Doctor Who

Season 7 Episode 1

Asylum of the Daleks

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 01, 2012 on BBC America

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  • end the suffering

    There were some good points to last Sat episode but alas, Moffy has a genius at ruining his own story.

    pjones40 was correct. The Seventh Doctor caused the Hand of Omega in Remembrance to cause the sun of Skaro to go super-nova which would have completely destroyed the planet.

    Maybe Moffy should spend less time mocking those who don't like his archaic style of writing and spend more time doing research.

    And I don't mean via wikipedia.

    Amy and Rory really didn't do anything last Sat but argue and whine about their relationship.

    and why couldn't they have simply adopted?! Is Moffy against Adoption? Did he take that movie Orphan seriously?

    I didn't even waste time with tonights story dinorsaurs on a spaceship? R U KIDDING ME?

    I laughed when I first heard it and assumed it was just a working title. I never thought anyone would ever sink so low as to actually use such a corny title.

    I've heard from my friends from England and they said The Doctor kept babbling about having a team. As if he's never had one before. Excuse me? What about the very first Doctor? Susan, Barbara, and Ian. Fifth Doctor had Tegan, Adric and Nyssa. And what about 'Journey's End' where he had a lot of people on board and what about all the people the Doctor gathered for AGMGTW? Now Moffy is even forgetting what he has written?

    I've watched for several years and I was just starting to get into the show when Moffy took over. And he has really soured me on the show. My older friends insist I go back and watch the classics. They said after I've watched them and have seen how good Doctor Who used to be, I'll probably cry. They're probably right. lol
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