Doctor Who

Season 7 Episode 1

Asylum of the Daleks

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 01, 2012 on BBC America

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  • Dalek Asylum Made Me Laugh!

    The whole story was a joke! Daleks have been destroying Daleks for decades! With no problem! So ALL OF A SUDDEN they have a problem with this? Why? Because Steven Moffat has no respect for the history of Doctor Who! He practically spat on every classic fan with this vile story of his. The ONLY emotions Daleks have EVER had were HATE AND ANGER! That's it! No Fear! No appreciation of beauty! Moffat continually makes a mockery of any character he didn't create. (Oh wait, he's actually did unintentionally make a mockery of his Angels. lol) When they scream at the Doctor is past episodes it is NOT done with fear but with anger! (shaking head)

    Sadly he had all of the original Daleks but didn't bother putting them in the cells bearing their name. Instead putting new era Daleks instead. Go figure. And again, if a Dalek malfunctioned, No Dalek would hesitate to destroy it!

    Oh and speaking of DESTROYING THINGS, How the Heck did they get to Skaro?! The 7th Doctor destroyed Skaro in 'Remembrance of the Daleks'. And there was no dialogue indicating that they traveled to a time before that. If it isn't in the dialogue, IT DOESN'T EXIST!

    But this is classic Moffat! He just ignores the past except when he wants to steal from it!

    (A) A crack that removes a person from time and space. (5th season)

    (B) Demat gun which removes a person from time and space. The 4th Dr used this gun to fight against the Sontarans. 'Invasion of Time'.

    (A) The Silence have been influencing the development of the Human Race for thousands of years. And the Doctor is livid! (6th Season)

    (B) The Daemons have been coming and going to Earth for thousands of years, influencing the development of the Human Race. 'The Daemons' And the 3rd Dr Couldn't have cared less. lol

    (A) The 11th Dr wears a bow tie, acts befuddled and has (had) a Scottish Companion.

    (B) The 2nd Dr wore a bow tie, acted befuddled and had a Scottish Companion.

    The Daleks do NOT belong to a hive. They are part Kaled, and part machine. They were mutated and had every emotion removed except Hatred and Anger! This was according to Davros! The one who created them in the first place! 'Genesis of the Daleks'.

    Who the heck does Moffat think he is?

    I laughed at how Moffat THANKED the reporters for not revealing any "spoilers". What spoilers?! There was nothing for them to spoil! Moffat does a good enough job of that himself, anyway. lol

    And let me guess, Clara or whatever name she travels with the Dr with, will be meeting the Dr out of order! WOW! Like we haven't seen that before.

    Oh wait! We have! First companion to meet the Dr out of order was Melonie Bush! The Melonie that The Master brought to the Gallifrey space station to testify on the Sixth Doctor's behalf, had already traveled with some time with the Dr, BUT this was his first meeting, ever of her.

    Next (YAWN) was River. A character who started out so promising in the library and then quickly deteriorated into a sick twisted joke! She became a sociopath or we found out just how sick and twisted and cold-blooded she was, the further back into her past we went. And then that sick puke held the entire universe hostage(unless the Dr married her) and some sick mentally unbalanced fans see nothing wrong with this?!

    Thankfully that sick farce of a marriage ended the minute that alternative timeline ended! Even if some extremely immature fans can't accept this reality. lol

    Moffat needs to be fired!

    He puts sexually sick jokes into the dialogue of River Song, that are about as subtle as a sledgehammer falling on one's foot.

    Of course the solution for emotionally immature fools is to simply stop watching! BRILLIANT! Stop watching a show that I have loved for over 30 YEARS?! Those so-called fans are insane! The solution is NOT for me or the millions of disgusted fans to "stop watching" The ONLY INTELLIGENT solution is for the BBC to grow up and fire Moffat and NOT let him pick his successor!