episode but I'm glad they did it.

    It seems like shows are forever throwing their characters together and then keeping them apart in order to create sexual tension that (supposedly) keeps the viewers coming back for more. Not only does this detract from the rest of the show but its getting old. And yet, it looked like the Doctor, Amy and Rory were becoming a love triangle. AWKWARD. In this episode Doctor Who takes the high ground, and establishes Rory and Amy as a steadfast pair which keeps the show on track and sets things up nicely for the rest of the series. Thank you, writers!
  • Amy Choice the comments the Doctor and Rory where given her about her bump where just the best 'you were all elephanty' 'now we all know there's an elephant in the room'

    Amy Choice the comments the Doctor and Rory where given her about her bump where just the best
    'You've swallowed a planet!'
    'you were all elephanty'
    'now we all know there's an elephant in the room'
    'you're huge'
    thanks doctor who adventures for them

    but come on can doctor who get any better it was the 7 episode in the series out of 13 i loved the old people trying to get them like the little old lady with the axe well done doctor who lol
    they put so much work in to it they spend so much time making the series and i hate it when people just turn round and say ' you know Doctor who i hate it it's so boring'
    well i say if u hate it dont watch it then
  • Doctor Poo and the invasion of the pensioners

    This is a story about the Doctor, Amy, and Rory stuck in a nightmare world by the Dream Lord.

    The real nightmare is that there is a villain killing Doctor Who, and his name is Steven Moffat.

    Steven Moffat may be a skilled writer on other shows, but his sci-fi is very poor, and his Doctor Who plots are going from bad to worse. Honestly the doctor versus the old people, it should have been funny, but the joke fell flat. Rather like Matt Smith as the Doctor.

    Matt Smith is out of his depth as the Doctor, and it does not help that they keep giving him David Tennent style dialogue. David Tennent would have them rolling in the aisles with a quip about invasion of the pensioners. Not Matt thought, he was too busy playing it dead pan.

    I was a fan of David Tennent as the Doctor, but even then they were giving David Tennent weak plots, and relying on the actor to carry the show.

    Matt Smith simply cannot carry the show, especially with the weak writing.

    Karen Gillian's tasty assistant Amy Pond, is doing more to carry the show than Matt Smith as the doctor.

    Also who is that anonymous bloke they have tagging along, does anyone care?

    Finally the Russell T Davies plot device of fooling the audience into thinking that exciting things were happening by keeping the Doctor and his assistant running all the time does not work if neither of them can actually run!

    Matt Smith and Karen Gillian both run like big girls.

    It's lucky that the villains in this episode were pensioners in zimmer frames, because anyone faster would have caught them.
  • Great idea, disappointing script.

    Upon seeing the trailer for this episode I was so looking forward to this one but after seeing it, I felt it was disappointing. The idea of chosing between fantasy and reality was a great idea for a story yet it wasted so many good opportunities. It could have explored the paranoia of what is real and what isn't. (12 Monkeys film for example did this brilliantly as did The Matrix) Why didn't the Doctor just ask Amy what memories she had during her last 5 years of marriage?

    Dreams are usually surreal so why not make them in this episode? (see The Deadly Assasin & The Celestial Toymaker) It also just seemed like they just had to put the monsters in because Dr Who has to have monsters for the kids. Yes, this one was a low budget episode but all the more for a stronger drama script like the original series to overcome the budget limitations. The fans will love it no doubt, everyone else will find it a little bit silly in places.
  • Amy is forced to choose between the men in her life (NOTE: Episode is not as boring as it sounds)

    All too often Doctor Who can just run away with itself, piling plot idea upon plot idea until the whole thing looks like a pile of fan-fiction with the pages out of order. Take 'The Beast Below', which is probably my least favourite episode of this series so far, compounding monstrous fairground attractions, Queen Elizabeth X, children getting dropped into a furnace for doing poorly on a test, the whole 'forget' or 'protest' thing, and a Star Whale, all done with a cheeky bit of Churchill in the time left over.

    By contrast 'Amy's Choice' managed the sci-fi side of things really nicely and with restraint. Developing the idea slowly and steadily through-out the episode and exploring the idea to create perilous situations. I was continually left guessing as to which was the real world. It was self-aware but affectionately so, asking which of the two typically ridiculous Doctor Who plots was the dream, which the Doctor echoed brilliantly in one of his final lines; "Star burning cold! Do me a favour!"

    Toby Jones was pitch-perfect as the monster-of-the-week Dreamlord, always popping up in costume to ridicule his victims. Moreover, whilst the cause of all the trouble did feel like a bit of a cop-out, the identity of the Dreamlord was a twist I didn't see coming. Not that there weren't clues mind you, which made it seem like a really excellently executed (not to mention illuminating) character study of the Doctor. But what made this episode a real stand-out was the non-sci-fi side of things. The integration of Amy's struggle to choose between the Doctor and Rory was done seemlessly, leading to a genuine heartfelt realisation. I would have expected to enjoy an episode about Amy having boy troubles about as much as an episode where Donna makes out with a Sontaran for the entire 45-minute duration.

    'Amy's Choice' narrowly edges out 'The Time of Angels' (which was frankly devalued by the disappointing 'Flesh and Stone') as my favourite episode of this series so far; great acting from Smith, Gillan and Jones, great sci-fi, genuinely funny and genuinely moving. And let's not forget the perverse joy of watching a pensioner being kicked off a second-story roof by a pregnant women. If that isn't Art then I don't know what is.
  • The Old People are away! Wait...did that sentence make sense?!!!!

    It seems as though this series of Doctor Who has most definitely found it's footing. "Amy's Choice" was fantastic. Since the Weeping Angels 2-parter we have been having good episodes non-stop. I think we are at the point now where we are getting used to Steven Moffat's way of doing things AND getting used to Matt Smith as The Doctor.

    I have always liked Doctor Who stories that have a lot to do with the Companion but still lots of the Doctor, rather than those episodes we occasionally get the focus primarily on one or the other. Even though this story had lots of all three main characters, Amy Pond was centre stage and she was amazing.

    The Dreamlord was probably one of the most creative villains we have had so far, considering he was really the Doctor anyway. I also enjoyed the dilemma as to which reality was real and then the twist at the end. As far as creativity goes though, this episode was bursting with it, the Cold Star and the Old People with psychotic aliens inside them, which I will admit, reminded me of the Goa'uld from Stargate.

    The fact the Amy made the decision in the end and the reason WHY she made the choice was another great part of the story. The only real complaint I have about this episode, is that while we did get a few references to things that have come before in Doctor Who, like companions and stuff, I feel we didn't have enough of them, a story like this is the prefect opportunity for some huge references and maybe even some cameos. Saying that though, it doesn't make much difference to the story though because it's fine as it is, and for the first time this series, I don't think it felt rushed at all, it was very nicely paced and almost felt like an episode of Classic Doctor Who, like Tom Baker or something.

    One of the things I enjoyed most though was Rory's stupidity. It's nice to have a companion that is a bit of a Melon-Head but is still very good and brilliant at the same time. Rory is just like the Top Gear thing, all three of those presenters are morons, but there great none the less. Rory is no different, he's a bit of a twit, but I like him that way, considering that it helps the story, and he is still capable of doing some great things. I am hoping though, that we will get to see more of his braver side that we saw in both "Amy's Choice" and "The Vampires of Venice", not to mention more of his obvious discomfort towards the Doctor.

    This episode was one of the many recent ones to recapture the true feel of Doctor Who that has been missing since last years "Planet of the Dead". I sincerely hope things continue that way, especially with another 2-parter coming up.
  • Amy's choice... in more ways then one!

    What an episode. First of all, the villain was inspired. The "Dream Lord" was such a cool, creepy villain, but with a dash of humor in the mix, and his true identity was a real shock, though it did make sense in a way (who else would have known the Doctor that well?) But in the end, it was Amy who shined. I'll admit, her actions in "Flesh and Stone" had me feeling like she was a little too promiscuous, and that she might actually call off her engagement to Rory in favor of travelling with the Doctor, but consider my mind changed. When it looked like Rory had died, she was truely heartbroken. As she set out to kill herself and the Doctor in the dream Leadworth, she still didn't know which world was real or not, but she didn't care, as she had realised that she couldn't live without Rory. She had finally decided between the two men in her life, but too late, it would have seemed. Once back to reality, she and Rory shared a heartwarming reconcilliation. I don't know about everyone else, but I quite like the Amy/Rory pairing, and I'm hoping we'll actually get to see that wedding of theirs someday.
  • The Doctor, Amy and Rory find themselves slipping between two realities - one set five years after Amy, now pregnant, travelled with the Doctor; and another with the TARDIS crashing into a frozen sun. One of the best of the season...

    The Doctor, Amy and Rory find themselves slipping between two realities - one set five years after Amy, now pregnant, travelled with the Doctor; and another with the TARDIS crashing into a frozen sun. One of the best of the season… When I first heard the synopsis of 'Amy's Choice', I was slightly apprehensive. Any episode that features Amy – the best modern 'Who' companion by far IMO – had to be fairly good, but for some reason I was worried that it was going to be a "soap opera" episode, something that, as mentioned in some of my previous reviews, I felt blighted many Russell T. Davies era episodes. I need not have feared – 'Amy's Choice' turns out to be one of the best episodes of the season thus far.

    There are many great things about this episode, but the best thing by far – as has been the case with all of (New) Series Five, is the top-notch performances by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. I still can't fully buy into the relationship between Amy and Rory – at most, they seem more like brother and sister than lovers – but in fairness, Arthur Darvill also puts in a very good performance in this episode.

    I wasn't too sure about the 'Dream Lord' – he felt to me like a cross between a b-rate '60s TV 'Batman' villain, and Q from various incarnations of 'Star Trek'. Part of me wonders if they should have gone for a more flamboyant actor to play him, but then, I think that the whole idea was that he appears so plain.
    He serves as a good plot device (if that's the right term) to enable this story, but at the same time, I hope he isn't used too much in the series.

    The "zombie old people" (possessed, naturally, by alien beings) are fun, even if they do remind me a lot of the 'Father Ted' episode 'Night of the Nearly Dead' (which also featured old ladies in 'Night of the Living Dead'-esque manner).

    As with the majority of Series Five episodes we've seen thus far (bar the way over-crammed 'Victory of the Daleks'), the plot is stretched a bit, but then, as with most Series Five episodes, the great performances and many wonderful moments more than make up for this.

    For an episode I was somewhat apprehensive about, I'm pleased to say that 'Amy's Choice' is instantly one of my modern-'Who' favourites. I can imagine this will be a like it or loathe it episode with many people, but I hope to see it reach the fan favourite ranking it probably deserves.
    A couple of minor niggles (stretched plot and bit silly villain) stop this one getting a solid 10, but I like this one enough to give it a very decent 9.5. If the rest of Series Five is anywhere near as good as 'Amy's Choice', I'll be a very happy fan.
  • Finally a pickle that humbles the Doctor...for a bit anyway

    Given how boring the last 6 episodes have been this was remarkably quite interesting to watch. I would say that it was because the doctor talked less. I am sure by now all of you must know how annoying the Doctor can get once he starts spewing stuff that makes no sense but this time whatever he said actually did! I also labeled Rory as a boring third wheel which he was in the last episode but this time around he was actually a welcome relief and I actually enjoyed his performance.

    So this time the writers dabble with love and the dream world. Coming to grip with reality and what not, and how to figure out which isn't. Almost like a game of clue and just when we thought the gang had it figured it out, there was always the next step which only the Doctor could have figured it out, and he does.

    This would have been episode could have been a lot less fun had Rory not been there. He character almost made it fun to watch, especially his John Smith look in one the dream states so because of him, I am going to say this episode was fun to watch.