Doctor Who

Season 7 Episode 1

Asylum of the Daleks

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 01, 2012 on BBC America



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: When Oswin tells the Doctor about the Intensive Care unit, she mentions that they are survivors of failed Dalek campaigns on the planets Spiridon, Kembel, Aridius, Vulcan, and Exxilon. This refers to events from the classic series' stories "Planet of the Daleks," "The Dalek Master Plan," "The Chase," "The Power of the Daleks," and "Death to the Daleks," respectively.

  • Quotes

    • Darla: First there were the Daleks. And then there was a man who fought them. And then in time, he died. There are a few, of course, who believe this man somehow survived. And that one day, he will return. For both our sakes, dearest Hannah, we must hope these stories are true.

    • Darla: They say you can help.
      The Doctor: Do they? I wish they'd stop.

    • Rory: So how much trouble are we in?
      The Doctor: How much trouble, Mr. Pond? Out of ten... eleven.

    • Amy: Where are we? Spaceship, right?
      The Doctor: Not just any spaceship. The Parliament of the Daleks. Be brave.
      Amy: What do we do?
      The Doctor: Make them remember you.

    • The Doctor: It's never made any sense to me.
      Dalek Prime Minister: Why not?
      The Doctor: Because you'd just kill them.
      Dalek Prime Minister: It is offensive to us to extinguish such divine hatred.
      The Doctor: Offensive?
      Dalek Prime Minister: Does it surprise you to know that Daleks have a concept of beauty?
      The Doctor: I thought you'd run out of ways to make me sick. But hello again. You think hatred is beautiful?
      Dalek Prime Minister: Perhaps that is why we have never been able to kill you.

    • Darla: The gravity beam will convey you close to the source of the transmission. You must find a way to deactivate the force field from there.
      The Doctor: You're going to fire me at a planet, that's your plan? I get fired at a planet and expected to fix it.
      Rory: In fairness, that is slightly your MO.
      The Doctor: Don't be fair to the Daleks when they're firing me at a planet.

    • The Doctor: What is wrong with my chin?
      Oswin: Careful, dear, you'll put someone's eye out.

    • Oswin: So, anyway, I'm Oswin. What do I call you?
      Rory: Uh, I can't remember. Uhh... Rory.
      Oswin: Lovely name, Rory. A boy I fancied was called Rory.
      Rory: Okay.
      Oswin: Actually, she was called Nina. I was going through a phase. Just flirting to keep you cheerful.

    • Oswin: Okay, you're safe for now. Pop your shirt off, quick as you like.
      Rory: Why?
      Oswin: Does there have to be a reason?

    • Oswin: Do you know how you make someone into a Dalek? Subtract love, add anger. Doesn't she seem a bit too angry to you?
      Amy: Well, somebody's never been to Scotland.

    • The Doctor: You know what really gets me about you, Oswin? The souffles. Where do you get milks for the souffles? Seriously, is no one else wondering about that?
      Rory: No. Frankly, no. Twice.

    • Oswin: Why do the Daleks call you "The Predator"?
      The Doctor: I'm not a predator. Just a man with a plan.
      Oswin: You've got a plan?
      Rory: We're all ears.
      Amy: There's a nose joke going there if someone wants to pick that one off.
      The Doctor: In no particular order, we need to neutralize the Daleks in this asylum, rescue Oswin from the wreckage, escape from this planet, and fix Amy and Rory's marriage.
      Amy: Okay, I'm counting three lost causes. Anyone else?

    • The Doctor: As soon as the force field is down, the Daleks will attack. If it gets too explodey-wodey in here, you go without me, okay?
      Rory: And leave you to die?
      The Doctor: Oh, don't worry about me. You're the one beaming up to a Dalek ship to get exterminated.
      Rory: Fair point. Love this plan.

  • Notes

    • A new logo is introduced and a slightly altered opening sequence. The logo reflects the theme of the episode: this one has Dalek lights on it.

    • This episode features not only the largest number of CGI Daleks featured in the series to date, with the appearance of Daleks from every era of the series, old and new.

    • Great efforts were taken to make the presence of future series star Jenna-Louise Coleman's appearance in the episode, several months shy of her official appearance in the 2012 Christmas Special, a secret.

    • International Airdates:
      US: September 1, 2012 on BBCAmerica

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