Doctor Who

Season 7 Episode 1

Asylum of the Daleks

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 01, 2012 on BBC America

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  • joke dalek

    the dalek is the squid in the the tin pepperpot not the thing that that moves about, why would the most ruthless race in the universe have an asylum or even a parliament. they are mutants anything not fitting their ideal is exterminated, for further explanation see second story of so called classic doctor who and then ask yourself who wrote the story for this travesty.
  • Dalek Asylum Made Me Laugh!

    The whole story was a joke! Daleks have been destroying Daleks for decades! With no problem! So ALL OF A SUDDEN they have a problem with this? Why? Because Steven Moffat has no respect for the history of Doctor Who! He practically spat on every classic fan with this vile story of his. The ONLY emotions Daleks have EVER had were HATE AND ANGER! That's it! No Fear! No appreciation of beauty! Moffat continually makes a mockery of any character he didn't create. (Oh wait, he's actually did unintentionally make a mockery of his Angels. lol) When they scream at the Doctor is past episodes it is NOT done with fear but with anger! (shaking head)

    Sadly he had all of the original Daleks but didn't bother putting them in the cells bearing their name. Instead putting new era Daleks instead. Go figure. And again, if a Dalek malfunctioned, No Dalek would hesitate to destroy it!

    Oh and speaking of DESTROYING THINGS, How the Heck did they get to Skaro?! The 7th Doctor destroyed Skaro in 'Remembrance of the Daleks'. And there was no dialogue indicating that they traveled to a time before that. If it isn't in the dialogue, IT DOESN'T EXIST!

    But this is classic Moffat! He just ignores the past except when he wants to steal from it!

    (A) A crack that removes a person from time and space. (5th season)

    (B) Demat gun which removes a person from time and space. The 4th Dr used this gun to fight against the Sontarans. 'Invasion of Time'.

    (A) The Silence have been influencing the development of the Human Race for thousands of years. And the Doctor is livid! (6th Season)

    (B) The Daemons have been coming and going to Earth for thousands of years, influencing the development of the Human Race. 'The Daemons' And the 3rd Dr Couldn't have cared less. lol

    (A) The 11th Dr wears a bow tie, acts befuddled and has (had) a Scottish Companion.

    (B) The 2nd Dr wore a bow tie, acted befuddled and had a Scottish Companion.

    The Daleks do NOT belong to a hive. They are part Kaled, and part machine. They were mutated and had every emotion removed except Hatred and Anger! This was according to Davros! The one who created them in the first place! 'Genesis of the Daleks'.

    Who the heck does Moffat think he is?

    I laughed at how Moffat THANKED the reporters for not revealing any "spoilers". What spoilers?! There was nothing for them to spoil! Moffat does a good enough job of that himself, anyway. lol

    And let me guess, Clara or whatever name she travels with the Dr with, will be meeting the Dr out of order! WOW! Like we haven't seen that before.

    Oh wait! We have! First companion to meet the Dr out of order was Melonie Bush! The Melonie that The Master brought to the Gallifrey space station to testify on the Sixth Doctor's behalf, had already traveled with some time with the Dr, BUT this was his first meeting, ever of her.

    Next (YAWN) was River. A character who started out so promising in the library and then quickly deteriorated into a sick twisted joke! She became a sociopath or we found out just how sick and twisted and cold-blooded she was, the further back into her past we went. And then that sick puke held the entire universe hostage(unless the Dr married her) and some sick mentally unbalanced fans see nothing wrong with this?!

    Thankfully that sick farce of a marriage ended the minute that alternative timeline ended! Even if some extremely immature fans can't accept this reality. lol

    Moffat needs to be fired!

    He puts sexually sick jokes into the dialogue of River Song, that are about as subtle as a sledgehammer falling on one's foot.

    Of course the solution for emotionally immature fools is to simply stop watching! BRILLIANT! Stop watching a show that I have loved for over 30 YEARS?! Those so-called fans are insane! The solution is NOT for me or the millions of disgusted fans to "stop watching" The ONLY INTELLIGENT solution is for the BBC to grow up and fire Moffat and NOT let him pick his successor!

  • Asylum of the Daleks Review

    I was expecting more. The design of everything was exactly what i thought it would be but the episode itself was not. I love the Parliament of the Daleks scene. It was big and filled with excitement even though it didn't have any exciting parts. It was more of a sitting on the edge of your seat kind of moment. I was expecting for the entire episode to be a kind of sitting on the edge of your seat episode, but it was not. It was kind of slow. It had exciting moments but the episode was not exciting. Also, Amy and Rory don't do much in this episode. They figure out a bunch of stuff but don't have big roles. Neither do the Daleks. The Daleks are not shown in this episode much because it is centered around the Doctor and Oswin. Oswin is an amazing character and i am shocked that Jenna Louise Coleman was in this episode. Oswin was so smart and clever and sweet and just made me laugh so much. I love her. I can't wait to see her as the Doctor's new companion.
  • Wow - just wow.

    Words cannot describe this episode. Not only my favourite episode of Doctor Who, but also potentially my favourite episode of any TV show. Ever. Bam. It was that good. We were promised a shock twist moments after the opening titles and blimey did Moffat deliver. Sneaking the new companion into the show, a few months early, under the radar, only to then reveal her to be a Dalek AND kill her off was pure genius and the sheer cheek of it is incredible. And more than that. Jenna-Louise's biggest impact wasn't simply the fact she was in it. Because she stole the show. She was brilliantly funny, gorgeous and the final scenes with her and the Doctor are truly heart-breaking. Away from the Oswin twist, the Daleks were at their best, scarier than they've been under Moffat and the final twist of them all screaming Doctor Who is inspired. Matt Smith is fantastic as ever and Karen and Arthur are both brilliant, with the Amy/Rory side-story deflecting nothing from the gusto of the episode and managing to be both poignant and touching. After 9 months of Who and the frankly awful The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe, i was worried Who would not be at its best. But boy, was I wrong.
  • A clever title goes here!

    I thought this episode brought another bit of what Amelia holds so guarded to light. Sure, yes, she can adopt. But I think it was nice to hear that a character didn't just jump to adoption upon learning they were unable to have any more children. It takes time (often a VERY long time to get over this and the feelings of inadequacy.) And I liked the presentation of how flawed and human Amy actually is, not this Stepford smiler, super-heroine without one defect she tries to present herself as at times. She decided for Rory but did so out of good intentions. This was very human and it showed how deeply she cares for her husband. A deep demonstration of her love instead of her usual heroism or more physical manner of demonstrating affection. *shrug* I thought it was nice.
  • Crazy Daleks are just like Regular Daleks

    I was kinda disappointed by this one to be honest. I felt that a planet full of crazy Daleks should have kicked the creepy factor up to 11. But instead they were just damaged Daleks who were less freaky than a regular Dalek. I also wasn't a fan of the trouble between the Ponds. It felt too 'this conflict is pasted on, yay' vibe to me. If they really wanted to sell it, like them separating was a real possibility then the resolution shouldn't have been so easy.

    That said, I liked the human Daleks. It makes me wonder when the Daleks decided that was an appropriate use of tech considering their previous obsession with Dalek purity.
  • Hdhshdj

    Good intersrsting
  • A welcome return to Doctor Who

    (Spoilers ahead.)

    There's a lot to like about this new season, here's some of the things I enjoyed about the first episode of the latest season of Doctor Who. I'll talk about the technical side of things first, then move on to the story elements.

    Since season 5, Doctor Who has been noticeably more beautifully shot. But now they're playing with angles and being more creative with the camera in more ways than they ever have, and it really helps create the mood. Not only that, but they're using focus in visually pleasing ways. Not only does it look fantastic, but it does give the show a more identifiable tone and otherworldly feel, which I think is imperative for a sci-fi.

    It looks like Doctor Who has got a big boost to it's production values too. Often TV will trail behind movies with their effects and sets, but Asylum of the Daleks show off some of the best I've effects seen in TV. Skaro looked fantastic, along with the Asylum, the Parliament, and the rest of the visual effects. It's important in sci-fi to not be removed from the world that the creators and writers are trying to immerse you in, and I think Asylum of the Daleks really kept us immersed in a believable looking world.

    The music was great as always. There's some nice new compositions. I really enjoyed the dark eerie piece that played in the opening scene on Skaro. It really raised the tension. If there was one fault, I would say that the music seemed misplaced in the scene where Rory looks out the window to see where they are. Perhaps something different should have been used? But that's just me.

    Matt, Karen and Arthur have brought the characters of the Doctor, Amy, and Rory to life and are characters that I will remember for a long time. Their characters have developed since season 6, which has shifted the character dynamics in this episode considerably. The character dynamic between Rory and Amy was particularly interesting, and also resulted in particularly darker topics than we are used to on Doctor Who being brought up. It was refreshing and dramatic, but also heartbreaking. Perhaps even more so interesting is the noticeable change in dynamic between Amy and Doctor. No longer is she the girl who was once so dependent on the Doctor. She seems irritated and angry, and reminds The Doctor that life goes on when he's not around.

    However, Jenna-Louise Coleman stole the show as Oswin. She was great. Wonderfully written, and perfectly brought to life by Coleman's performance. She's a real joyful character and almost nothing can get her down. You can tell The Doctor really liked her also. What was interesting was how they almost had her character break the fourth wall. It was almost like she was talking to us as she looked directly into the camera. I loved it!

    The story itself led to some really awesome moments. It was fun and funny (Rory's first interactions with the Daleks. The reversing Dalek). Had some intense action (Being chased by Daleks or Dalek Puppet is never fun). Frightening (Amy blindly wondering out into a swarm of Daleks, Rory sneaking past all those seemingly dead Daleks.) And there some emotional, tear jerking scenes (Rory and Amy's time alone, and the final scene with Oswin).

    Overall I'm giving this episode a 9.5. A highly enjoyable return to the series.
  • Absolute Rubbish

    Another typical Moffat episode, absolute rubbish.

    Plot holes you could fly a spaceship through, no regard given to the continuity of the shows history, a plot twist you could see coming a mile off.

    The sooner Moffat is sacked the better.
  • end the suffering

    There were some good points to last Sat episode but alas, Moffy has a genius at ruining his own story.

    pjones40 was correct. The Seventh Doctor caused the Hand of Omega in Remembrance to cause the sun of Skaro to go super-nova which would have completely destroyed the planet.

    Maybe Moffy should spend less time mocking those who don't like his archaic style of writing and spend more time doing research.

    And I don't mean via wikipedia.

    Amy and Rory really didn't do anything last Sat but argue and whine about their relationship.

    and why couldn't they have simply adopted?! Is Moffy against Adoption? Did he take that movie Orphan seriously?

    I didn't even waste time with tonights story dinorsaurs on a spaceship? R U KIDDING ME?

    I laughed when I first heard it and assumed it was just a working title. I never thought anyone would ever sink so low as to actually use such a corny title.

    I've heard from my friends from England and they said The Doctor kept babbling about having a team. As if he's never had one before. Excuse me? What about the very first Doctor? Susan, Barbara, and Ian. Fifth Doctor had Tegan, Adric and Nyssa. And what about 'Journey's End' where he had a lot of people on board and what about all the people the Doctor gathered for AGMGTW? Now Moffy is even forgetting what he has written?

    I've watched for several years and I was just starting to get into the show when Moffy took over. And he has really soured me on the show. My older friends insist I go back and watch the classics. They said after I've watched them and have seen how good Doctor Who used to be, I'll probably cry. They're probably right. lol
  • painfully obvious "twist"

    Episode was disappointing, esp. for a season opener and esp. for a DALEK episode.

    Too much CGI was used. Plot was sketchy and the 'reveal' was kind of there from the first 4 minutes. tons of plot holes (why did the daleks need the dr to go down? why did they need to blow up the planet?) When did they make (to use the Battlestar Galactica term) "skin jobs"?

    I actually would have enjoyed an exploration of the Dalek Asylum more. What makes a Dalek insane? Having feelings? Not wanting to kill someone? A stutter for "Exterminate". Could have been an interesting exploration of the Daleks.

    Even knowing the woman was a Dalek, I was trying to figure out why she was helping the Dr. -- was she luring him in and playing with him to learn his tricks. I ASSUMED he was smart enough to know she was a Dalek but was playing with her.

    Suddenly placed Rory/Amy problems (yawn) introduced, then resolved in like 1 minute (double yawn). I generally love Amy but the companions were pretty pointless this episode.
  • "Doctor, who?"


    "In no particular order, we need to neutralize the Daleks in this asylum, rescue Oswin from the wreckage, escape from this planet, and fix Amy and Rory's marriage."

    The Daleks seek the Doctor's help. They need him to help them destroy the Dalek Asylum, because they are the only ones who are truly a danger to them, besides, of course, the Doctor.

    The Doctor wonders why they haven't done this before (as did I, why now?)

    "It is offensive to us to extinguish such divine hatred."

    Of course, they can't turn off the impenetrable force field, unless they go inside. The Daleks won't go in, because they're to scared. So, of course, the Doctor is forced to go in, in their absence.

    This episode was almost perfect, with perfect amounts of drama, action, and the usual genius you come to expect from Moffat. The only problems were some plot holes, such as: Why would the Daleks convert Oswin fully, even if she's a genius, and leave her on the Asylum? The last thing the Daleks needed was a genius Dalek/Human on an Asylum that was the only threat to the Daleks, besides the Doctor. And why did the Daleks suddenly decide they wanted the Asylum destroyed?

    But, I'm just nitpicking, any episode with Dalek Puppet Zombies is a winner in my book. I liked Oswin, which is good since she's the same actor as the future replacement for the Williams (they are NOT the Ponds.)

    Bonuses include, the scene where Rory thinks the Daleks want eggs, but they really are trying to say EXTERMINATE!, a tear-jerking scene where Amy and Rory make up, some classic Moffat humor, and some wonderfully creepy sets. Oh, and the crying Dalek was a bonus too.

    Can this be the last Dalek episode? I mean, they forgot him. But, "DOCTOR WHO?" is the ultimate question. Maybe, the Daleks, in their quest for the answer, threaten the universe. Maybe then the question will be answered. Who knows?

  • EGGS...TERMINATE! (Spoilers)

    Excluding the Christmas special, it has been 11 months since the series 6 finale, so it is great to finally have the Doctor back on our screens.

    A Dalek Insane Asylum is a brilliant concept, the idea of a Dalek being considered insane and thrown into this facility is so intriguing and promising that's kind of frustrating how little it is explored, especially in the first two acts. The third act's sneaky reveal with Oswin being a dalek actually nullified my biggest issue with the episode, which was the fact she had been trapped in the asylum for a year and her hide place and her dressed looked like she was going to a fancy dinner and the place looked immaculate. However it only half nullified my bug bear concerning Oswin's dialogue and demeanor, as much of a genuine genius Moffat is a majority of the time, his female characters are far to similar in my opinion, this may not actually be what the new companion will be like, so we'll see.

    Aside from those gripes, the set pieces and production value in the episode are some of the best Dr. Who has done for a single episode since it's rebirth and kind of had me wishing this was a two parter, just to let the story breath a little. But it is what it is, and it was a good start to series 7.
  • Daleks play generic background threats in a hollow series premiere

    SPOILERS, as River might say. The 3rd series for Matt Smith's 11th Doctor opens with a trip to Skaro and all the Daleks ever, then goes on to be a generic Doctor Who episode.

    A new character is introduced of sorts, the upcoming new companion's actress plays a 1-off character - Oswin - that seems to be a direct decendant of her regular character. Oswin was indeed a bit much out of the blocks, as a 1-off character she'd be fun but as a companion she'd be a wreck with just too many gimmicks at once. Her being a Dalek all the way must have been a lot of fun for Moffat to use to trick those who were following the blogs so heavily, but for those of us who weren't it was a really obvious and trite twist we've seen several times before on DW.

    Rory and Amy's relationship issues just brought this episode down and made the ending so cheesy - this is Doctor Who made in Hollywood, less thinkin' and more 'splosions. Things just happened to them until finally they were forced to have a storyline happen again. And the threat to Amy transforming into a Dalek drone, then to the Doctor when he gives her his wristband, is entirely dropped with no explanation as to how Amy's conversion was reversed.

    The Daleks were set dressing, they weren't scary, they weren't deep, they weren't harkening back to the classics, they were just monster-X in the background while the episode went through its motions. Chained Daleks should have been clever - after all, who chained them? Yet the chains broke EVERY SINGLE TIME which I suppose was meant to be dramatic but just felt hollow. An asylum for crazed Daleks should have been interesting - remember Dalek Caan going mad and becoming a prophet? That should have been expanded upon, but instead we get regular Daleks all sleepy and turning in circles for no reason.

    Another thought about the Daleks, remember when they were all dead except for 1 in 2005 and that 1 changed everything about the Eccleston 9th Doctor? That Dalek was dangerous and scary and had a real emotional impact as it was relearning how to be an OG Skaro pimp before it realized the ugly truth and dropped the hammer - that was frightening not for what it was and what it was doing, but for who it was and why it was doing those things. 1 Dalek was horrifying and complex under Russell Davies, yet thousands of Daleks under Moffat were bland, generic background fodder.

    Having people turning into Dalek-drones was beyond silliness, it felt like a bad cliche for DW - how many times do we get to question whether someone is a good guy or not before it gets old? But more importantly, it's something the Daleks have never bothered with in the past because it's against their chief motivation - lesser beings aren't meant to be used, they're meant to be exterminated. Worse still was the Dalekified zombie skeletons - that was moronic, they have NO locomotive means anymore, they're worthless skeletons with bits of decayed flesh dangling off, even with Dalek bodies taking them over they should have just sat there and done nothing - they had no brains, no nervous systems, no muscles, no anything to get them up and moving.

    Bottom line, this felt like a thoughtless episode, there was light personal story movement and character arc action, but it really was pushed to the background for the spectacle of trying to do big movie poster things without a compelling, well-thought-out story driving it and just like all the Hollywood drivel lately this fell flat for the effort.
  • Shame it takes Five Episodes

    Shame it is going to take 5 episodes to dump tried, tired, boring Amy/Rory (prefer him as Nina lol) and get the new companion.

    But perhaps that is How long it take 'this' daft useless doctor to take the TARDIS to the point in time he ran off from her room/prison/infirmary to materalises the TARDIS there around her and then put her in a special room to disconnect her from the Dalek Mind Network - and create her a avatar body (just as Amy had during her pregancy with River Song) so that the Doctor and witty come funny "Flesh" avatar can roam the Universe. It would be nice if he got a bit further than the Milky Way as it has been a while. Perhaps run into Romana in E Space?? All in all, a nice intro to the next companion, chuck Rory and Amy, why cant she have more childen - she was changed to only be able to conceive in the 'time vorgex' creating human's that can regenerate. Why is she so distraught about it?? If she wants children for her Rory (just only do it when on the TARDIS in the time vortex, simples).

    And WHILE we are at it BBC, get rid of pointy chin cant act his way out of a paper bag Doctor, Bring in someone with GRAVITAS. Well LOOKING Forward to the 50th anniversary and the end of the Smtih as doctor boredom - Doctor should carry the show, not a weak actor with no skill or ability that has to rely 99% on companions and compatriots/villians etc to carry the story!
  • The Daleks are back!

    Just when you thought that there couldn't be any more stories about the Daleks Steven Moffat surprises us yet again with this brilliant episode. The story itself is extremely simple: the Daleks kidnap the Doctor and companions and send them to switch off the force field on the asylum planet so they can destroy the insane Daleks which are threatening to break out. This, however, is what makes this episode so great; the story doesn't get in the way of all the rest:. There is the subplot about the breakup of Amy and Rory and since we know they will be exiting in a month's time we have some mouth-watering moments in store. Then there is the amazing, menacing atmosphere of the Asylum; Daleks are far more terrifying when they are dormant than when rolling around crying "ex-ter-min-ate" ad nauseam. Next is the surprise appearance of future companion Jenna-Louise Coleman and the inevitable question "did SM chose her as next companion after she was signed for this role or is this episode somehow linked to her future presence?" We shall have to wait until Xmas to find out. Nonetheless, the meeting between her and the Doctor is such an unexpected twist that I expect it to go down as one of the most memorable moments in Who history. Finally, we have a series which will be split into 2 separate parts with no need to carry an arc across 13 episodes.

    This is looking to be the greatest series ever!
  • Oswald!

    I loved this episode! So glad the Daleks were there and Amy and Rory being divorced: BRILLIANT! I was so sad that Oswald was a Dalek! I wanted her to be the next compainion.:( :D
  • Doctor Who Tv series is getting better.

    This episode make you frighten, make you laugh , make you sad ... this episode entertains you.The starting seasons had a bit of children stories but now the stories are serious they make you think.
  • It's good to see the Deleks back

    I did like this episode, What not to like it's the daleks one of the doctor's greatest extraterrestrial enemies. Well we also see the Ponds have broken up. But I can see now that there story is coming to a close and rightfully so. It's time for the Doctor to move on and what about that twist not going to tell you but Steven Moffat suprise me I guess he wanted Christmas to come early. Well I can't wait to see next week show.
  • the doctor is back

    after a long wait doctor who finally returns to our screens and he is up against his oldest foe, the daleks, except this time it's a bit different from normal because this time the daleks want the doctor to SAVE them. turns out there's this planet where daleks are places who are totally insane even by their standards, and since the daleks don't want them escaping they want to the doctor to go do there and deactivate teh shield so they can blow the planet up. They also drag amy and rory along to go with the doctor. all in all it was a pretty good start to the series, and a bit of surprising news regarding amy, turns out she can't have children and that is putting a strain on her relationship with rory. Hopefully this will factor into the coming episodes. It was good to see doctor who back on our screens and I look forward to the coming episodes.
  • Asylum of the Daleks

    What a brilliant way to open up series 7. The Daleks are back in full force and rightly so. This is easily one of the best dalek stories since 2005 which us up their with Dalek and The Parting of the ways. The episode was very entertaining and never got boring. And I suppose that means that the daleks will be back sometime as they were still alive on the spaceship at the end.

    Overall, this episode was awesome and it's a brilliant start to series 7