Doctor Who

Season 5 Episode 7

Amy's Choice

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 15, 2010 on BBC America
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It's been five years since Amy Pond last traveled with the Doctor, and when he lands in her garden again, on the eve of the birth of her first child, she finds herself facing a heartbreaking choice – one that will change her life for ever.

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  • Amy's Choice

    Amy's Choice was a perfect and awesome episode of Doctor Who. I really enjoyed watching because the story writing was awesome, the character development was superb and there were many other intriguing details. I liked the Village where Rory and Amy lived though it seemed a little creepy. The scenery was beautiful. The nemesis The Dream Lord wove an interesting web of deception and it was hard to tell what was real and what was a dream. I liked how every thing played out and the ending was awesome. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • "Tall, dark hero?"

    The Doctor: Leave her alone.

    Dream Lord: Do that again. I love it when he does that. Tall, dark hero. "Leave her alone!"

    Uh, "Tall, dark hero?"

    Really? I don't want to be accused of "lookism," but Doctor Who #11 is a far cry from Captain Jack Harkness. The writers are being awfully flattering given the casting of Doctor Who #11. Actually, none of the Doctor Whos could be characterized as " leading men." Nerd Action Heroes are more like it. Chuck in "Chuck" or Hiro in "Heroes."

    Also, the relentless "gun control," or more accurately, "victim disarmament" moralizing gets really old, really fast. Not since McGyver has a TV series been so clearly hijacked by anti-gun ideologues.

    Were it not for the dead on "live and let live" message, I would have given this episode a 0 rating. As it is, I split the difference between a 10 and a 0, and gave it a score somewhere in between.

    On the plus side, the writers do show an admirable willingness to mock their own pretensions:

    The Doctor: Where did you pick up this cheap cabaret act?

    Dream Lord: Me? Oh, you're on shaky ground.

    The Doctor: Am I?

    Dream Lord: If you had any more tawdry quirks, you could open a tawdry quirk shop! The madcap vehicle, the cockamamie hair, the clothes designed by a first-year fashion student... I'm surprised you haven't got a little purple space dog, just to ram home what an intergalactic wag you are!

    Long overdue, much appreciated lampshading.moreless
  • Amy's Love

    It's pritty much Doctor Who doing "Abres Los Ojos" (translation: Open Your Eyes) like in that movie it was one that really messed with your perception of reality. This concept isn't new and has been done on numerious shows but this is one of those ones actually done right.

    I really like how the episode is constantly pulling the rug from under your feet, there are times when I'm not completely sure which reality is real. I find it funny that the Doctor regards the "Anne in Green Gables" like enviorment that may or may not be real as a living Hell. I emphasize with those feelings because country enviorments bore the hell out of me, really what the heck does everyone do all day other than play Checkers, let alone even go there's no "Video Game" or "Comic Book" store around now that's scary. The evil aliens they have to deal with are good and creepy, their sort of zombie like.

    However the true strength of the episode is that it's more of a character drama.

    I really liked Rory in this episode, I like the fact that he wishes that the "Anne in Green Gables" enviorment is real because he desires the quiet life, not just the fact that there he's not a male nurse anymore but a Doctor but just simply that he want to have a family with his true love. I can really emphasize with Rory, don't get me wrong I do love adventure but it's not something I can or want to do everyday let alone 24.7 it's exausting. Rory's also got another point who really does want to deal with monsters and evil aliens that want to kill you everyday, it's a wonder how no hero/superhero ever suffers from post tramatic stress disorder at the amount they dealt with. However I really love the profound and sweet moment with him when he says to Amy, it doesn't mater where he goes or even what kinda life he has as long as he's with Amy. I felt that's another part of what love is, if you love for the other is really true then nothing else really matters.

    The Dream Lord villian that is great played brilliantly by Toby Jones, he's my third favorate villian. The Dream Lord villian sort of reminds of the super villian Mxyzpixilate from "Superman", like that villian he's sort of a surgar coated version of The Devil that wants to just make the protagonists life a living hell for no reason as well as destroy him in the proscess by messing up his mind. I like how his villian is smug, misgevious, essentric, kinda funny, but also menicing as he presents some things about the Doctor that are a punch in the gut because their true. And the fact that the Dream Lord is the antisis of the Doctor makes him all the more dangerous because there are times where he was actually able to back the doctor in a corrner which is something successfully does toward his enimies. But also the Dream Lord claims he's gained more power over the years, so it really makes me worred about the Doctor's psyche.

    And finally really liked Amy in this episode she really was at her emotional best. I really like how it was all up to her in the end not to make a choice as to what is real and what isn't but it was really who she wanted to be with for the rest of her life. I like the fact that this episode has exterminated the love triagle with the Doctor, Rory, and her, and solidfied Amy and Rory as a genuine couple. I personally didn't want her to hook up with the Doctor, that woudn't feel right that would be Ron and Hermime all over again that pair blows. I like the chemistry between both Amy and Rory the best because both have more history together than the doctor.

    A life without the one you love can never be real.

  • Out of power, out of control, and hurtling toward a cold star the Tardis is invaded by the Dream Lord; a menace that frightens even the Doctor. Facing two deadly realities ultimately Amy must decide the fate of them all.moreless

    Out of power, out of control, and hurtling toward a cold star the Tardis is invaded by the Dream Lord; a menace that frightens even the Doctor. Facing two deadly realities ultimately Amy must decide the fate of them all.

    A well balanced and scripted addition, Amy's choice was intriging and entertaining.

    References to the Doctors personal details, as discussed in a conversation between the Dream Lord and Amy, suggest we may just yet get to see more back-story on the Doctor himself.

    This episode raises all sorts of trust issues with Amy and also revealed a well of doubt within the Doctor as the Dream Lord bluted out all his darkest thoughts.

    It also re-inforced the Doctors need for companions and resolved the Amy, Doc, Rory love triangle in a romantically quirky way.

    Overall one of the better written eps so far with so much more going on under the surface. The action playing second to a dialog of which we have never really been treated before.moreless
  • Oh, great, so it wasn't just luck.

    I mean, the two parter was good, Vampires in Venice was classic, but even a broken watch and so on. Third time's the charm, and Doctor Who managed to hit the mark again. Sure, the premise of the episode is almost mandatory for every sci-fi show out there, but the writing was superb, funny, self referential and very well paced and the cast was just brilliant.

    From a purely mechanical perspective, the episode was filler. It's meant to establish Rory as a proper and willing companion, to mercifully and timely put an end to the love triangle and move things to post-Rose status so that we can all go on with our lives and Doctor Who can get back to adventuring. But it felt like more than that. In fact, it did a great job of connecting with that novelization feel that Human Nature also nailed. It didn't feel like a TV series, or an action movie, it felt like a story about the characters. A pulpy yellowish book you may have read under a blanket as a kid. Also, old people as alien zombies. That has to count for something.moreless
Audrey Ardington

Audrey Ardington

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Toby Jones

Toby Jones

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Joan Linder

Joan Linder

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Arthur Darvill

Arthur Darvill


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  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Several of the Dream Lord's outfits reflect aspects of the Doctor's character and personality: *In the care home, he is dressed like a medic, reflecting the "healer" aspect.
      *Outside the castle he is dressed like the "lord of the manor", reflecting the fact that the Doctor is a Time Lord. *In the butcher's shop, he is dressed like a butcher (Davros referred to the Doctor having "butchered millions" in Journey's End).
      *The "lothario" outfit he appears in while talking to Amy reflects the Doctor's sexual nature, which has been referred to many times in the new series.
      *When riding in the van, he is wearing a race car driver's outfit, reflecting the "challenger of limits" aspect.

    • The Dream Lord says to the Doctor "I bet you're the sort of flop-haired wuss who's a vegetarian!" The Doctor adopted a vegetarian diet after the events of the Sixth Doctor storyline The Two Doctors, but, circa Boom Town, seemed to have abandoned it.

    • The old folks home is called "Sarn Residential Care Home". Sarn was the name of the planet in the Fifth Doctor serial Planet of Fire.

    • The Valeyard
      The Dream Lord being a semi-physical manifestation of the Doctor's suppressed dark emotions is similar to the character of the Valeyard from the Sixth Doctor story arc The Trial of a Time Lord. The Valeyard is a distillation of the Doctor's evil side: a potential dark version who might exist around his twelfth and final incarnation.

    • The box under the TARDIS console the Doctor opens has the following inscription:

      "TARDIS. Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Build Site: Gallifrey Blackhole Shipyard. Type 40. Build date: 1963. Authorised for use by qualified Time Lords only by the Shadow Proclamation. Misuse or theft of any TARDIS will result in extreme penalties and permanent exile."

    • The Doctor initially believes that the shared dream is due to the TARDIS jumping a time track. The First Doctor and his companions jumped a time track in The Space Museum, and encountered their future selves frozen and on display.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Amy: Put these on. Both of you.
      Rory: Oh. A poncho. The biggest crime against fashion since lederhosen.
      Amy: Ah. Here we go. Ah, my boys, my poncho boys. If we're going to die, let's die looking like a Peruvian folk band.

    • The Doctor: Amy, why don't you take a guess at what... that is.
      Amy: Umm, Dream Lord. He creates dreams.
      The Doctor: Dreams, delusions, cheap tricks.
      Dream Lord: And what about the gooseberry here? Does he get a guess?
      Rory: Uhh, listen, mate. If anyone's the gooseberry around here, it's the Doctor.
      Dream Lord: Well, there's a delusion I'm not responsible for.

    • Dream Lord: Let's all jump under a bus and wake up in the TARDIS. You first.
      The Doctor: Leave her alone.
      Dream Lord: Do that again. I love it when he does that. Tall, dark hero. "Leave her alone!"
      Rory: Just leave her.
      Dream Lord: Yes, you're not quite so impressive.

    • Dream Lord: Love's a red-head, our naughty Doctor. Has he told you about Elizabeth the First? Well, she thought she was the first.

    • Amy: And you had a nightmare about... us. What happened to us in the nightmare?
      The Doctor: It was a bit similar in some aspects.
      Rory: Which aspects?
      The Doctor: Well... all of it.
      Amy: You had the same dream.
      The Doctor: Basically.
      Rory: You said it was a nightmare.
      The Doctor: Did I say nightmare? No, more of a really good... mare.

    • The Doctor: Well I wanted to see how you were. You know me, I don't just abandon people when they leave the TARDIS. It's Time Lords for life. You don't get rid of your old pal the Doctor so easily.
      Amy: You came here by mistake, didn't you?
      Doctor: Yeah, a bit of a mistake, but look, what a result! Look at this... (motions to Amy's stomach) bench, what a nice bench. What will they think of next?

    • The Doctor: I told you, trust nothing we see or hear or feel. Look around you, examine everything. Look for all the details that don't ring true.
      Rory: Okay, well, we're in a spaceship that's bigger on the inside than the outside...
      Amy: ...with a bowtie-wearing alien...
      Rory: maybe "what rings true" isn't so simple.

    • The Doctor: There's something that doesn't make sense. Let's go and poke it with a stick.

    • Amy: (regarding Rory): Save him. You save everyone, you always do, that's what you do.
      The Doctor: Not always. I'm sorry.
      Amy: Then what is the point of you?

    • Dream Lord: (to the Doctor/Amy/Rory): Tweet, tweet, time to sleep. Oh, or are you waking up?

    • Dream Lord: Poor Amy. [The Doctor] He always leaves you, doesn't he? Alone in the dark, never apologises...
      Amy: He doesn't have to.
      Dream Lord: That's good, because he never will.

    • The Doctor: Now, we all know there's an elephant in the room.
      Amy: I have to be this size; I'm having a baby!
      The Doctor: No, no. The hormones seem real, but no. Is anyone going to mention Rory's ponytail? (to Amy) You hold him down, I'll cut it off.
      Rory: This from the man in the bowtie?
      The Doctor: Bowties are cool.

    • Dream Lord: Now then, the prognosis is this: if you die in the dream, you wake up in reality, healthy recovery in next to no time. Ask me what happens if you die in reality.
      Rory: What happens?
      Dream Lord: You die, stupid. That's why it's called "reality".

    • The Doctor: Where did you pick up this cheap cabaret act?
      Dream Lord: Me? Oh, you're on shaky ground.
      The Doctor: Am I?
      Dream Lord: If you had any more tawdry quirks, you could open a tawdry quirk shop! The madcap vehicle, the cockamamie hair, the clothes designed by a first-year fashion student... I'm surprised you haven't got a little purple space dog, just to ram home what an intergalactic wag you are!

    • Amy: (about the TARDIS) Shall I run and get the manual?
      The Doctor: You can't. I threw it into a supernova.
      Amy: You threw the manual into a supernova? Why?
      The Doctor: Because I disagreed with it. Stop talking to me when I'm cross!

    • The Doctor: You've swallowed a planet!
      Amy: I'm pregnant.
      The Doctor: You're huge!
      Amy: Yeah, I'm pregnant!
      The Doctor: Look at you: when worlds collide!
      Amy: Doctor, I'm pregnant.
      The Doctor: Oh, look at you both. Five years later, and you haven't changed a bit! Apart from age, and size...
      Amy: Oh, it's good to see you, Doctor.
      The Doctor: ...are you pregnant?

  • NOTES (1)


    • Amy: That's why I got pregnant, so I don't have to be seen in Oklahoma!.
      Referencing the musical written by Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein II. It was initially a stage show which was adapted for film in 1955. The movie starred Gordon MacRae and Shirley Jones as the lead characters, Curly and Laurey. It contained a dream sequence in which Laurey dreams of what marriage to Curly would be like. When Curley is killed in her dream, it makes her realise that he is the man for her. Amy reaches the same conclusion when Rory is killed in the dream world.